Mr. Dave Pack,

Perhaps you would be so kind as to put on your website an amendment to the book “There Came a Falling Away”. On page 9 you list your second method of how doctrinal seduction succeeded. It is “Accepting or Changing Belief: Based on Proof or Psychological Tricks?” You then list on page ten and eleven 43 separate ways changes were described as non-changes. I propose a new way be added to your 43 ways. It is #44.  “I Misspoke.” “It was a simple “Misspeak”!!”

These quotes can currently be found on your RCG website under the heading of “Editor’s Correction” and a link at the bottom of it called “Explanation”.  In it you again attempt to portray yourself as an innocent victim. You try to pooh-pooh away the heresy you taught as a simple slip of the tongue by comparing it to a genuine slip of the tongue. The magnitude of this doctrinal heresy cannot be the result of just a “slip of the tongue”.  That kind of comparison is another form of psychological trickery.

Dave, you are very eager to condemn others on your list of heresies for their “slips of the tongue” while you are claiming to “hold fast to the precision of doctrinal detail”. Yet when the scrutiny of the light of the noonday sun is applied to you, you cry foul.

This is not the only heresy you have taught. You have taught many, many things which could be added to the list of heresies on your website. Perhaps as time allows, they could be posted on this website for all to see. You can edit sermons, pull sermons from your list, and not send them out, but it does not do away with the fact that you have taught things in Restored that Mr. Armstrong would have fired you for, were he alive today. Your sermons are public and people have been proving for themselves that you claim one thing and deliver another. Many people however, do not have firsthand knowledge of your unchristian conduct. That is why so many of your former employees concentrated on exposing your poor conduct and only lightly touched on your false teachings. God’s people needed firsthand eyewitness accounts. You yourself, while condemning another for far smaller infractions of conduct, stated that poor conduct “is it’s own form of heresy”.

Using just this one standard you imposed on another and applying it to you, we can clearly see why so many view you as a heretic. Then, combine that with your numerous “misspeaks”, we can now know why you have to resort to your new false doctrine which you expounded in “true biblical loyalty”. It was merely an attempt to use a type of scare religion and false doctrine to try to maintain control of, and a hold on to, God’s people whom you still have under your sway.

Another consistent pattern people can easily observe about your conduct is this: When someone exposes you for who and what you are, you then try to deflect attention from yourself by making up outright lies of a defamatory nature about the one who has exposed you.  I can see that you are already up to the same old tactic with the most recent employee to leave your office. You should know that what you are doing is not the conduct of a true minister of God.

I urge you to reconsider the path of denial and deflection which you have taken and to choose the path of repentance and truth.

Thomas Munson

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