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This article is about what was taught by William Dankenbring's (WD) Triumph Prophetic Ministries (TPM). As with my other articles on various Churches Of God (COG), this article focused on how TPM differs from the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) under Herbert W. Armstrong (HWA) and/or groups who held similar doctrines, such as the Continuing Church of God. My comments (most of which will be in italics) are not intended as an exhaustive rebuttal of TPM's/WD's comments/positions but mainly to point out how TPM/WD differs.

William Dankenbring, himself, died on August 29, 2017, around 1:00 pm. The cause seems to have been of congestive heart failure and renal failure.

Note: Dates listed after webpage citations in this article are the dates the particular quote was taken from the cited webpage--in most cases it was not possible to simply determine the date the document at the webpage was written as the articles generally carry no date of publication.

WD's Background and Why he Left WCG

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"the leaders of the Worldwide Church of God persecuted me, sixteen years ago, and cast me out of the Church, because of my writing books on Biblical topics...I attended Ambassador College from 1959 and graduated in 1963, and received a Master of Arts degree in theological journalism in 1970. From 1963 till 1974 I worked for the Worldwide Church of God, and was a pioneer member of the fledgling editorial department and became associate editor of the Plain Truth magazine, the Good News magazine, Tomorrow's World magazine, and the Ambassador College Correspondence Course. During my tenure with the Church I wrote approximately one hundred articles, booklets, and correspondence course lessons, besides thousands of letters when I worked in the Personal Correspondence Department But today I am no longer a member of the Worldwide Church of God! How could such a dramatic change occur? What happened?...You may not know me, personally, but will you GIVE THE TRUTH A CHANCE? Will you allow me to present the EVIDENCE to you, even though I was denied a hearing by the present leadership of the Worldwide Church of God? Your eternal life is at stake! Save yourself from the errors of this wicked generation! " (Dankenbring, William F. 40 Real Differences Between this Ministry and Worldwide Church of God, Messianic Jews, and Others! http://www.triumphpro.com/40_real_differences_article.htm 1/3/04).

WD is Alone

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"In September-October 1999, our former website was “hijacked” and taken over by a former associate and friend in the faith, John Keyser, who was with us for ten years. He was a former member of the Worldwide Church of God in Pasadena, and joined us about 1989-90. He has changed our former site to “Hope of Israel Ministries,” and now teaches that the weekly “Sabbath” rotates to a different day each month" (Triumph. All NEW Triumph Web Site Now a Reality! Servants News, Jan/Feb 2000).

"Do you really know any other 'end-time Church' or Work which correctly understands the truth about Passover, Pentecost, the Feast of Tabernacles, the truth about healing, cremation, the seven-year land Sabbaths, the Jubilee cycles, Daniel's 2300 day prophecy, divorce and remarriage, the truth about pagan holidays, the weekly Sabbath, the nature of God, the prophecies of Revelation, the probably identity of the 'Beast', and probable end-time scenario of prophetic events and the timetable, when the 6,000 years is most likely to be finished" (Dankenbring WF. What Can We Do To Help Spread the Gospel? Prophecy Flash; 4(1):5-6, March 1990).

"I feel truly like a "voice in the wilderness," crying aloud, like an eagle in the sky, shrieking a warning. But hardly anybody seems to care, hardly anybody is concerned or alarmed. The Church of God is going astray, off the deep end, straight into the Great Tribulation, and nobody, it seems, gives a faint care. Where are the real people of God? Will the REAL SERVANTS OF GOD PLEASE STAND UP, AND BE COUNTED? Apostasy has set in, and thousands are sound asleep, not wanting to be disturbed by any loud, shouting, angry, thundering voice. "Shut up!" the people exclaim. "We don't want to hear it!" Sometimes, like Elijah who thought he was the only one left really serving God, I wonder, "Where have all the true people of God gone?" Elijah told God, "I, even I only, am left" (I Kings 19:14). Am I the only one who sees the errors of the Worldwide Church of God, the International Church of God, and the other Churches, today? Am I the only one willing to speak out, and shout out the truth, regardless of the opinions of men? For years I felt that I must be the only one who sees these things. Since that time, however, others have left the Worldwide Church of God to form various Church groups -- Gerald Flurry, who formed the so-called "Philadelphia Church of God," Rod Meredith who later left and formed the "Global Church of God,," and a whole flock of ministers who left with David Hulme who joined together to form the "United Church of God." But how many of these churches have been willing to admit and confess the errors of not only Joseph Tkach, but also Herbert W. Armstrong? None of them! Not a single one! " (Dankenbring, William F. 40 Real Differences Between this Ministry and Worldwide Church of God, Messianic Jews, and Others! http://www.triumphpro.com/40_real_differences_article.htm 1/3/04).

In 2002, TPM's main publication, Prophecy Flash, 'international representatives' (one each) were listed in six foreign countries. I will add here that there is a Protestant website for 'Triumph Ministries' that IS NOT related to TPM.

Originally Not a Church, But Had A Feast Site

Norman Edwards wrote this of WD, "he has never had a “field ministry”, a “headquarters staff” or anything typical of the Church organizations. A number of his associates have come and gone—some to start their own competing “works”" (Edwards, N. Continuing the Work of the WCG, Triumph Prophetic Ministries? Servants News. Jan-Feb 2000).

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"Triumph Prophetic Ministries, which God led me to begin in early 1987, is not a "church" as such...Triumph Prophetic Ministries is not a Church! It is merely a MINISTRY -- a service OF the "church"! The actual name is "Triumph Prophetic Ministries (Church of God)" " (Dankenbring WF. Which Church is God's True Church? And Where Is God’s Real End-Time Work, Today? http://www.triumphpro.com/where_is_god_s_real_church_and_work.htm, January 10, 2004).

"We missed many of you at the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) in Wichita, Kansas, this year. We had a great Festival celebration. Great joy, instruction, Lulav waving, shofar blowing, sukkah fellowship, Hebrew dancing, and rejoicing!" (http://www.triumphpro.com/newsflash_002.htm, January 30, 2004).

Now Claims to be the Only Church and That William Dankenbring is an Apostle

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"Celebrate with us!

"The 21st ANNIVERSARY of God’s ACTIVATION . . . of Triumph Prophetic Ministries as the replacement, “obedient” CHURCH OF GOD, Replacing the WCG as God’s True Work On January 17, 1987—one year exactly from the date Herbert W. Armstrong died! 

"TRIUMPH PROPHETIC MINISTRIES CHURCH OF GOD is the ‘only’ remnant body in the World, of “Jesus Christ,” the Church He said He would “BUILD” which preaches what He, the twelve apostles, and the apostle Paul, all faithfully taught...


"One year to the very Day! January, 17, 1987, after the death of Herbert Armstrong, God raised up William F. Dankenbring to “Cry aloud, spare NOT, and show My people their SINS” (Isa. 58:1-2). And Triumph Prophetic Ministries (Church of God) was born amidst the ashes of apostasy!" (Dankenbring W. Celebrate with us! "The 21st ANNIVERSARY of God’s ACTIVATION... The Journal: News of the Churches of God. May 31, 2008, p. 14).

So now WD claims to be both the only church (when he before claimed he was not a church) and now he claims to be an apostle--this is so sad.

His actions and failed predictions are in line with the following:

1 But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. 2 And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed. 3 By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does not slumber. (2 Peter 2:1-3)

12 But what I do, I will also continue to do, that I may cut off the opportunity from those who desire an opportunity to be regarded just as we are in the things of which they boast. 13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. 15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works. (2 Corinthians 11:12-15)

William Dankenbring had much potential, but did not follow the way of truth as much as he should of. He caused the way of truth to be blasphemed.

Claims HWA is Shebna

Here is what William Dankenbring wrote:

But who is this end-time “Shebna”? Can we know the answer? Notice!

Who Is This Mysterious Shebna?

Let us notice more about the historical personage named Shebna, in order to learn more about the end-time “Shebna” who will rise, or has risen, to power, to be over the end-time “Work of God” during the final generation just before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

The New Bible Dictionary points out that Shebna was a high ranking minister (“which is over the house,” Isa.22:15), and also a “secretary” or “scribe” of the king (II Kings 18:18, 19:2), as well as the king’s “treasurer” (Isa.22:15) – a man of very high office and position, under Hezekiah the king. Hezekiah was a “type” or “figure” for Christ. So “Shebna” would be Christ’s leading minister over his House, the Church of God, in the end times. He would be a great “writer..” Or “scribe.” He would govern the flow of great sums of money which poured in to the church coffers in tithes and offerings.

These characteristics all fit Herbert W. Armstrong to a “T”!

Isaiah rebuked Shebna for his vanity and self-display, evidenced in his preparation of a conspicuous, ostentatious tomb or monument for himself (Isa.22:15-19). (Dankenbring W. A New Look at the Mysterious “SHEBNA” In Prophecy! Prophecy Flash, Sep-Oct 2008, p. 56).

Thus, TPM’s William Dankenbring is teaching that Herbert W. Armstrong fits the Shebna prophecies.

The Bible, however, makes it clear that Herbert W. Armstrong did not fulfill the prophecies associated with Shebna.  Notice some verses that William Dankenbring referred to but neglected to actually quote:

15 “Go, proceed to this steward, To Shebna, who is over the house, and say: 16 ‘What have you here, and whom have you here, That you have hewn a sepulcher here,As he who hews himself a sepulcher on high, Who carves a tomb for himself in a rock? 17 Indeed, the LORD will throw you away violently, O mighty man, And will surely seize you. 18 He will surely turn violently and toss you like a ball Into a large country; There you shall die, and there your glorious chariots Shall be the shame of your master’s house. 19 So I will drive you out of your office, And from your position he will pull you down (Isaiah 22:15-19).

Thus, since Herbert W. Armstrong died peacefully and was not driven out of his office, he simply does not fit the role of an end-time Shebna.

Since TPM claims that HWA is Shebna it seems hard to imagine why William Dankenbring would make a big deal about proclaiming himself God's leader effective a year after Herbert W. Armstrong's death.

TPM's Purpose

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"The Purpose of Triumph Prophetic Ministries God has not called me to raise up a "new Church" of some kind, to compete with the various branches of the end-time Church of God. Rather, I am called to WITNESS to all the churches of God of the end-time, as a messenger of truth, to bring the people of God together who are willing to listen to the truth and obey it!" (Dankenbring WF. Which Church is God's True Church? And Where Is God’s Real End-Time Work, Today? http://www.triumphpro.com/where_is_god_s_real_church_and_work.htm, January 10, 2004).

Only WD's Work is to Be Supported, Otherwise Improper Division

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"Finally, in January of 1987 I had completed my new edition of Triumph Catalog...In that very same catalog, I said pointedly, "1 do not CLAIM to be a prophet." But I went on to state categorically that "it is a fact that God in heaven has revealed to me the meaning of astounding Biblical prophecies that He has revealed to no other man on the face of this earth!" To the best of my knowledge, that was a TRUE statement, especially in regard to the 2300 day prophecy of Daniel! Jesus said, "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them" (Matt.7:20). The "fruits" clearly prove that God did reveal amazing new prophetic truth to me, regardless of my personal weakness. God is the revealer of secrets. None of us has any right to question Him or deny Him" (Dankenbring WF. ESCAPE FROM LAODICEA! Circa 1989. http://www.triumphpro.com/laodicea_escape.htm, January 22, 2004).

I added the bolding to the above quote.

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"CONSIDER THE FRUITS!...However, some people have tried their own work, in their own area, independent of this End-time Work of God. They wanted to have their own post office box, and conduct, their own local 'ministry', soliciting tithes and offerings to come to them. Do you really think Almighty God would approve such 'works' and 'ministries' during this End-time? From the fruits I have seen, I can tell you of a certainty that HE DOES NOT APPROVE SUCH ACTIONS! "They have wanted to begin to start their own 'local work' which is really separate and independent from this Work, is definitely counter-productive and conducive to creating DIVISION, and dissipating the efforts of God's people, when we should all be TOGETHER, in unity, pushing on the ONE WORK, as if we are all together, pushing one gigantic boulder, trying to move it to the edge of a hill, where it will begin to pick up momentum, and gather speed, for the final earth-shaking CRASH and thunderous explosion to the very End! "Some have sought, on their own, to begin their own local 'publishing' and printing 'ministry', assuming that God will bless them. But He did NOT!" (Dankenbring WF. What Can We Do To Help Spread the Gospel? Prophecy Flash; 4(1):5-6, March 1990).

"This Work is still relatively small. But I believe God is setting before us an "open door," the likes of which we can only marvel at. God has called us to do this Work" (Dankenbring WF. Which Church is God's True Church? And Where Is God’s Real End-Time Work, Today? http://www.triumphpro.com/where_is_god_s_real_church_and_work.htm, January 10, 2004).

After the approximately 17 years that WD has been in charge of his Triumph Prophetic Ministries, I am still unaware of any significant fruits of his work or an open door to marvel at. Fruits are the biblical criteria per Jesus (Matthew 7:15-20), and WD's prophetic fruits have not been good.

Michael is Jesus?

The Journal had one article about Triumph's Bill Dankenbring that states:

An example of how Mr. Dankenbring, who nowadays lives in Omak, Wash., is not afraid to reexamine cherished beliefs is the lead article in the September-October issue of TPM’s flagship publication, Prophecy Flash!

Jesus was an angel

The article is “Who Is the Archangel Michael?,” in which Mr. Dankenbring presents what he sees as scriptural evidence that Michael is Jesus.

“I show the amazing relationships and statements in the Old and New Testaments that, first of all, Christ, or the Logos, was a created being who was always under the authority of the Father, as He Himself said, ‘The Father is greater than I,’ ” Mr. Dankenbring told THE JOURNAL in an interview conducted by E-mail. When the end comes, Jesus- Michael “will deliver up the Kingdom to the Father and Himself be subject to or under the authority of the Father”...

Mr. Dankenbring said he also noticed that Michael is a “prince” of God, citing Daniel 10:21, and “Michael is the one who stands watch over the sons of your people, Israel.” “More and more,” he continued, “it sounded like another of the many names of Christ Himself...

(Overton, Mac. Triumph founder speaks his mind on churches’ doctrines. The Journal: News of the Churches of God. November 30, 2006, p.1).

It is sad that some groups of people once affiliated with WCG have lost their knowledge that the Word always existed and is God. Michael is NOT Jesus.

Could the Four Horseman be 2001,2002,2003,2004?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"Could the year 2001 be the 'year of the white horse', the final hurrah, the final time when American power will be exerted around the world?...Will the the year 2002 be the year of the 'Red Horse' -- leading to war and chaos and troubles in Russia, China, and the Far East? Could North Korea launch an attack on South Korea in that year?...The Socialistic European Union will come together as a power force in 2002-3...Could 2003 be the 'year of the black horse'?...Will the year 2004 be the real beginning of the END -- and the year of the Fourth Horseman -- the New World Order?" (Dankenbring WF. The 'TIMES OF JACOB'S TROUBLE'--Have They Arrived? Prophecy Flash; 15(2):3-23, May-June 2001).

It should be noted that here and many other times WD's prophetic speculation is listed, that he gives great calculated detail for his position. This article has left out WD's 'exhaustive proof' in most cases as it is lengthy, and as in the horseman quotes, sometimes has been proven by history to not have been correct. The reader is referred to TPM's cited literature if more information is desired.

Place of Safety in 2004 By All Indications

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"What will happen in the year 2004? By all indications, that may be the time of the final flight of God's people to a place of safety in the wilderness, where they will be trained and endure 3 1/2 years or 1260 days" (Dankenbring WF. The '70 Years' Prophecy & the New World Order. Prophecy Flash; 14(5):5, Nov-Dec 2000).

Feast of Trumpets and 10 Days 1994/1994-2003/2004

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"Does the "Feast of Trumpets" portray the second coming of Jesus Christ? Don't be too sure! It is about time we took a closer look at this vital holy day of God! Here is new understanding regarding this key annual holy day, and its REAL meaning!...Could not the final "ten days" -- the "Days of Awe" -- between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur represent the FINAL TEN YEARS OF WARNING that God will give His people, before the final JUDGMENT takes place -- which will occur at the coming of the Messiah? In other words, the judgment takes place on Yom Kippur -- but the final WARNING of that coming day of final judgment is symbolized by the "blowing of trumpets" of alarm and calling the people to repentance, on Rosh Hashanah!...Therefore, the last year of this world's "crisis at the close" (Dan.12:4, Moffatt translation) could begin in the fall of 2003 A.D. or the fall of 2004 A.D. This means that the final 40 days -- from Elul 1 to Yom Kippur -- would represent the final "40 years" of this present age. Since the end of the period is most likely 2003--2004, the "Days of Awe" would be from 1993-94 to 2003-4" (Dankenbring W. Incredible New Insight on the Feast of Trumpets! http://www.triumphpro.com/incredible_new_insight_on_the_feast_of_trumpets!.htm, January 14, 2004, circa 1994).

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and 10 Days, 1997-2007, and 1997 'Beginning of the End'

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"From 1997 till 2007 is 'ten years' -- could these be the '10 days' from Rosh Hashanah till Yom Kippur -- that is, the final TEN YEARS of this present AGE?...What happened in 1977? Well, to begin with, Jimmy Carter...took office in 1977. His presidency was a disgrace -- the beginning of the 'end' in American loss of power and prestige...1977, then, could be called a 'wake-up call', and the 'beginning of the end'. This 30 year period will end in 2007, meshing with the end of the end-time generation of 40 years, from 1967 to 2007" (Dankenbring WF. The Time of Jacob's Troubles...What the Future Holds for Israel and America! Prophecy Flash; 15(25):54, May-June 2001).

9/11 Signals End of Days

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"9/11 Disaster Signals 'End of Days' " (Home page. http://www.triumphpro.com/newsflash_001.htm, 2/4/04).

Yom Kippur and 10 Days, 2004-2014

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"Yom Kippur pictures the final 'reconciliation' of the world to God, that is the second coming of Christ the Messiah! These 'ten days' could picture TEN YEARS at the close of this age--that is from 2004 to 2014" (Dankenbring WF. Armageddon At Our Doorstep? Prophecy Flash; 16(5):19, Nov-Dec 2002).

This is still too soon. For additional information, please check out When Will the Great Tribulation Begin?

Ephraim the United States?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"In the pages of this magazine, we have proved before that Ephraim is none other than the United States of America" (Dankenbring WF. A New Look at End-Time Ephraim! Prophecy Flash; 16(2):21-22, May-Jun 2002).

"Proof #4 - Who is the Youngest and Oldest?...God says of Ephraim, in Jeremiah, 'Ephraim is my firstborn' (Jer.31:9). What could be clearer?...Now consider: Mannaseh was the elder brother; he grew up first...On the other hand, Ephraim is the younger brother...Proof #15...He was to dwell in the 'isles afar'" (Dankenbring WF. Who Are America and Britain in Bible Prophecy? Prophecy Flash; 15(3):7, Jul-Aug 2001).

WD's Proof #5 has to do with Ephraim being a company of nations. There, however, has never been a true company of nations larger than the British Commonwealth. WD's Proof #6 says that Ephraim is one nation. Anyway, suffice it to say that I do not agree with WD's 'proof'.

Calendar Impossible to Pre-Calculate

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"Because the Bible Calendar is based on movements of the moon, to determine the beginning of months, and the barley harvest in Israel to determine the beginning of the year, it is impossible to produce a guaranteed accurate calendar before the beginning of the year" (Potential Dates for Holy Days in 2002. Prophecy Flash; 15(6):44, Jan-Feb 2002).

'Growth' Mostly in 'Knowledge'

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"But during these years of persecution, God has BLESSED this Work, with slow but steady growth. Even more than that, however, He has blessed us with wonderful NEW TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE, regarding prophecy, doctrine, the Passover, Pentecost, healing, the truth about the nature and origin of Jesus Christ, and insight into many other matters" (Dankenbring, WF. "Who Are You?" The True Story Behind Triumph Ministries! http://www.triumphpro.com/triumph_ministries____updated.htm, January 10, 2004).

"The only way to PROVE where God is really working today, is to look carefully at the TEACHINGS OF EACH GROUP, and compare them with the Scriptures!" (Dankenbring WF. Which Church is God's True Church? And Where Is God’s Real End-Time Work, Today? http://www.triumphpro.com/where_is_god_s_real_church_and_work.htm, January 10, 2004).

While holding fast to proper doctrine is important, Jesus said "You will know them by their fruits" (Matthew 7:16). Since the time of Paul (e.g. Romans 14) there have been people who felt that they had beliefs/teachings that the main true Church did not have.

Ariel Sharon, a Type of Physical Zerubbabel?

"an Israeli General, Ariel Sharon, will very likely be a physical antitype, an 'end-time Zebubbabel' whom God will use as a 'governor' of Israel to rebuild the physical Temple in Jerusalem" (Dankenbring WF. What Can We Do To Help Spread the Gospel? Prophecy Flash; 4(1):12, March 1990).

"The 'governor' of Judah today, is none other than ARIEL SHARON! He is the END-TIME equivalent of ancient Zerubbabel...Either Ariel Sharon will FULFILL this prophecy, or God Almighty will cast him aside, and get someone else to do the job!...God's Temple will SOON be rebuilt!" (Dankenbring WF. Coming Soon -- A New Temple of God! Prophecy Flash; 15(5):8, Nov-Dec 2001).

Ariel Sharon was the Prime Minister of Israel, but has not yet rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem.

Triumph Prophetic Ministries Spiritual Zerubbabel?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"SPIRITUAL 'Zerubbabel', restoring and refurbishing the SPIRITUAL 'HOUSE OF GOD', the end-time SPIRITUAL CHURCH OF GOD! All the evidence I know of shows beyond doubt that that very work is being done by THIS WORK OF GOD!...'I Will Send My Messenger'-- The End-time Message of Elijah This Work of God, known as Triumph Prophetic Ministries, is doing that work -- preparing the way for the Messiah, Jesus Christ!" (Dankenbring WF. What Can We Do To Help Spread the Gospel? Prophecy Flash; 4(1):12, March 1990).

Five Successive Punishments and Daniel's 70th Week 2001/2-2007/8

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"In Leviticus 26, we read of five successive punishments God will pour out...He will begin with 'terror' and wasting diseases...Let's picture that as 'year one' -- this present year, 2001-2002...2002-2003. Therefore within two years these troubles will escalate and grow in severity...Notice also, that DROUGHT and FAMINE will begin to spread in the land...2003-2004. The plagues are intensified seven-fold...The famine leads to cannibalism in major cities...People are carted off as slave labor to various foreign capitals...According to our suggested scenario, this would be very likely year 2005-2006...The SIXTH year -- 2006-2007 -- however, is the year of HEAVENLY SIGNS!...These seven years, from 2001/2-2007/8 constitute also the 'seventieth week' of Daniel's prophecy (Dan.9:24-27). All this means simply one thing: We don't have much time left!" (Dankenbring WF. America Under Attack! Prophecy Flash;15(4):5-25, Sep-Oct 2001).

In other editions of Prophecy Flash, such as Jan-Feb 2002, WD indicated that 2000 appeared to be the year of heavenly signs.

Daniel's 70th Week 2001-2007, Jesus Very Possibly in 2007

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"This present year, 2001 A.D., is the fulfillment of a period of 'seven times' or 2520 years of punishment beginning in 520 B.C. It many also be the BEGINNING of the final seven years of Daniel's prophecy -- the period of Great Tribulation and Jacob's trouble!" (Dankenbring WF. The Awesome Prophecies of Haggai and Zechariah Prophecy Flash; 15(1):21, Mar-April 2001).

"If these Seven Seals replicate the final Seven Years of this age, then the Seventh Seal will very possibly be the year 2007 A.D. -- during which the Messiah will return!" (Dankenbring WF. The 'TIMES OF JACOB'S TROUBLE'--Have They Arrived? Prophecy Flash; 15(2):3-23, May-June 2001).

The chart on page 23 of that article shows how WD believes Daniel's 70th week will be fulfilled. Suffice it to say that it was not obvious to me that "drought and famine stalk the earth" in 2003 as the chart states (although there were droughts and famines that year).

Daniel's 70th Week 2004-2011, Jesus in 2012

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"If we count 6000 years from 3997 B.C., we come to 2004 A.D. Could this be the beginning of Daniel’s 70th week – the last “week of years” before the coming of the Messiah? In other words, 2004 plus 7 equals 2011. If we add one more year as the “Day of the Lord,” the day of God’s direct intervention to punish mankind, culminating in the return of the Messiah, then this would pinpoint His SECOND coming as the year 2012 (2011 plus 1). The Year 2012 Will the Messiah return in the year 2012? Of course, we don’t know for sure. But consider this: According to the ancient Maya calendar, the end of the fifth world age will occur in the year 2012!...The 69th Jubilee would therefore occur in the year 2012-2013 A.D. That is just ten years from now! Remember this passage from the Talmud, the words of Elijah the prophet! He stated quite clearly that the Messiah the Son of David will come ON THE LAST JUBILEE! Just something to think about! " (Dankenbring WF. Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy PROVES Jesus Is the MESSIAH! Circa 2003. http://www.triumphpro.com/daniel_s_70_weeks_prophecy.htm, January 29, 2004).

Ancient Mayan calendar predictions and the Talmud are not part of the Bible. For more on 2012, please see End of Mayan Calendar 2012--Might 2012 Mean Something?

Daniel's 70th Week Beginning 2006, Jesus in 2012

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"2005 is seven years from 2012 – does this point to Daniel’s 70th week beginning in 2006 and ending with the coming of the Messiah in 2012?" (Dankenbring WF. Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy PROVES Jesus Is the MESSIAH! Circa 2003. http://www.triumphpro.com/daniel_s_70_weeks_prophecy.htm, January 29, 2004).

God Added 15 Years to the 6,000?

Since his dates have been wrong many times, W. Dankenbring, instead of admitting his error, often tries to come up with new explanations. Here is one from 2012:

Archbishop Ussher, a brilliant Protestant theologian of the seventeenth century, studied the chronology of the Bible and concluded Creation was 4004 B.C. His calculations, if right, would indicate the 6000 years would be up in the fall of 1997...

However, if we attempt to calculate 6,000 years from 4004 B.C., we come to 1997 A.D. (remember, there is no year zero). That was 15 years ago – and the Messiah still has not come!...What gives? What happened?...

The seven years of idyllic paradise should not be counted in the 6,000 years of man’s labor and toil, during which mankind has been subject to the deception, wiles, and influences of the “god of this world,” Satan the devil (II Cor.4:4, Eph.2:2).

Therefore, if we add seven years, or count from 3997 B.C., the end of the 6,000 years would be 2004 A.D. – eight years ago! But Christ did not return then, either!

So what is the answer?...

The story of Hezekiah and the added 15 years is given in II Kings 20 and in Isaiah, chapter 38. Why is it repeated twice? Is this an indication that it will be fulfilled twice – once in the era of Hezekiah, and a second time, its true fulfillment, at the end of the age, before the coming of the Messiah?...

God is giving US more time than originally planned. The 6,000 year plan would have been concluded – time was up – in 1997 or 2004. But God has EXTENDED THE TIME till the second coming of Christ, to JUDGE the earth, giving us more time to REPENT, and straighten out our lives, and to PREPARE to meet Christ at His coming!

Extended Time

Consider this: If we add 15 years to the end of the 6,000 years in 1997, we come to the year 2012 – the year of the END of the Mayan calendar. It is to be a year of stress, anxiety, turmoil and trouble, witnessing the transition to a new age.

But if we add the 15 years to the year 2004, which represents 6,000 years from the year Adam Eve sinned against God, and then count inclusively, then the countdown brings us to the year 2018-2019 A.D. – picturing the extended time period to the coming of the Messiah, bringing salvation to His people!

If we take 2012 as the ending point of the extended 15 years, and then add Daniel’s 70th week, representing a time period of seven years, beginning with 2012 and counting inclusively, it once again brings us to 2018-2019 A.D...

Prophets, predictors, and prognosticators have been wrong in the past. But we should not be dismayed or daunted, feel disillusioned or disappointed. (Dankenbring WF. Is God ADDING 15 Years till the Coming of Christ? 2012)

While I believe that 2019 is the earliest possible date for the return of Jesus Christ at this stage, I remain unconvinced of W. Dankenbring's logic. I do not believe that God has decided to add an additional 15 years (it should also be noted that until recently, apparently neither did W. Dankenbring). Rather, I believe that W. Dankenbring's calculations, which are based upon errors that James Ussher made, remain erroneous (for details on Archbishop Ussher and the 6,000 years, please see the article Does God Have a 6,000 Year Plan? What Year Does the 6,000 Years End?). Of course, W. Dankenbring has predicted so many possible dates for Jesus' return that he might accidently get it right. And yes, he has already disappointed and disillusioned many.

In a later article, he continued the 15 year extened-time claim, gave credence to Mayan prophecies, and inaccurately claimed "the final Great Tribulation is scheduled to begin THIS VERY YEAR!" (Dankenbring W. 2012 – Return of Quetzalcoatl, and the Wrath of Satan. 2012). The Great Tribulation did not begin in 2012 (see When Will the Great Tribulation Begin?).

Bible Codes

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"2006 is an interesting year. Michael Drosnin in his book Bible Code II strongly suggests that the year 2006 is encoded in the Scriptures as a year to watch. He states that the year 2006 is encoded with the words “atomic holocaust” and “end of days.” In his fascinating book Bible Code II: The Countdown..." (Dankenbring WF. Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy PROVES Jesus Is the MESSIAH! Circa 2003. http://www.triumphpro.com/daniel_s_70_weeks_prophecy.htm, January 29, 2004).

The 'Bible Code' basically involves skipping so many words and/or letters in the 'textus receptus' Hebrew Old Testament to find some hidden messages. My feeling is and has been, if the code is correct then people need to do what the Bible says and if the code is not correct then people should not dwell on it. Anyway, in an article I was mailed in early December 2003 titled The Bible Code War (also by Michael Brosnin), it states that the Bible code indicates that Saddam Hussein would fall in 2003. It also specifically states, "Whats more it says Hussein will flee but indicates he die" and he "dies in his hideout". Which of course did not happen. But the proponents of the Bible code state, "The Code just reveals probabilities and what we will do determines what actually happens" so they will still embrace the code I suppose. Most in the COGs would not consider the 'Bible Code' to be a proper basis for doctrine.

Jesus Most Likely to Return By 1998?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"Jesus Christ, the Messiah, is coming -- most likely, according to all to history and chrnological {sic} evidence -- within the NEXT EIGHT YEARS!" (Dankenbring WF. What Can We Do To Help Spread the Gospel? Prophecy Flash; 4(1):13, March 1990).

Jesus to Very Possible to Return By Yom Kippur 2004?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"Although we cannot state with absolute certainty, the indication from Biblical prophecy and Biblical evidence, is that the 6,000 years from Adam and Eve should be counted from the time they sinned, and were expelled from the Garden of Eden. That's when the countdown began. The book of Jubilees tells us that this occurred seven years after their original creation in 4004 B.C. Thus we have: 4004 B.C. 6000 years 2003 A.D. -7 -3997 B.C. +1 3997 B.C. 2003 A.D. 2004 A.D. Since there is no year "zero, " we must make an adjustment when counting from B.C. to A.D. dating or vice versa. When we normally count years, we count inclusively, but when we subtract one number from another, it is like exclusive counting. Therefore, we must add "1" year to our computation to arrive at the correct year. It is strange that even so-called "academics" don't seem to be aware of this problem, or how it works, and therefore get confused and mislead the public when they go from B.C. to A.D. dating! This information strongly suggests that the Messiah will very possibly return at Yom Kippur, at the beginning of the final Jubilee year, in the fall of 2003-4 A.D. -- unless God cuts short the time (Matt.24:22). Therefore, the last year of this world's "crisis at the close" (Dan.12:4, Moffatt translation) could begin in the fall of 2003 A.D. or the fall of 2004 A.D." (Dankenbring W. Incredible New Insight on the Feast of Trumpets! http://www.triumphpro.com/incredible_new_insight_on_the_feast_of_trumpets!.htm, January 14, 2004, circa 1994).

One would think that the above would have been removed from TPM's website a long time ago, but it was still there January 14, 2004.

Could 2007-2008 Be the Time?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"The final and most powerful sign of the Zodiac is Leo the Lion...In the month of May, 2000, we saw Saturn entering the sign of Taurus the Bull. Seven years from that time, in 2000 A.D., Saturn -- the 'Messianic' planet -- will enter the sign of Leo the Lion --the Messianic Sign!...Could the years 2000-2001 to the years 2007-2008 picture the final countdown to the approaching footsteps of the coming Messiah? Could this period constitute the final week of 'woes' -- the final seven years --Daniel's 70th week -- the final 'seven times' of Leviticus 26?" (Dankenbring WF. The Lenoid Meteor Storm -- A Cosmic Sign? Prophecy Flash; 15(6):26-28, Jan-Feb 2002).

Most professing COGs do not believe that the Zodiac is to be consulted. The above cited article has many of WD's interpretations of various signs of the Zodiac and how he believes they fit into prophecy.

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"2008 A.D. Could this be the year of Triumph -- the year of Victory -- the year the Messiah fulfills all our hopes and dreams...?...Very likely 2004-5 will be the beginning of the period of time known as the GREAT TRIBULATION!" (Dankenbring WF. Shocking New Revelation! The Sabbath Cycles, Jubilees & End-Time Prophecy! Prophecy Flash; 15(5):38, Nov-Dec 2001).

Oslo Accords, 1335 Days, and If Messiah in 2007

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"We read in Daniel 9, the 70 weeks prophecy, that in the time of the end, a great king would 'confirm...a covenant [treaty] with many for one week [seven years -- could this be the fateful 'Oslo' accords, which lasted seven years, from 1993-2000?]; but in the middle of the week...something will happen!...Mid-way through the final 'week' of years, this prince or king will stop the sacrificing and offerings performed at the Temple of God...If the Messiah returns at Purim-Passover 2007...then the extra 45 days of the 1335 would be conclude about Sivan 1...If, as Newton declared, the termination of the 1260 years occurred when a great power -- Britain -- encouraged the Jews to return to Israel...the year 1947-48...This would mean that the 1335 years would be an additional 45 years later -- or 1992-93. That was the year of the beginning of the Oslo Peace Accords...peace could have been begun at that time. Obviously, it has been postponed...The 1335 days refer to a 'blessed' event of some kind (Dan.12:11). It is most significant, therefore, that on September 13, 1993..Yasser Arafat and Yitzak Rubin signing a PEACE TREATY, designed to bring PEACE in the Middle East! This became known as the 'Oslo Accords'. It was the peace process that lasted seven years. Final status talks...were to be settled by September 2000" (Dankenbring WF. A New Look at the Seventh Trumpet and Daniel's Strange 1260, 1290 and 1335 Days! Prophecy Flash; 15(6):45-64, Jan-Feb 2002).

"It seems very likely that the “treaty” mentioned in Daniel 9:27 could refer to the Oslo Peace Accords, which lasted “seven years” precisely. They have now been revived as the “Road Map to Peace” " (Dankenbring WF. Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy PROVES Jesus Is the MESSIAH! Circa 2003. http://www.triumphpro.com/daniel_s_70_weeks_prophecy.htm, January 29, 2004).

I do not believe the 1993 Oslo accords are the covenant in Daniel 9:27, nor am I aware of any other professing COG that does.

Jesus Returning in 2011 Another Possibility?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"Another possibility...This final 'week' then could extend from 2004 to 2011. This would put the final coming of the Messiah in the year 2011 A.D." (Dankenbring WF. Armageddon At Our Doorstep? Prophecy Flash; 16(5):19, Nov-Dec 2002).

Jesus Indicated to Return in 2012?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"Now if we count the years from that time to the present, we come up with the following: 2002 +1437 3439 years Since there was no year zero, we must add a year to our calculations, and arrive at 3440. If we divide this number by 50, the years in a Jubilee cycle, we come up with 68.8 Jubilee cycles to the present year. 80% of a 50 year cycle is 40 years. That means there is only ten years left to the next Jubilee year!!! Could this be an indication that the Messiah will return ten years from now – the next calculated JUBILEE YEAR? Could the return of Jesus Christ be in the year 2012 – a brief span of just ten years?" (Dankenbring WF. Will Messiah Come in a Jubilee Year? circa 2002; http://www.triumphpro.com/messiah_return_jubilee_year.htm. January 10, 2004).

It is not possible that Jesus could return that year, and He did not.

Jesus in 2007 or 2014 or ?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"2007 -- Second Coming of Messiah...On the other hand...2014 -- End of Days of Awe, coming of Messiah Which is it? 2007? or 2014? or even some other date? Candidly, we don't know for certain". (Dankenbring WF. End of Days. Prophecy Flash; 14(6):5-25, Jan-Feb 2001).

We Are Now Living in 'Overtime'

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"According to Jewish history and tradition, and early Christian traditions and beliefs, God Almighty is working out a 6,000 year plan on this earth with humankind. This plan began in 4004 B.C., according to the chronology of Archbishop James Ussher...However, according, to the book of Jubilees, Jewish literature written by a Levitical priest during the intertestamental period, about 150-200 B.C., there is strong reason to believe that Adam and Eve did not sin, and forsake the ways of God, until seven years had passed in the Garden of Eden. For the proof of this, read my article “Are We Nearing the End of the World?” Therefore, Adam and Eve did not come under the influence of Satan the devil, and begin their “work” week, until 3997 B.C. Although we cannot state with absolute certainly, the indication from Biblical prophecy and Biblical evidence, is that the 6,000 years from Adam and Eve should be counted from the time they sinned, and were expelled from the Garden of Eden. That’s when the countdown began" (Dankenbring WF. Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy PROVES Jesus Is the MESSIAH! Circa 2003. http://www.triumphpro.com/daniel_s_70_weeks_prophecy.htm, January 29, 2004).

Thus if we count the millennia from the Creation of man, Adam and Eve were created in 4004 B.C., according to archbishop Ussher's carefully compiled Biblical chronology. This means the end of the sixth millennium was 1997 A.D., and we are now living in 'overtime'! (Dankenbring WF. End of Days. Prophecy Flash;14(6):5-25, Jan-Feb 2001).

"This means the end of the sixth millennium was 1997 A.D., and we are now living in 'overtime'!...the book of Jubilees, part of the Jewish apocalyptic literature...reveals that Adam and Eve were seven years in the garden of Eden...Thus when we count the chronology of the earth, with man beginning his own 'government...the 6,000 years of 'work' must begin...3997 B.C." (Dankenbring WF. Shocking New Revelation! The Sabbath Cycles, Jubilees & End-Time Prophecy! Prophecy Flash;15(5):27-43, Nov-Dec 2001).

Most COGs do not believe that the 6,000 years of man are yet over. Nor do they accept the book of Jubilees as reliable for doctrine. Also, 2004 would appear to be the end if WD's above speculation was correct. As it is now late 2013, he may wish to read the article Does God Have a 6,000 Year Plan? What Year Does the 6,000 Years End?

Admitted Errors about Saddam Hussein

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"in fall of 1990 I, like virtually everybody else, thought that Saddam Hussein would put up a much stiffer resistance to the armies led by the United States in the short Gulf War. I thought casualties would be heavy on both sides. I admit that I was mistaken. This, however, was speculation on my part -- not anything I claimed was "direct revelation" from God!" (Dankenbring, WF. "Who Are You?" The True Story Behind Triumph Ministries! http://www.triumphpro.com/triumph_ministries____updated.htm, January 10, 2004).

Believes that the US is Part of the Beast and that the Europeans Do NOt Make Up the Power that Attacks the US and Great Britain

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"#47 – The European Union (or ten future states of Europe) is NOT the Beast of Revelation, or the power that attacks America and Great Britain! 

            My former church, led by Herbert Armstrong, taught that a union of nations in Europe led by Germany will launch a nuclear blitzkrieg against America and Britain, destroying our nations and bringing us into captivity.  Many of its off-shoot branches today still believe this teaching.  However, it is not true!   

            Rather, the soon coming “Beast power” is to be the “New World Order” which will INCLUDE the United States and Great Britain.  It will be a remake of the United Nations, soon to be strengthened, revamped, and militarized". (Dankenbring WF. Our Statement of Beliefs – Triumph Prophetic Ministries http://www.triumphpro.com/statement_of_beliefs____new_revised.htm 6/23/06).

This is a significant departure from COG teachings that will probably cost TPM supporters their lives.

Hates Which Feasts?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"There must be something about the way most of God's people, who claim to celebrate His holy days, do it that is not pleasing in the sight of God. What is it? God calls them "evil assemblies," and says that they are a "burden" to Him, and He is weary of bearing them. He says that His very "SOUL" HATES THEM! The rest of this chapter points out that there is something hypocritical and wicked about the way many of God's people conduct their lives, and then celebrate His holy festivals...The Jews have preserved the very oracles -- the very words -- of God, even though some of them haven't believed in the Messiah or held to the true faith. They still preserved the Old Testament Scriptures, and the knowledge of the laws, commandments, and words of God faithfully. They have preserved the knowledge of the sacred calendar, as well....Where did the Jews, and others who follow their lead, go wrong? WHY does God Himself say that He "hates" their New Moons, Sabbaths, and annual Festivals and sacred assemblies?...Most people who observe God's annual holy days, as God commanded, tell us that the JEWS preserved the calendar and the knowledge of the Holy Days! I, too, once believed this to be true -- and assumed it was essentially true. But now new evidence has come to light exposing the TRUTH! The Jewish rabbis have committed an egregious error, causing MANY people to observe the WRONG DAYS as if they were "God's holy days"!...But in those trying years, the calendar became a serious problem, because widely scattered Jewish people no longer had a central authority to sight the New Moons, and to report the correct days of the Holy Days. Different systems began to develop. To put an end to this confusion, Rabbi Hillel II, in 358 A.D., made public the secret calendar calculations carefully maintained from ancient antiquity, and he and his colleagues decreed the "fixed" or "permanent" Hebrew calendar, based on those ancient calculations. So far, so good. By this means, they managed to maintain the unity of the Jewish faith through the unified observance of the Holy Days, no matter where Jews resided around the world....If this were all the Jewish leaders did at that time, we would have no problem, today. But having done this, Hillel II and his compatriots went a huge step further. They added to the calendar rules NEW RULES dealing with and permitting "postponements" to the calendar...Because of them, millions have been keeping God's annual Holy Days on the wrong day, for centuries, and even down to this present time! No wonder God says He hates them!" (Dankenbring WF. A New Look at the Bible Calendar. http://www.triumphpro.com/bible_calendar.pdf, January 30, 2004).

Most in the COGs would not agree that Hillel II added NEW RULES, as most believe that he simply wrote down what the Jews had been doing for centuries. The real COGs also agree with Paul and WD that in the verses, "What advantage then has the Jew, or what is the profit of circumcision? 2 Much in every way! Chiefly because to them were committed the oracles of God" (Romans 3:1-2,NKJV), the 'oracles of God' committed to the Jews included the preserving the knowledge of the sacred calendar.

In an edition of Prophecy Flash WD suggests that the Feasts that God hates have to do with Christmas, Easter, and related holidays of pagan origin. Of course, there are dual applications of many scriptures.

Martin Luther

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"Luther’s example, of standing up to wrongly used authority, which tries to suppress truth, is one of great value and worth in this end time" (Dankenbring, William F. 40 Real Differences Between this Ministry and Worldwide Church of God, Messianic Jews, and Others! http://www.triumphpro.com/40_real_differences_article.htm 1/3/04).

While some of his disagreements with Catholicism were correct, Martin Luther's example of not following biblical authority is no proper example for the COGs. For further information, please read the article, Sola Scriptura or Prima Luther? What Did Martin Luther Really Believe About the Bible?

Thursday Crucifixion, Sunday Morning Resurrection?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"#34   -- Length of time Yeshua was in the Grave.   

The Bible says Christ the Messiah was in the grave for “3 days and 3 nights” (Matt.12:40).  What does this mean?  How long was Jesus Christ in the grave?   

     The plain fact is that when we study ALL the relevant evidence from the Scriptures, Jesus Christ was crucified on Thursday, that Friday was a high holy day, and He arose just before daybreak, Sunday morning!  The simple truth is 1) you cannot count 3 days and 3 nights between a crucifixion Friday afternoon and a resurrection Sunday morning, no matter how hard you try; and 2) if you count from Wednesday, then Sunday would have been FOUR days after the crucifixion, yet the gospel of Luke says it was THREE days afterwards (Luke 24:21)." 

(Dankenbring WF. Our Statement of Beliefs – Triumph Prophetic Ministries http://www.triumphpro.com/statement_of_beliefs____new_revised.htm 6/22/06).

Actually, you cannot count three days and three nights from Thursday afternoon until prior to sunrise on Sunday. You can only do it by using partial days, which is what the Roman Catholics do (from Friday afternoon) and WD now does (though WD gets one more day to work with).

The Bible never precisely states the time of the resurrection (other than adding the three days and three nights to the crucifixion). However, the Bible clearly teaches that Jesus did NOT rise on Sunday morning. More information about why the resurrection was not on Sunday can be found in the article Sunday and Christianity.

The Bible specifically teaches that Jesus was out of the grave while it was still dark prior to sunrise on a Sunday. Therefore, yes, you can count three days and three nights from late Wednesday to late Saturday as the biblical account clearly allows for a late Saturday resurrection.

WD's 40 Errors List

WD has made it easy to list many of his differences as he posted an article listing what he claims there are 40 errors that various groups have (many of these same "errors" are now in TPM's Statement of Beliefs). The following quotes are taken (in order) from that article--any comments in italics are from me and not WD. In this section, I have omitted the 'errors' that WD claims that the Tkach administration added as the Tkach administration rejected nearly all the teachings of the WCG under HWA or, for interest of space, 'errors' that are not clear enough for this article.

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"What are the major differences between this Work of God and the Worldwide Church of God, United Church of God {UCG}, Living Church of God {LCG}, the Philadelphia Church of God {PCG}, and many other off-shoots of Worldwide? What about our differences with the Messianic Jews, and “Messianic Israel” groups? Where is God’s REAL “Work” being done, today? How important is the understanding these things and God’s TRUTH?...

"40 Errors of End-Time Churches
ERROR #1 -- the Primacy of Peter—Peter was the “chief apostle.” Herbert W. Armstrong began teaching in recent years that Peter was the chief of the apostles and had authority over the others".

"ERROR #2 -- the "One True Church" – true or false? At one time Herbert Armstrong admitted that truly converted people could belong to other churches. He even admitted that the "Sardis" Church (Rev.3:1-6) still existed today. But increasingly toward the last years of His ministry he said he was God's only representative on earth, and that the Worldwide Church of God was the only true Church. This claim is sheer nonsense. God's Church is a spiritual organism, not a human corporation".

WD is, of course, correct that the Church is a spiritual organism that is not limited to a human corporation. HWA always admitted that truly converted people could be in other groups, such as CG7. However, as HWA felt (correctly in my opinion) that he was used to raise up the Philadelphia era of the Church, he taught that in that respect, the old WCG was the true Church.

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #7 -- Cremation is all right -- it is your own decision. The Bible clearly shows from Genesis to Revelation that Cremation is a pagan practice, stemming from the doctrine of the immorality of the soul. It is also a type of the 'lake of fire' which will consume the wicked. The Bible example of all the saints is burial, in expectation of the resurrection. Christ Himself was buried, setting us an example (I Pet.2:21, I John 2:6)."

Although the Bible does frequently mention burial, I am unaware of any biblical requirement for burial. Nor any direct admonitions against cremations. Also, even though there is a TPM article titled The True Origin of Cremation at http://www.triumphpro.com/newsflash_004.htm, as of 2/4/04 there is no live link.

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #8 -- Daniel's 2300 days are really 1150 days, were fulfilled as such in the days of Antiochus Epiphanes, and do not really apply today This may not seem like a major “error,” but it was primarily for disagreeing with this teaching that the Worldwide Church of God cast me out of their midst in 1987! The simple truth is, it has never understood the prophecy of Daniel's 2300 days. Herman L. Hoeh has taught that these are 1150 days and refer only to the time of Antiochus Ephiphanes. However, this is not true. The Bible itself clearly shows that an "evening and a morning" equal one day (Genesis 1), and 2300 evenings and mornings equal 2300 days (see Adam Clark's Commentary, Jamieson, Faucet and Brown's Commentary). Thus 2300 days equals 2300 years in fulfillment (Num.14:34; Ezek.4:6). During the time of Antiochus, the abomination of desolation lasted exactly three years -- not 1150 days. History proves it! Amazing as it sounds, from the date Alexander the Great first defeated the Persians at the Granicus River in 334 B.C. till the Six Day War in 1967 when Israel recaptured the Temple mount was exactly 2300 years! Read my article, 'Daniel's 2300 Day Prophecy Revealed at Last!" ERROR #9 -- Daniel's 1260,1290 and 1335 Days Not Understood by Worldwide Church of God and its off-shoots today. In the last chapter of Daniel a mysterious prophecy of 1260, 1290 and 1335 days is given. The Worldwide Church of God has no answer as to the meaning of the 1335 days. However, they postulate that the three periods of time all end at the point of Christ's return, and therefore the 1290 days begins 30 days prior to the 1260, and that this 30 day period is the time allowed for the Church to flee to a place of safety."

I looked into "ERRORs #8 and #9" over a decade ago, but found what appeared to be errors in WD's original article. I have asked someone to look for that article and plan to comment on it if he is able to find it for me. I have not been able to locate the article Daniel's 2300 Day Prophecy Revealed at Last at TPM's website--the TPM website does have one basically titled something like A New Look at the Seventh Trumpet and Daniel's Strange 1260, 1290 and 1335 Days! (which was the title of an article in Prophecy Flash), but this is not as long as I seem to recall the original article being.

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #10 -- Herbert W. Armstrong taught that the Jews will not rebuild a Temple in Jerusalem, but the Temple refers to the Church. Most of the Worldwide offshoots still believe this fallacy."

Actually, it is my recollection that HWA taught that it was not necessary for the Jews to build a literal temple in Jerusalem for Christ will return to His spiritual temple, the true Church. This teaching from HWA does not prohibit the building of a physical temple by the Jews--but is does not require the building either. Many evangelical Protestant groups share WD's views on this. See also, Why is a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem Not Required?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #11 – The Worldwide Church of God taught that God does not bind marriages in the world, only marriages performed in the Church are binding. True or false? Originally, Herbert Armstrong taught divorce was never sanctioned by the Word of God for any cause; marriages could be dissolved only in the case of "fraudulent intent" or deception on the part of one of the couple."

I believe that the latter statement is consistent with what faithful in the COG teach.

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #12 -- The Worldwide Church of God teaches that TITHING as a Law of God was abolished by Jesus Christ. Most of the offshoots, however, teach this doctrine just as Herbert Armstrong did. The truth is, both sides are wrong!...Of course, true Christians should "tithe" ten percent of their income, as faithful Abraham and Jacob did, to God, as the means of support for the New Testament Church ministry (Gen.14:20; 28:22; I Cor.9:7-14). However, the Church completely misunderstood the subject of "second" and "third" tithes! As the Septuagint translation of the Old Testament, made in 250 B.C., shows, the "third" tithe was actually the "second" tithe in the third and sixth years of the seven year Sabbath cycle!"

The groups that I have tended to feel fall into the categories of 'Laodicean Sadducees (please read the article Are the Laodiceans the Moderns Sadducees and Pharisees?) have all done away with third tithe. An article of possible interest is Is Third Tithe Still Valid Today? It should be noted that WD has written that he believes there are Laodicean Pharisees.

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #13 -- When should we observe Pentecost? The Worldwide Church of God no longer observes God’s annual holy days. Most of the off-shoot churches, however, keep Pentecost by counting from the day after the weekly Sabbath occurring during the days of Unleavened Bread."

Specifically WD teaches,

"The evidence is absolutely overwhelming that Pentecost should be observed on the same day as the Jews keep it, the 6th day of Sivan, 50 days after the Passover festival begins!" (Dankenbring W. PENTECOST: The Final Analysis, http://www.triumphpro.com/pentecost_the_final_analysis.htm, January 22, 2004). I will not take the time to deal with 'calendar issues' as they take too long to address in this type of article, but I will state that there appears to be no point in 'counting fifty' if the answer is always Sivan 6. WD however explains, "Although "safar" can mean to count up the total in order to arrive at a sum, it can also just as easily and accurately mean to inscribe by making a mark, to enumerate, or to celebrate" (Dankenbring WF. Why Do We Count the Omer from Passover to Pentecost? http://www.triumphpro.com/omer____why_count_(word6).htm, 2/4/04).

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #14 -- Church Authority—this is the ONE principle taught by Herbert Armstrong which is still embraced by MOST of the offshoots of Worldwide, as well as Worldwide itself!"

Hebrews 13:7-9 states, "7 Remember those who rule over you, who have spoken the word of God to you, whose faith follow, considering the outcome of their conduct. 8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 9 Do not be carried about with various and strange doctrines" (NKJV ). WD often seems to be about his own various and strange doctrines. If his ministry has had much fruits or impact on proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom to the world as a witness (Matthew 24:14), I am still unaware of it. Also, I would take exception to his comment that MOST of the offshoot groups have the same concept of Church Authority as WCG did under HWA.

W. Dankenbring wrote:

ERROR #15 -- The Worldwide Church of God once claimed it will be protected in a place of safety, probably Petra in Jordan, from the Great Tribulation. Worldwide now repudiates the idea of a “place of safety.” Some of the offshoots still believe in the “Petra” theory...The idea that God will lead thousands of Church members from locations around the globe to a hostile desert, to a barren rocky region in southern Jordan, and feed all of them there for three and one half years -- carrying them on jet aircraft, and steamships from around the world -- seems preposterous, to say the least."

For a different perspective, please read the article Why Might Petra be the Place of Safety? For the record, the late John Ogwyn taught, "Scripture makes clear that God promises His zealous end-time people protection from the Tribulation. But why have so many in the Church over the years thought that the place where God will protect His people might be Petra?...In three specific references, the Bible seems to associate Petra with God's end-time place of protection for His people...(Isaiah 42:11-13)...Isaiah 33...verse 10...(v.14)...(vv.14-16)...Another reference is Isaiah 16. Here God tells the Moabites, who rule the area of Sela or Petra (v.1), to shield His outcasts...While the details of how and where God will protect His people are fascinating, we must all keep in mind that in the ultimate sense our protection does not come from any place--it come from God" (Ogwyn, John. Is There a Real Place of Safety? July-August 2001; pp.5-6).

It may also be of interest to note that WD taught that:

"2004...may be the time of the final flight of God's people to a place of safety in the wilderness...3 1/2 years" (Dankenbring : WF. The '70 Years' Prophecy & the New World Order. Prophecy Flash;14(5):5, Nov-Dec 2000).

W. Dankenbring wrote:

ERROR #18 -- the Worldwide Church of God exalts the ministry and abases the membership by following a military type of government, and has introduced "ranks" in the ministry which are achieved by special "ordination. In the Worldwide Church of God as it has been constituted for decades, it is a sin for any member or even a deacon to preach the gospel. Members are told they must be quiet, silent witnesses, and only answer questions of non-members as they are asked."

This latter portion is not consistent with my personal history through 2011. Dibar Apartian, Richard Ames, Roderick Meredith, and other evangelists have all told me personally to do what I am doing to support the proclamation of the Gospel (including more direct proclamation than is at the COGwriter.com site).

Regarding church authority, 1 Corinthians 12:28 states, "And God has appointed these in the church: first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, administrations, varieties of tongues" (NKJV). Ephesians 4:10-14 states, "11 And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, 12 for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, 13 till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ; 14 that we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting" (NKJV).

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR # 19 -- the Worldwide Church of God claims there is no need of "prophets" in the church today. Most of the off-shoots would agree with this statement. What about this?"

This is not quite the COG position, although HWA felt that way. The biblical position, as I understand it, is that it is God that raises up prophets.

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #21 – Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God taught that Ethiopia is the "king of the south" in Bible prophecy. In my article "Egypt in Prophecy! Who Is the "King of the South"? I make very plain that the Bible clearly shows the future "king of the south" in prophecy will be Egypt, with its allies."

This is somewhat misleading. HWA taught, "Verse 43 says the Libyans and Ethiopians (observe that after its conquest by Mussolini, Ethiopia is not again referred to as the king of the south) shall be at his steps—and he will then control them. Italy lost control of Libya and Ethiopia after the war" (Armstrong HW. The Middle East in Prophecy. WCG, 1972 ed.). But the 1956 edition of that same article HWA did say "ETHIOPIA is Today King of the South".

Thus, the truth is that HWA taught that Ethiopia was the 'king of the South' in early WWII, but not much later (though he did not change his written opinion until sometime after 1956). HWA's 1972 edition indicates that the 'king of the South' would be a group of nations in northern Africa, probably including portions of the Middle East. See also the article Is There A Future King of the South?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #22 -- the Worldwide Church of God teaches that Satan and his demons are "eternal" spirit beings and thus will suffer eternal punishing and torment forever and ever! Perhaps the first area where I wrote something which differed from the ideas of Herbert W. Armstrong was in this area. In my book Beyond Star Wars, published in 1978, I asked, “Will the devil, and his angels, be ultimately destroyed? Or will their spirits roam forever in the new universe that God will create?”"

"ERROR #23 -- The Worldwide Church of God observes the PASSOVER on the wrong day, and in the wrong manner!"

Many 'independents' and small groups claim this. I believe this is easily disprovable ( you can see TPM: Passover on the 14th or 15th?), but for now you could also see my comments on 'ERROR 27'.

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #24 -- The Worldwide Church of God no longer observes the Feast of Tabernacles. The offshoots follow the old Worldwide practice. Both are operating out of IGNORANCE OF HOW God commands us to observe this festival! Although Herbert Armstrong taught that we should observe God’s Feast of Tabernacles, he never really got back to the Feast the way it was commanded to be observed in the Scriptures! In Leviticus 23 we read that there are two aspects of the Feast of Tabernacles which are central to its proper observance. We are commanded to “take to ourselves” the branches or “fruit” of various trees and plants, and to use them to “rejoice” before the Lord!"

Leviticus 23:36-37 also specifies various offerings to be made each day during the Feast of Tabernacles, that WD does not observe. We in the COGs believe we are properly observing the Feast of Tabernacles.

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #26 – How long was Jesus Christ in the grave? The Worldwide Church of God now teaches that Christ was crucified on a Friday and arose on Sunday. However, most of the off-shoots teach that He was crucified on Wednesday and arose Sabbath evening, just before sunset. Both teachings are in ERROR1 The plain truth is that when we study ALL the relevant evidence from the Scriptures, Jesus Christ was crucified on Thursday, that Friday was a high holy day, and He arose just before daybreak, Sunday morning!"

I believe that biblical and historical evidence proves the old WCG position of a Wednesday crucifixion to be correct. HWA's booklet, The Resurrection was Not on Sunday, contains much of the proof of this. See also What Happened in the Crucifixion Week?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #27 – when was the “Last Supper”? Is it the same thing as the Passover? A careful reconstruction of Jesus’ last week demonstrates that the modern churches have a serious misunderstanding of Jesus last supper. It was not the Passover because it was held TWO DAYS PRIOR to the Passover! It was not held the night before the crucifixion, as many assume, but TWO nights before the crucifixion!"

Luke 22:14-20 states, "When the hour had come, He sat down, and the twelve apostles with Him. 15 Then He said to them, "With fervent desire I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer; 16 for I say to you, I will no longer eat of it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God." 17 Then He took the cup, and gave thanks, and said, "Take this and divide it among yourselves; 18 for I say to you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes." 19 And He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, "This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me." 20 Likewise He also took the cup after supper, saying, "This cup is the new covenant in My blood, which is shed for you" (NKJV). Thus, Jesus Himself clearly stated that this was the Passover. Most of the COGs take bread and wine the same night Jesus did.For more details on this, please see the article TPM: Passover on the 14th or 15th?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #33 – What is the true ORIGIN of Jesus Christ? Did He pre-exist? Is He “equal” to the Father? This theological question baffles both Worldwide and all of its offshoots. What about Christ Himself? Was He ALWAYS "co-equal, co-eternal" with the Father? If so, why did He Himself state, "The Father is greater than I" (John 14:28)? And why did He say of the Father, that He is "the only true God" (John 17:3)? Also, why did Paul write, "But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord, Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him" (I Cor.8:6)? The Bible clearly reveals that Christ became a true Son of the Father, and was the "beginning of the Creation of God" (Rev.3:14) -- the "firstborn of ALL CREATION" (Col.1:15)."

It should be noted that WD teaches "The Septuagint, translated into Greek about 250 years before Christ, has another passage that proves there were TWO MEMBERS of the Godhead in the Old Testament...When we view all this evidence objectively, with a clear vision, and without prejudice, we can see that there is no question but that Almighty God, the Father of all, planned from the beginning to save mankind from sin, and that He created in the beginning the “Son of Man,” who was also the “Son of God,” who was the “Chosen One” and the “Elect One,” also known as the “Word” of God, the ‘Image” of God, and the “Firstborn” of God" (Dankenbring WD. Philo, Jews, Targums, and the Logos. January 10, 2004). Hence WD appears to be teaching that the Father created Jesus, and thus that the Word, Jesus, did not exist from the true beginning in contradiction to John 1:1.

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #34 – Worldwide and its Off-shoots do not celebrate the Feast of Trumpets properly. God says regarding the Festival of Trumpets, “On the first day of the seventh month you are to have a day of rest, a sacred assembly commemorated with trumpet blasts” (Lev.23:24, NIV). And again, “On the first day of the seventh month hold a sacred assembly and do no regular work. It is a day for you to sound the trumpets” (Num.29:1). Do you know of ANY off-shoot of the Worldwide Church of God which blows the trumpet – the Biblical SHOFAR – on the “Festival of Trumpets”? We do. But none of the other groups which came out of Worldwide, especially the major and larger groups, understands this principle or obeys it."

We normally have one of the kids blow some type of trumpet on that day. Most COG services I have attended blow a trumpet on that day as well. However, the blowing of the trumpet also has spiritual ramifications as Isaiah 58:1 states, "Cry aloud, spare not; Lift up your voice like a trumpet; Tell My people their transgression, And the house of Jacob their sins" (NKJV)--COGwriter does this as well (notice, for one example, the post British and American Moral Decay).

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #36 – What about wearing of “holy garments,” such as the prayer shawl, and “fringes” upon the corners?...God is very clear in His instructions. He says His people are to wear unique tassels or fringes in the four corners of their garments “throughout their generations.” Have generations ceased? Are people still being born? Of course. Therefore, this commandment is still valid and in force TODAY!"

1 Peter 3:3-4 states 3 "Do not let your adornment be merely outward--arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel-- 4 rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God" (NKJV ). While Hebrews 10:16 states, "This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, says the LORD: I will put My laws into their hearts, and in their minds I will write them" (NKJV ). Thus fringes are no longer required. Plus I do not recall any Bible verse requiring or even authorizing prayer shawls--Jesus' comments in Matthew 6:5-6 would not seem to support the concept of prayer shawls..

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #37 – Is God working out a 6,000 year plan here on earth? The Worldwide Church of God and its off-shoots all seem to reject this Biblical teaching and therefore are in darkness as to how close to the END of this age we really are!"

LCG, PCG, and even, I believe, UCG teach that God is working out a 6000 year plan so I am not sure why WD mentioned that. Various other COGs, like the Continuing Church of God, believe this as well. See Does God Have a 6,000 Year Plan? What Year Does the 6,000 Years End?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #38 – What’s all this about “counting the Omer”? One very interesting law of God has been totally overlooked and ignored by the Worldwide Church of God, as it plunges back into apostasy, and it has also been slighted, rejected, and avoided by all the other remnant splinter groups which came out of Worldwide, and even by most all Messianic congregations."

Here is more of what WD has written about that,

"Every day, from Passover to Pentecost, when WE COUNT THE OMER, as we pray to God, reciting, "This is the ___ day of the Omer," and continue on in our prayers, we are LOOKING FORWARD TO and ANTICIPATING JOYFULLY our coming UNION with CHRIST the MESSIAH at His Coming! The daily "counting of the omer," then, beginning with the first Omer, representing Christ Himself, risen from the dead, continues for forty nine days, or until Pentecost -- and spiritually symbolizes the FIRSTFRUITS OF THE CHURCH OF GOD which have been "harvested" throughout the centuries and millennia leading up to the great day of CHRIST'S COMING, when Christ will COMPLETE THE HARVEST OF FIRSTFRUITS, and then MARRY HIS BRIDE! What a wonderful truth! There is far more involved in "counting the omer" than most of us have ever realized! In the words of Pogo, "We have met the Omer, and it is US!...As we count the "omer," therefore, each successive week it would be good to reflect on the history of God's Church down through the ages. The first week, Ephesus; the second week, Smyrna; the third week, Pergamos; the fourth week, Thyatira; the fifth week, Sardis; the sixth week, Philadelphia; and the seventh week, Laodicea...So far as I know, no Church on earth -- not the Worldwide Church of God, nor the Church of God International, not the Seventh Day Adventist Church, nor the Church of God Seventh Day, or any other Church, understands the significance and deep meaning behind the traditional "counting of the omer." This is undoubtedly NEW TRUTH! Let us thank God for revealing it to us, and rejoice in understanding the amazing, incredible truth about the "Omer" - the "firstfruits"!" (Dankenbring WF. Why Do We Count the Omer from Passover to Pentecost? http://www.triumphpro.com/omer____why_count_(word6).htm, 2/4/04).

There is nothing in the Bible that indicates that we are to count the day of the Omer each day in prayer. Furthermore, the only place that the term 'omer' or 'omers' is mentioned in the NKJV Bible is Exodus 16:16-36 in the context of mannah. I see nothing there about a law for anyone in the future to count the omer.

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #39 – Should Christians celebrate the Biblical New Moons? Here is another Biblical commandment which has been ignored by the end-time churches of God!"

Here is an article titled New Moons which explains more about them and gives some biblical rationale about why few COGs observe them.

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"ERROR #40 – What is the true CALENDAR of God? This leads us into one of the most fundamental ERRORS of the modern churches – the Worldwide Church of God, all the splinter groups, as well as all the so-called “Messianic” churches and synagogues, all of which claim to follow Jesus Christ and accept Him as Messiah and His Word and Example as Law. That is this: Virtually ALL of these groups, including the various offshoots of Worldwide Church of God, in their festival planning and deliberations, ALL of them use the modern “Jewish” calendar...And why did the Jews in 358 A.D. add “POSTPONEMENTS” TO THE CALENDAR?"

Actually, although WD will most likely disagree, the calendar at the time of Jesus used postponements, thus they were not an invention of the fourth century as many 'calendar-focused' groups suggest.

Who are the Philadelphians?

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"God has not called me to raise up a "new Church" of some kind, to compete with the various branches of the end-time Church of God. Rather, I am called to WITNESS to all the churches of God of the end-time, as a messenger of truth, to bring the people of God together who are willing to listen to the truth and obey it!" (Dankenbring WF. Which Church is God's True Church? And Where Is God’s Real End-Time Work, Today? http://www.triumphpro.com/where_is_god_s_real_church_and_work.htm, January 22, 2004).

"The TRUE Philadelphia Church of God...Who are these people? They live in the "end time." They are doing a "Work of God" during this final penultimate age. They are very small, and scattered. They have only a "little strength." But unlike the other church groups mentioned in Revelation, these are the ONLY ONES that have faithfully KEPT GOD'S WORD, THAT IS, HIS LAW AND HIS COMMANDMENTS! They are the only ones who are TRULY OBEDIENT! Furthermore, they have not denied His Name. This means, first, they acknowledge the power and meaning behind and in His Name, and, secondly, they USE His Name -- which is YESHUA IN THE HEBREW LANGUAGE!...Judging by the fruits I have seen, and noted, I believe that those who are with me in this Work of God are, for the most part, at least, members of the "Philadelphia" Church mentioned in Revelation, chapter 3 -- that is, we are and constitute as a whole, the end-time branch of the true Philadelphia Church of God, described in Revelation...They, these "outcast ones," who are proving all things, have become in a sense the remnant, the "core" of the true "Philadelphia" Church of God. They as a whole do not belong to ANY big "visible" church organization, but they identify with "Triumph Prophetic Ministries (Church of God)," and support this work with their tithes and offerings. They are thrilled to be a part of it. Their hearts and minds and souls are in this Work. They are dedicated to getting God's TRUTH out to as many as God wants to hear and receive it. They may be attending no services each Sabbath, as we don't have a church in their area. But many of them "hook" up with us at least one Sabbath day a month, on a telephone hook-up, to be a "part" of God's Work, and to have "fellowship" by telephone!" (Dankenbring WF. Which Church is God's True Church? And Where Is God’s Real End-Time Work, Today? http://www.triumphpro.com/where_is_god_s_real_church_and_work.htm, January 10, 2004).

Actually, there is no indication in the entire Bible that the Philadelphians are those who refer to Jesus by the Hebrew name, Yeshua. Even if the New Testament were written in originally in Hebrew (which historical evidence strongly disputes, as it supports the concept that the New Testament was written in Greek), the expression in Revelation 3:8 about 'not denying my name' does not have to do with the term 'Yeshua' (there is no term "Jesus" or Yeshua" in the entire chapter). The word translated as name means authority in this context. Jesus specifically praises the Philadelphians for their work. If He was more interested in just using the name Yeshua, there are many other groups that do that other than simply TPM. And some of those groups do what appears to be a more substantial work than TPM does. Besides, how can TPM be the 'Philadelphia Church' when WD says that it is not a church?

TPM does acknowledge,

"Iesous is not of pagan origin, but rather is indeed a Greek transliteration of Yeshua developed by the Jewish translators!...the Greek name Iesoous from whence we derive the name 'Jesus' is not pagan...and the English transliteration of Iesous, which is Iesus, which became Jesus" (McKee J. Is the Name 'Jesus' Really Pagan? Prophecy Flash 15(3):63-54, July-August 2001).

Era Comments

W. Dankenbring wrote:

"Even the historical interpretation of the seven Churches admits that at least three of the Church "eras" will exist at the return of Christ -- Sardis, Philadelphia (which will escape the Great Tribulation --Revelation 3:10), and finally Laodicea...At the present time, it should be clear that the true Church of God is composed of many individuals, some in the "first love" stage, some almost "dead" like the Sardis Church, some full of self-righteousness and outward prosperity, like the Laodicean Church, and a number who truly seem to have the non-judgmental, loving attitude of the Philadelphia Church characterized by "brotherly love." However, the primary years of the Worldwide Church of God under the leadership of Lorna and Herbert Armstrong, on the whole, seemed to be representative of the youthful, small, struggling Church of Philadelphia, to whom God opened doors which no man could shut! Even then, of course, the Church suffered from many problems, including the problem of "false brethren" entered in unawares (Rev.3:7-9), "which say they are Jews (spiritually), and are not, but do lie" (v.9)" (Dankenbring W. ESCAPE FROM LAODICEA! Circa 1989. http://www.triumphpro.com/laodicea_escape.htm, January 22, 2004).

"Philadelphia. Could this church refer to the Radio Church of God, begun by Herbert W. Armstrong, in 1934 A.D.? The evidence is that God used Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong to bring NEW TRUTH to the end-time Churches of God. He had been ordained a minister in the Church of God (Seventh Day). He was appointed as one of the “seventy.” He works for years side by side with various ministers of that Church. But conflict and disagreement arose, over the holy days of God, and soon he severed his connection with them, and in faith struck out on his own, beginning a radio broadcast called “The World Tomorrow,” and a magazine called “The Plain Truth,” in 1934. From this inauspicious beginning, after many trials and tests, God began to bless the Work tremendously in the 1950s and 1960s, with exponential growth. By the 1970s and 1980s the church numbered over 150,000 members, including children, and was receiving over $200 million annually, used to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God!...Herbert Armstrong died in January, 1986. The reins of leadership passed to Joseph Tkach -- and it was indeed like the “passing of a baton” -- as if the baton had passed from the “Philadelphia” church era to the new “LAODICEAN BRANCH ERA”! " (Dankenbring WF. What Are the Seven Churches of Revelation? http://www.triumphpro.com/seven_churches_of_revelation.htm, January 22, 2004).

"From the death of Mrs. Loma Armstrong in 1967 till the death of Herbert Armstrong in 1986, a complete 19-year time cycle, as God views time, the Church of God has undergone a major TRANSITION! The "Philadelphia Chapter" has been written. We are now in the midst of the "Laodicean Chapter"!" (Dankenbring W. Where Is The LAODICEAN CHURCH? circa 1990. http://www.triumphpro.com/laodicean_church.htm, January 22, 2004).

"Some people think that the Worldwide Church of God at one time may have been a part of the Philadelphia Church of God (Rev.3:7-8), perhaps in the early 60's and mid-60's. But that is arguable. A "work" was undoubtedly being done at that time...Was such a church, which destroyed families, and caused some people to commit suicide in despair, truly the "Philadelphia" Church of God? I don't believe so. There may have been some "Philadelphia" attitude Christians in it, but the leadership was not Philadelphia, nor was the preponderance of the membership!" (Dankenbring WF. Which Church is God's True Church? And Where Is God’s Real End-Time Work, Today? http://www.triumphpro.com/where_is_god_s_real_church_and_work.htm, January 10, 2004).

"in 1934, Herbert W. Armstrong began preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God...The fact that there are 70 years between 1934 and 2004 is very interesting indeed! God has in effect given His end-time Work '70 years' in which to preach the gospel and to encourage His people to COME OUT OF SPIRITUAL BABYLON" (Dankenbring WF. The '70 Years' Prophecy & the New World Order. Prophecy Flash; 14(5):4, Nov-Dec 2000).

In an article he wrote on PCG, WD quoted someone who he referred to as a "sincere seeker for the truth " who wrote "Once the PCG organized itself and began teaching 'strong government' everything died. The PCG seems like a new Sardis -- accepting the truths that Mr. Armstrong taught (along with some errors), but Freezing everything at that point and refusing new Truth" (Dankenbring W. What Went WRONG with the "Philadelphia Church of God"? http://www.hope-of-israel.org/fillych.htm, January 20, 2004).

Now by combining the comments WD quoted, with his own statements, it appears that WD either thinks 1) that the old WCG was temporarily part of Philadelphia that did not use the term 'Yeshua', but that the Philadelphia era 'died' in the 60s or 80s, to apparently be resurrected with different doctrinal positions by WD or 2) that WCG was part of Sardis and that TPM is and was Philadelphia. Under either scenario, there is the problem that WD's TPM has not gone through much of an open door to proclaim the Gospel and I have tremendous difficulty understanding how by implication, it has/could fulfill Matthew 24:14 more than WCG did under HWA and how the Philadelphia remnant will finish the final phase of the work.


W. Dankenbring wrote:

"The most degenerate of all the churches, of course, is the LAODICEAN church (Rev.3:13-22). Its seems to describe not only the Worldwide Church of God, which is very rapidly becoming “Protestant,” but also its major offshoots, in these end times, which are also BLIND and “naked” spiritually!" (Dankenbring WF. What Are the Seven Churches of Revelation? http://www.triumphpro.com/seven_churches_of_revelation.htm, January 22, 2004).

"Laodicea -- the final, ultimate stage, which is the most wicked, degenerate, spiritually blind and wretched stage of all. The Laodicean stage seems to be representative of a condition of Pharisaical totalitarianism, or abusive and tyrannical Church government. It is a proud, self-righteous stage which has a peculiar mind-set and never progresses to true, mature, out-going love stage, of the Philadelphian Church" (Dankenbring W. ESCAPE FROM LAODICEA! Circa 1989. http://www.triumphpro.com/laodicea_escape.htm, January 22, 2004).

Actually, although some Laodiceans may have a totalitarian form of governance (PCG comes to mind), according to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, Laodicea is a combination of two words, laos which it defines as "people" and dike, which is defined by Strong's as "right", "judgment", "punish", and "vengeance". Smith's Bible Dictionary defines Laodicea to mean "justice of the people". Might the term Laodicean convey that the predominant characteristic of this Church is that people rule, the people judge, follow traditions of men over the Bible, or, in fact that the people are judgmental? I personally feel that the term Laodicea conveys a difference in governance and biblical priorities and that most Laodiceans have rejected the restored truth about governance (which results in a lukewarm attitude about doing the work). See also The Bible, Peter, Paul, John, Polycarp, Herbert W. Armstrong, Roderick C. Meredith, and Bob Thiel on Church Government.

Teaches that Barack Obama Could be the Antichrist

W. Dankenbring wrote:

Obama – King of the World?

America has chosen a new President – one devoted to “CHANGE”! He is a virtual “unknown” – has grown up with radical friends and was mentored by a Communist while a youth in Hawaii…Obama is slick, clever, an eloquent, spell-binding orator. What does his election bode for America? Is America and the world entering a perilous passage leading up to global catastrophe?…

Are You Prepared for KING Obama?

The Word of God tells us in advance that in the “end of days”, “when the transgressions have reached their full measure, a king of BOLD countenance shall arise,, skilled in intrigue. He shall grow strong in power, shall cause fearful destruction, and shall succeed in what he does. He shall destroy the powerful and the people of the holy ones. By his cunning he shall make deceit prosper under his hand, and in his own mind he shall be great. Without warning he shall destroy many an shall ev4n {sic} rise up against the Prince of princes. But he shall be broken and not by human hands” (Dan.8:23-25),NRSV).

Moffatt has it, “There shall arise a king who is defiant, a master of craft . . . he shall make monstrous claims and prosper in his policy, destroying his powerful foes. His designs shall be directed against the sacred people, and he shall ply his intrigues successfully; he shall plot proud plans and ruin many when they are off their guard.”

The KJV calls him “a king of fierce countenance”; “having fierce features,” says the NKJV. “A stern-faced king, a master of intrigue,” says the NIV Bible.

It is interestding that the first world despot and dictator,, Nimrod of Babylon, the youngest son of Cush, was a black man (Gden.10:8). “He behan to be a mighty one in the earth.” A “despot,” Moffatt says. A “mighty warrior,” says the NRSV.

Could the FINAL, age-ending world empire of the earth also be a “black man,” yet also related to British royalty, and therefore a descendant also of king David, and having also a Danite (Irish) pedigree? Could he become the end-time Antichrist, prophesied in the Scriptures?

The answer to the last question is no. Barack Obama is not the Antichrist (see, for example the article Barack Obama is Not the Antichrist). The final Antichrist is a religious, not primarily political leader (see Some Doctrines of Antichrist). William Dankenbring often seems to let his speculations run wild at the expense of understanding what the Bible really teaches or allows for.

However, Barack Obama is likely to have some role in end-time prophecy; for a detailed article, please see Prophecies of Barack Obama.

Concluding Comments

I did not doubt WD's sincerity that he usually believed what he wrote.

Yet, I long believed that WD's focus was on prophetic speculation and his personal belief that he was growing in doctrinal knowledge. As my comments have indicated, most of his specific differences can be addressed by scripture and historical facts. He, to me at least, sometimes seems to try to read to much into numbers, such as:

" 'For the first time in the history of the White House there are 3,000 officially invited guests to witness the signing ceremony'...What is the significance of the number 3,000? When Moses came down from Mount Sinai...the Levites slew 3,000 idol worshippers...Conversely...'about 3,000 souls' (Acts 2:4 1). These accepted the terms of God's New Covenant. The number 3,000 seems to be an important number in terms of acceptance or denial of a treaty of covenant"

While because of its COG connection, TPM does have a lot of the truth, WD's reliance on such things as Bible codes, the Zodiac, Book of Jubilees, Mayan beliefs, etc. is disturbing. Thus TPM differs in many ways from what those of us once in WCG all used to consider to be "the faith that was once for all delivered for the saints" (Jude 3). Its insistence on a 15th Passover is also bizarre (see also TPM: Passover on the 14th or 15th?).

WD was wrong about maybe all of his unique prophetic announcements--and I denounced several of them as false before time proved them false.

Although it some have said that the doctrinal differences among the Churches of God are insignificant, this author does not believe that one can examine the teachings of groups, such as TPM, and come to that conclusion (nor apparently would Herbert Armstrong, for proof please check out some quotes from HWA on holding fast to doctrine).

WD was simply not being faithful enough to the Bible or the true mission of the church. TPM clearly was not a Philadelphia era work. WD's prophetic speculations were very far off. Those who still rely on them are in for a terrible time.

Laodicean Warning for God's People. If you have read this far you are probably a current or former member of one of the Churches of God and may be interested in reading this warning article which was also published in The Journal.

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