Political Turmoil in the Netherlands

Geert Wilders


The Dutch are having significant political problems.  And, Geert Wilders, who heads an anti-Islamic Netherlands political party, seems to be hoping this will help him:

23 April 2012

Dutch prime minister, Cabinet resign


The Associated Press

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — The Dutch government, one of the most vocal critics of European countries failing to rein in their budgets, quit Monday after failing to agree on a plan to bring its own deficit in line with EU rules.

The government information service announced Queen Beatrix had accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his Cabinet after a meeting in which Rutte told her talks on a new austerity package had failed over the weekend… the prime minister said, laying the blame squarely with anti-EU lawmaker Geert Wilders.

Reuters – ‎23 April 2012
By Anthony Deutsch | AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch populist Geert Wilders, who gained prominence denouncing Islam and railing against immigrants, is betting his political future on the anti-euro vote.

Wilders pulled out of critical budget austerity talks with the government on Saturday, saying the Netherlands should not bow to Brussels’ directives.

Wilders, 48, was kingmaker when the last government was formed in 2010; his Freedom Party is the third-largest in parliament and provided the coalition with a majority.

WTOP – ‎23 April 2012
Associated Press THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) – The Dutch government, one of the most vocal critics of European countries failing to rein in their budgets, quit Monday after failing to agree on a plan to bring its own deficit in line with EU rules…Rutte’s hopes to clinch a deal to cut the target below the EU’s 3 percent target evaporated on Saturday, when his most important political ally, populist euroskeptic Geert Wilders walked out of the talks, saying a slavish adherence to European rules was foolish and would harm the Dutch economy.

As I have been writing for some time now, I have long felt that the Europeans were going to protest some of the austerity programs from the EU.  This is likely to lead to more political turmoil, civil unrest, and even possibly civil wars in some parts of Europe.

Notice also the following:

Wall Street Journal – April 23, 2012
By Ishaq Siddiqi and Sara Sjolin European stock markets and the euro tumbled Monday, as political uncertainty in two key euro-zone countries, France and the Netherlands, pushed investors into the traditional haven of German government bonds.
FXstreet.com – ‎23 April 2012 Netherlands outgoing PM Rutte to speak at 2pm Tuesday in the Hague after tendering govt resignation; while Moody’s says gov collapse is credit negative.
Washington Post – 23 April 2012 A
‎backlash against proposed austerity measures upended the government of the Netherlands on Monday, highlighting the growing peril facing efforts across Europe to tame the region’s financial crisis.
The collapse of Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s governing coalition came after the populist Freedom Party, led by euro-opponent Geert Wilders, abandoned negotiations over ways to meet deficit targets. National elections are now expected to be held in June.

Though Geert Wilders is a force there, outgoing Prime Minister Rutte may have broader appeal to many within the Netherlands.  Yet, the fact that some of the Dutch leadership, like Geert Wilders, are protesting this EU plan will likely give people in other European nations comfort if they protest in more direct ways.  The Dutch are not immune to problems related to credit, austerity, civil unrest, etc.

Since no later than August 2009 (see Muslims: European Wake-Up Call) I have been following some of the actions and statements of Geert Wilders.  While I do not believe at this time (nor did I years ago) that Geert Wilders will be the “king of the north,” the fact that he keeps having influence in Dutch politics suggests that at least some of the Europeans are inclined, even in the 21st century, to accept a more radical top leader than many would have thought possible.

As far as the Euro goes, I have been writing for years that, although it does not have to be, that it could be replaced (see  2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect).   We will see what happens to the Euro and possibly soon how the Dutch feel about it as Geert Wilders may not represent the majority view there on that subject.

Yet, there are changes happening in Europe.  And according to the Bible, more economic (Revelation 13: 14-17)  and political ones must come to pass (Revelation 17:12-13).  A currency change from the Euro  is a possible, but not biblically-required, change.

As far as the anti-Islamists go, the Bible shows that a European military leader will line up with a religious leader from the city of seven hills (Revelation 17) and ultimately defeat the forces of Islam (Daniel 11:40-43), despite having earlier made one of more deals with the Islamists (cf. Psalm 83:3-8; Daniel 9:27; Daniel 11:27).

Irrespective of one or more temporary political deals with those of the Islamic faith, the anti-Islamic sentiment that Geert Wilders and others have tapped into in Europe is real.  And according to the Bible, it will be resolved in ways differently  than Geert Wilders and others like him publicly state (Daniel 11:40-42).

For more on what is expected to happen, please see the following:

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