Could Australia be moving towards the cashless world the WEF wants? (and then there is Canada’s ‘666’ move)


We continue to see more and more moves towards a cashless society around the world. The following report indicates that certain ones in Australia want to do that as well:

Australia has signed a World Economic Forum (WEF) treaty that will see all major banks in the country close as citizens are forced to transition to a fully cashless society. …

Bankwest, a subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), is the first bank to close its branches and move the remaining 15 CBA branches in an effort to go fully digital by October 2024. …

This announcement comes as Sydney-based banking software company Constantinople, a startup founded by two former executives of major bank Westpac, unveil a new app called Business+. They claim that this app will be an all-in-one mobile app that can offer Australia’s first end-to-end digital banking platform for the country’s 2.4 million businesses with fewer than 10 employees.

CBA and Westpac are two of Australia’s “Big Four,” or the four largest banks that have traditionally dominated Australia’s banking industry in terms of market share, revenue and total assets. The two others are ANZ and National Australia Bank. …

Great Southern Bank, one of the country’s largest credit unions, has already signed up to launch Business+. CEO and Managing Director Paul Lewis said the company had “taken the best of the neo-bank proposition, digitally first, with what we’re good at, which is the banking license side, regulatory requirements.” Neobanks are digital-only banking platforms that operate solely online.

“We’ve got the whole package, which I think is a first in Australia,” he said, noting that other neobanks launched with only a handful of basic products such as savings accounts, but no lending capability. Small businesses would be able to sign up for an account in under 10 minutes, a time frame he called “fantastic.”

Australian transition to cashless society hitting roadblocks

Australia is transitioning to a cashless society faster than almost anywhere else. Last year, the Australian Banking Association reported that the use of digital wallet payments on smartphones and watches had increased from AU$746 million ($494.28 million) in 2018 to over AU$93 billion ($61.62 billion) in 2022.

Nevertheless, the response to Bankwest’s branch closures shows that there is still strong opposition to Australia’s transition to a fully cashless society.

Many of the bank’s customers, for example, are up in arms over its decision to become Australia’s first major digital-only bank.

While the above may contain exaggerations and there are objectors to fully digital money, the WEF and many others want a cashless world.

Yet, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s) session last summer raised concerns about cashlessness as the tweet at the beginning of this post and the article below suggest:

WEF elites admit potential for ‘darker world’ where CBDCs could be gov’t-controlled

Programmability is a key feature of CBDC, where governments, banks, and their customers could have total control over when, where, and how your money is spent.

June 30, 2023

Governments can program Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) with expiry dates and to restrict undesirable purchases, according to a discussion at the World Economic Forum (WEF) “Summer Davos” meeting in China. … in Tianjing, China, Cornell University professor Eswar Prasad said that “we are at the cusp of physical currency essentially disappearing,” and that programmable CBDCs could take us to either a better or much darker place.

“If you think about the benefits of digital money, there are huge potential gains,” said Prasad, adding, “It’s not just about digital forms of digital currency; you can have programmability – units of central bank currency with expiry dates.”

“You could have […] a potentially better – or some people might say a darker world – where the government decides that units of central bank money can be used to purchase some things, but not other things that it deems less desirable like say ammunition, or drugs, or pornography, or something of the sort, and that is very powerful in terms of the use of a CBDC, and I think also extremely dangerous to central banks.” [Emphases added] …

“So, there are wonderful notions of things that can be done with digital money, but again I fear the technology could take us to a better place, but equally has the potential to take us to a pretty dark place.” …

Speaking at a high-level roundtable on CBDC in Washington, D.C., in October 2022, International Monetary Fund (IMF) deputy managing director and former People’s Bank of China (PBoC) deputy governor Bo Li said of CBDC programmability:

CBDC can allow government agencies and private sector players to program – to create smart contracts – to allow targeted policy functions. For example, welfare payment; for example, consumption coupons; for example, food stamps.” [Emphasis added]

“By programming CBDC, those money can be precisely targeted for what kind of people can own and what kind of use this money can be utilized,” he added.

So, while Lagarde says that central banks have no interest in programming CBDCs, central banks around the world are indeed exploring programmability, even if the central banks themselves are not the ones doing the actual programming. …

Programmability is a key feature of CBDC, where governments, banks, and their customers could have total control over when, where, and how your money is spent.

While there are some pluses with a digital currency, biblically we know that the darker side, the controlling of buying and selling, is coming.

Biblically, it is certain that massive state control over buying and selling will come to Europe (cf. Revelation 13:16-18)– as I have written for many years, some type of electronic currency will be involved. Other prophecies also point to persecution and censorship.

Item number 13 of my list of 24 items to prophetically watch in 2024 was titled CBDC and 666. Related to that, last year I wrote:

13. CBDCs and 666

Notice the following prophecy:

16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666. (Revelation 13:16-18)

This type of financial surveillance could not have happened during the time of the Apostle John as there was no real way to monitor many financial transactions then (despite the fact that ‘preterists’ believe this was fulfilled almost 2000 years ago, see also The Dangerous Rise of Preterists). The same was true for all the centuries that followed until the late 20th and now the 21st century. But now not only does the technology exist to monitor most financial transactions, the political will is there as well.

It will be a European power that will fulfill the above prophecy of 666 (watch Can You Prove that the Beast to Come is European?).

It will likely take supercomputers aided with artificial intelligence to aid in the fulfillment of the scriptures in Revelation 13:15-18, as well as cyber-spying/monitoring. I do believe that cyber monitoring will be used by the European Beast, King of the North, 666 power. …

While 2024 will not see a cashless world, expect to see more movements towards monitorable payments.

Expect to see more steps related to Central Bank Digital Currencies in 2024.

The fall of the US dollar and the trend towards digital money will concern many.

Look for more totalitarian steps to be proposed and/or implemented in 2024.

This is happening.

Notice also a video we made related to cashlessness:


The government of Belgium is in the process of ordering small businesses to accept credit cards. In Sweden more and more cashless transactions are occurring. The European Central Bank as well as the government of the United States is working on developing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Could this be used for ‘1984’ type monitoring? Is something like this needed for ‘666’ control of buying and selling as warned in the Book of Revelation? Does the European Union now have a unit that could do ‘666’ monitoring? What about the use of gold? Steve Dupuie asks Dr. Thiel various questions related to these topics.

Here is a link to our video: Cashlessness and 1984.

We are getting closer to the day, with technologies unheard of when God inspired John to warn what would happen, that the totalitarian Beast of Revelation will be able to reign as well as enforce 666 controls.

UPDATE 03/19/24: Saw the following today related to Canada:

March 18, 2024

In a major push to seize control of the public’s financial freedom, Canada is radicalizing its banking system by linking citizens’ bank accounts to a tyrannical social credit score.

The Canadian banking system will soon be transformed by a so-called “open banking” framework.

Proponents are framing this as a more “inclusive” way for banks to easily share information and access user data.

However, the move will merge social standings with banking to provide governments and unelected bureaucrats with complete control over our finances.

In light of the following, I would consider the above a ‘666’ type move:

15 He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed. 16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.  (Revelation 13:15-18)

The Bible prophesies the time will come when, if you do not do various things dictators want you to do, they will try to stop you from buying and selling. Canada looks to be moving in that direction, though it is not the 666 beast.

As far as the WEF and CBDCs go, we have the following related video:


World Economic Forum, CBDCs, and 666

Are there concerns about CBDCs (Central Bank Digitial Currencies)? The Summer meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) was held from June 27-29, 2023 in China. Did WEF speaker and Cornell University professor Eswar Prasad warn of CBDCs could “take us to a pretty dark place’? What did the European Commission say about the future of a digital euro and various protections the same week? Is the tweeted statement, “No one will be able to control how you use your euros” false in the long run according to biblical prophecies, such as Revelation 13:16-18? Is there a real ability to program a CBDC with an expiration date as well as restricting what it could be used to purchase? Has monitoring of purchase transactions been proposed by various European leaders? Does the EU already have a potential enforcement arm of ‘666’? Has the European Central Bank said that cash was “not fit for the digital economy’? Are we moving more towards a cashless world? Are things really changing towards that? Steve Dupuie and Dr. Thiel discuss these and other matters.

Here is a link to our  video: World Economic Forum, CBDCs, and 666.

Are YOU paying attention? Things are changing and will not remain as they have.

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