Gold Seen as a Currency Hedge as it Hits New Record

The 220 kg Gold brick displayed in Taiwan


The price of gold rose to over USD$1370 per ounce today.  The Wall Street Journal had the following:

PRECIOUS METALS: Gold Breaches $1370, Seen As Currency Hedge

Wall Street JournalMatt Whittaker‎1 hour ago‎

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)–Gold futures settled above $1370 for the first time Wednesday as heightened expectations of Federal Reserve money printing and wider-reaching concerns about global monetary easing increased the metal’s allure as not only a dollar hedge but also a broader alternative currency.

The reality is that I warned that gold would be seen as a currency hedge in my book as the dollar became worthless.  Sadly, this is happening relatively quickly as gold only hit the high of $1340 per ounce 8 days ago (see 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect).

I based this upon various biblical prophecies that related to the descendants of Israel as well those related to an end time highly indebted peoples.

Silver is also up. For the more current price of gold and silver, please simply click on the following link titled  Financial Information (which is also always at the side of this news page).  Of course, many commentators have pointed out that it is not so much that gold and silver are up, but the value of the US dollar is down.

As far as metals go, while what goes up can come down (and some believe the election in the USA may cause the dollar to gain), the reality is that even if gold and silver tank (and they may or at least drop at times), the Bible shows that they will have value into the great tribulation (cf. Daniel 11:40-43; Revelation 18) while the US dollar will not (cf. Habakkuk 2).  The financial world is starting to understand some of this–but few really know how bad it will get.

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