Habsburg Family Still Influential in and Near Europe

Crown of the  Beast of Revelation?
Crown of the “Holy Roman Empire”


All the emperors of the old “Holy Roman Empire” were part of what has been known as the Habsburg line.  Charlemagne was crowned the first Holy Roman Emperor, reputedly with the crown shown above, by Pope Leo III in Rome on Christmas Night, 800 AD.  And now, over 1200 years later, the descendants of that family are still influential in and near Europe.

The late Herbert W. Armstrong used to believe that Otto von Habsburg was one to watch as a leader in Europe.  Otto von Habsburg was quite influential in helping put together what is now the 500,000,000 person empire called the European Union.

Here are a few news clips (most are fairly recent) related to some Habsburg descendants:

Kyiv Post, Ukraine – April 20, 2010
LVIV, Ukraine – Karl von Habsburg laughed heartily when asked what it feels like to walk the streets of Lviv, a city that was once ruled by his ancestors…Nearly a century after the Habsburg monarchy’s rule ended in Europe, he is dedicating himself to ensure its legacy lives on in western Ukraine.
Still, von Habsburg and his relatives remain politically active. Von Habsburg was once a member of the European parliament, while others currently hold posts there. One relative even became a citizen of Georgia and is her new country’s ambassador in Germany.

It’s a family that hasn’t focused on just one part of the world,” von Habsburg said.


Habsburg descendant takes on Austria law
AFP – March 29, 2010

Ulrich Habsburg-Lothringen, imperial descendant, republican and Green party member, is fighting for his right to run for president – a job from which he is barred by Austria’s constitution.

A nephew of Otto Habsburg, the eldest son of Austria’s last emperor, Ulrich Habsburg – he only uses the name Lothringen when signing documents – says the Austrian constitution does not afford equal rights to all citizens, ahead of presidential elections on April 25.


Gyoergy Habsburg – hungary
Associated Press – June 7, 2009
Gyoergy Habsburg, grandson of the last Austrian emperor and Hungarian king, a member of European Parliament (MEP) and candidate of the junior opposition conservative party, Hungarian Democratic Forum MDF, leaves a polling booth after voting in the European elections in Soskut, some 30 kilometers south of Budapest, Hungary, Sunday, June 7, 2009. Hungary will delegate 22 members to the 736-member European Parliament. Gyoergy Habsburg is the eldest son of the President of the Pan-European Union, Otto von Habsburg-Lothringen, head of the Habsburg dynasty.
The princess and the bear
Europe’s aristocracy, alive and kicking
The Economist – Feb 18, 2010…

Georgia’s new ambassador to Berlin, once she presents her credentials to the president next month, will be Gabriela Maria Charlotte Felicitas Elisabeth Antonia von Habsburg-Lothringen, princess Imperial and Archduchess of Austria, Princess Royal of Hungary and Bohemia. A name like that, says Georgia’s president Mikheil Saakashvili, should open doors…

By the standards of her family, a spot of diplomacy in Berlin is not particularly exotic. The heirs to the Habsburg emperors helped speed the downfall of the Soviet empire, particularly by arranging the cross-border exodus from Hungary to Austria in the summer of 1989 that punched the first big hole in the iron curtain.

Among Ms von Habsburg’s six siblings, her younger sister Walburga is a leading conservative politician in Sweden; her brother Georg is an ambassador-at-large for Hungary. Another used to be in the European Parliament.

Her father, Otto von Habsburg, now aged 97, is one of very few who can remember the Austro-Hungarian empire (his father, Karl, was its last emperor and it collapsed when Otto was six). http://www.economist.com/world/europe/displaystory.cfm?story_id=15551306&fsrc=rss

So, in the 21st century there are Habsburg’s with political influence in at least Austria, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Ukraine, and the European Parliament.  Perhaps I should mention that many of the queens of France and Portugal were daughters of Habsburgs (as well as some in other lands as well).

I thought that the statement “The heirs to the Habsburg emperors helped speed the downfall of the Soviet empire” needed to be emphasized to show all who would look that the Habsburgs still have a lot of important political influence.

And although he does not have the word “Habsburg” in his incredibly long name, Baron Karl Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg’s mother was a Habsburg which means that the Baron is a descendant of that line too.  He is one to watch in European politics as I have often written.  He, for example, may just become the final one that the Bible refers to as the King of the North (Daniel 11:21-45) and Beast (Revelation 13).  If the Baron is the one, Having influential distant relatives may assist his attainment to power.

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