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Notice the following about Canadian dollar:

Canada Dollar Poised for Worst January in 42 Years Amid Turmoil
Bloomberg – Jan 31, 2014
Canada’s dollar headed for its worst start to a year since at least 1972 on bets the central bank may favor cutting interest rates and as a selloff in emerging-market currencies sent investors to the haven of the U.S. dollar.
The currency weakened past C$1.12 to the greenback for the first time since July 2009 as data showing a fifth month of economic growth failed to stem speculation the Bank of Canada will ease monetary policy. The loonie, as the currency is called, has lost 2.1 percent since the central bank reduced its inflation forecast last week and cited the currency’s strength as a headwind to non-commodity exports.

While I do not consider that the USA dollar will remain the ‘safe haven’ in the future, since it still is the world’s reserve currency, it does benefit from a variety of international crises and concerns.

As far as Canada goes, it still has natural resources and manufacturing capabilities.  However, although it is working on diversification, its economy is still, in large measure, tied to the USA.

Prophetically, as an Anglo-Saxon nation descended from one of the children of Israel, named Joseph, Canada will also face pretty much the same fate as the USA according to biblical prophecy (which is not good).

Until that time, I expect that Canada will have its own ups and downs.  Apparently, overall, its dollar did not have a good month.  But that does not compare to what will happen in the future.

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