Egypt’s ‘King of the South’ Constitution moving forward

Mohamed Morsi, Official Photograph


Voters in Egypt are voting on a second part of a highly Islamic constitution today.  Although there are still protests in Egypt, its President Morsi is still trying to insure it becomes a more Islamist state:


CAIRO – An Egyptian constitution drafted by Islamists is expected to be approved in a referendum on Saturday after the charter, which opponents say will create deeper turmoil, won approval in a first wave of voting a week ago…
Islamist supporters of President Mohamed Morsi, who was elected in June, say the constitution is vital to moving Egypt towards democracy two years after Hosni Mubarak was overthrown in a popular uprising. They say it will help restore the stability needed to fix an economy that is on the ropes…
The opposition says the constitution is divisive and accuses Morsi of pushing through a document that leans towards his Islamist allies and ignores the rights of Christians, who make up about 10 percent of the population, as well as women…
Opponents also say Saturday’s vote could well go in Morsi’s favor…Islamists, who have won successive ballots since Mubarak’s overthrow although by narrowing margins, dismiss charges that they are exploiting religion and say the document reflects the will of a majority in the country where most people are Muslim.
The constitution, fast-tracked to a referendum by President Mohamed Mursi, has exposed the deep rifts between Egypt’s Islamists and a rival camp of leftists, liberals, Christians and more moderate Muslims, at odds about how to shape the new nation…
Islamists, who have won every vote since Mubarak was ousted in February 2011, although by shrinking margins, say the constitution must be passed to complete the transition to democracy and Egypt’s laws and codes should be based on Islamic principles to reflect the wishes of a Muslim-majority nation…

The document has a distinctly Islamist flavor. While the source of legislation remains “the principles” of Islamic sharia as in the old text, a new provision adds further details on what that would mean. Another article says Al-Azhar mosque and university, a seat of Sunni Muslim learning, must be consulted on “matters related to the Islamic sharia”.

“Under the shadow of the Brotherhood and extremist groups the future of all Egyptians will no doubt be dark,” said Fatma Naoot, 48, a poet and columnist, who often speaks out on women’s issues and defends the arts against censorship.

Today’s referendum, if approved, it will give the Islamists a stronger basis for taking over more and more aspects of Egypt’s government (like parliament) and increase the international influence of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet, if it is approved, there will be some who protest in the streets. And this is consistent with Bible prophecy for Egypt.

There will be a greater fulfillment of the following verses in Isaiah 19 in Egypt than we have seen so far:

1 The burden against Egypt.

Behold, the Lord rides on a swift cloud,
And will come into Egypt;
The idols of Egypt will totter at His presence,
And the heart of Egypt will melt in its midst.

2 “I will set Egyptians against Egyptians;
Everyone will fight against his brother,
And everyone against his neighbor,
City against city, kingdom against kingdom.
3 The spirit of Egypt will fail in its midst;
I will destroy their counsel,
And they will consult the idols and the charmers,
The mediums and the sorcerers.
4 And the Egyptians I will give
Into the hand of a cruel master,
And a fierce king will rule over them,”
Says the Lord, the Lord of hosts. (Isaiah 19:1-4)

What Dr. Morsi is working for is a pan-national Islamic state.  He has long been a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and is a member of it political party.  The constitution that he wants is consistent with the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The constitution would also seems to be a step towards Egypt becoming part of a coming confederation that the Bible shows will be led by the final King of the South (Daniel 11:40-42).

When Dr. Morsi was responsible for the official website of the Muslim Brotherhood, it put up an article that stated the following:

The Muslim Brethren…believe that the caliphate is a symbol of Islamic Union and an indication of the bonds between the nations of Islam. They see the caliphate and its re-establishment as a top priority, subsequently; an association of Muslims people should be set up, which would elect the imam”. (zhyntativ. HASAN AL-BANNA AND HIS POLITICAL THOUGHT OF ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD. IkhwanWeb, May 13, 2008. viewed 09/22/11)

What is the Muslim Brotherhood?
The world’s largest and most influential Islamist movement…“The Islamic nation,” its charter states, “must be fully prepared to fight the tyrants and the enemies of Allah as a prelude to establishing an Islamic state”—ideally a re-established caliphate, stretching from Spain across the Middle East and Central Asia to Indonesia, to be governed according to Islamic sharia law. (Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood. February 14, 2011. © The Muslim Brotherhood. viewed 11/21/2011)

The Muslim Brotherhood apparently wants as its top priority a pan-national Islamic caliphate ruled by an Imam/Caliph. And while it will not get all the territory it wants, it is likely to end up in some type of confederation with at least most of North Africa and the Middle East.

Part of the reason I state that is because the type of Islamic confederation that the Muslim Brotherhood wants is consistent with one prophesied in the Bible (Ezekiel 30:1-8) that is to be led by one it calls the final King of the South (Daniel 11:40-42). The Bible ties a coming North African/Middle East confederation to Egypt, and Egypt will ultimately not do well because of it:

1 The word of the LORD came to me: 2 “Son of man, prophesy and say: ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says:

“‘Wail and say, “Alas for that day!” 3 For the day is near, the day of the LORD is near- a day of clouds, a time of doom for the nations. 4 A sword will come against Egypt, and anguish will come upon Cush. When the slain fall in Egypt, her wealth will be carried away and her foundations torn down.

5 Cush and Put, Lydia and all Arabia, Libya and the people of the covenant land will fall by the sword along with Egypt.

6 “‘This is what the LORD says:

“‘The allies of Egypt will fall and her proud strength will fail. From Migdol to Aswan they will fall by the sword within her, declares the Sovereign LORD. 7 “‘They will be desolate among desolate lands, and their cities will lie among ruined cities. 8 Then they will know that I am the LORD, when I set fire to Egypt and all her helpers are crushed.

9 “‘On that day messengers will go out from me in ships to frighten Cush out of her complacency. Anguish will take hold of them on the day of Egypt’s doom, for it is sure to come (Ezekiel 30:1-9, NIV).

3 Now the Egyptians are men, and not God; And their horses are flesh, and not spirit. When the Lord stretches out His hand, Both he who helps will fall, And he who is helped will fall down; They all will perish together. (Isaiah 31:3)

40 At the time of the end the king of the South shall attack him; and the king of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter the countries, overwhelm them, and pass through. 41 He shall also enter the Glorious Land, and many countries shall be overthrown; but these shall escape from his hand: Edom, Moab, and the prominent people of Ammon. 42 He shall stretch out his hand against the countries, and the land of Egypt shall not escape. (Daniel 11:40-42).

The protesters in Egypt are correct that what the Islamists want will not turn out to be good for Egypt. But Bible prophecy shows that a pan-national Arabic power will rise up, and it is highly logical that there will be an Islamic religious component to this as most of the Arab nations are predominantly Muslim.

And although this King of the South confederation will happen, because of Isaiah 19 and human nature, I expect more protests in Egypt and other part of North Africa and the Middle East before the final King of the South actually has his confederation.

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