Netanyahu: No Concession on East Jerusalem Construction



The Prime Minister of Israel made his position on construction of housing in Jerusalem quite publicly clear today:

Israel’s Netanyahu: No Concession on East Jerusalem

VOA News 21 March 2010

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his government will make no concessions about construction in East Jerusalem.

The Bible warns that in the end time, Jerusalem will be a problem:

And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it. (Zechariah 12:3)

This prophecy continues to be fulfilled.

On other matters, it was reported in the news that the Israeli government would not allow certain Jewish zealots to begin construction of the Third Temple last week:

Police say will not allow rightist to lay foundation stone on Temple Mount

The police will not allow right-wing activists to hold a cornerstone laying ceremony for the third Temple on the Temple Mount. In addition, requests made by Palestinians and right-wing activists to hold a march near the complex have been rejected.,7340,L-3862306,00.html

This laying of the foundation stone is something that certain Jews wanted as they felt that this was supposed to happen on March 16, 2010 (see Third Temple Beginning March 16, 2010?) in accordance with a Jewish prophecy in the 19th century.  But what they and many others do not realize, a Third Temple in Jerusalem is NOT required for near term prophecies to come to pass.

However, the Temple Institute (which was not involved in the above) has taken steps to petition the government in Israel to allow sacrifices for Passover this year.  And ultimately, sacrifices will be allowed in accordance with biblical prophecies.

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