CGI’s Ian Boyne hospitalized


CGI’s Ian Boyne has been hospitalized:

December 4, 2017

Veteran journalist and deputy chief executive officer of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Ian Boyne was yesterday rushed to hospital following a heart attack and is in a medically induced coma, a member of his family has confirmed.

A source close to the Jamaica Observer reported that Boyne, in his 60s, suffered a cardiac event last year.

“The family appreciates the concern of the public and asks for your continued prayers,” a brief release from JIS said yesterday.

The highly respected and internationally acclaimed journalist whose career in all facets of media spans 30 years, is most known for his personality television series Profile — the longest running seasonal show on local television. …

Boyne is also popularly known for a weekly unorthodox television show Religious Hardtalk, newspaper columns, and other writings.

Here is some of what the March 31, 2017 edition The Journal reported from a story elsewhere about CGI’s Ian Boyne:

Through his personality-interview television program Profile, aired on Television Jamaica (TVJ) each Sun day, veteran journalist Ian Boyne has captivated the attention of his audience with riveting tales of successful people who have risen to the top of their fields in spite of incredible odds.

With his probing and incisive inter- view style, Mr. Boyne has skillfully unveiled the raw, real-life stories of his countless guests from all spheres, who have ranged from prime ministers, sporting sensations, international icons, movie stars, scholars and business leaders to ordinary Jamaicans.

Ian Boyne is a CGI pastor and has long been a journalist in Jamaica.

He and I have shared some emails in the past. While we had theological differences, we got along with each other.

He is in my prayers.

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