Update on CGI’s Ian Boyne


CGI’s Ian Boyne was hospitalized as reported here earlier (see CGI’s Ian Boyne hospitalized). Here is an update from the CGImedina.org prayer request site:

This is an update on Ian Boyne’s current health condition. I received a call from Chris Hendrix a deacon in the Kingston Jamaica church, informing me that yesterday Ian left services early and admitted himself into the hospital. He claimed he was feeling some heart burn only to be diagnosed as having a heart attack. since then over the last 12-15 hours he has had 3 additional heart attacks––a total of 4. He presently is in ICU in very serious condition. the family has been called to the hospital this morning––12-3-17..

Please keep Ian and the family in your prayers and pass the word so we can get him on our prayer list. As we gain more information we will pass it on.


Ian Boyne is a CGI pastor and has long been a journalist in Jamaica.

He and I have shared some emails in the past.

He remains in my prayers.

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