CEM’s Ron Dart’s health crises


Dixon Cartwright of The Journal sent me the following related to CEM’s Ronald Dart:

FEBRUARY 17, 2013


Ron Dart: Just got a report from Tyler that Mr. Dart is battling pneumonia and is being rushed to the hospital tonight (2/9). Please pray.

UPDATE: It’s only been 4 days since the last post and I’m amazed how quickly things happen and change. The fluid on the lungs is still a concern and led to other tests. The bottom line is that Ron is scheduled for open heart surgery that will replace the mitral valve in his heart where the staph infection seems to be growing (it’s still not showing up in his blood stream and he is taking strong antibiotics but it’s not helping after more than 3 weeks). The surgery is planned for Monday the 18th. If you have other questions, I will try and answer them as you post comments here. But for now, I know that Allie–who is tired and overwhelmed with all the decisions and information she is having to deal with; and Ron–who is more tired, having breathing treatments and lots of prep type stuff done–would very much appreciate and they openly say they NEED your prayers. I was with him last night and then Allie came back from her short break…she stays with him at the hospital every night.

Ron Dart has had a lot of health issues in the past several years.  Prayers for him and his wife Allie are requested.  Ronald Dart was once with WCG, then left with the Garner Ted Armstrong, and later left him and went out on his own.  He used to have a fairly large radio presence with his “Born to Win” broadcast.

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