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Has the USA Chosen the Wrong Path?


In his latest weekly update, ICG’s Mark Armstrong reported:

Most people started their 4th of July holiday weekend today…

If you put yourself through the depressing task of staying current with national and international events, you are well aware that the United States is hurrying to adopt practices and ideologies foreign to the constitutional constraints traditionally understood.  To confuse the matter further, we find the Dept. of State and indeed the administration apparently siding with dictatorial regimes that have been long recognized to be enemies of the United States and the American way of life…

The way things are headed, given the make up of current legislative bodies, hardly any enterprise or activity imaginable will fall beyond the purview of federal regulation.  There is nomenclature that attaches to governmental behavior of the type we see attempted and or tolerated by leaders of both American political parties, and those designations have bad reputations. Only those prepared to live lives behind walls of physical and financial security dare breathe them.

We have a peculiar perspective on what is transpiring on the national scene.  The identity shift being perpetrated upon our unsuspecting and distracted populace was visited upon Christianity long ago, and remains to this day.  The laws of God which were the bedrock of life ancient Israel, and in the early (pre-Constantine) Christian church have long since been discarded in favor of a religious identity that empowers clergymen with authority that supercedes even the Ten Commandments.

The Bible, God’s own word, has been subjugated to the whims of deeply flawed Church leaders decked out in religious garb.  When it comes to mainstream Christianity, many of its utterly unbiblical doctrines, its steeples and crosses, it’s hard not to realize that all roads lead to Rome.

What we’ve seen happen to the application of clear biblical language in mainstream Christianity is now happening to the clear language of another document believed to be the result of divine inspiration.  At least our founders thought so, and said so.  But we live in the age of social and financial planners who have better ideas.  Just as those in control of Rome so long ago believed their need for unquestioned authority trumped scripture, our political leaders seem to believe their presumably noble intentions trump the constraints of the U.S. constitution and the wisdom of the Delr of Independence…

While contemplating the peace and freedoms we yet enjoy, along with the day off and the family gatherings, we must also soberly contemplate what’s happening in our domestic society and around this troubled world and realize that God’s favor will surely be our best hope amid the troubles to come.  And they surely are coming.

ICG also had a copy of the USA Declaration of Independence as an appendix within its update.

Perhaps I should add that it is not simply the current USA administration that has chosen NOT to follow many of the concepts in the Declaration of Independence.  Last 4th of July (or perhaps it was the one prior to that), I read my family much of the Declaration and commented upon how the current USA, State, and local governments had committed most of the same actions that the USA’s revolutionary leaders objected to against our family within that year or so.

And while simply restoring practices consistent with the Declaration will NOT stop the USA from going down the path that will lead it to destruction, ignoring other documents like the Bible and the ten commandments will insure its destruction.

National repentance is the only way to prevent it, and that does not look likely.  The advocacy of homosexuality, abortion, and increased indebtedness that we have seen in 2009 suggests that national repentance is about the furthest thing on the minds of the national political leaders and most of the mainstream media in the USA.

Personal repentance, however, is still possible.  If you are an American, your personal future can still be much brighter than that of your country.

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