Journal Out: More on the COGs


The latest issue (print date September-October 2010) of The Journal just came out.

The biggest item is probably the Sabbath changes in CG7 and the related issue in UCG, both of which were covered here earlier.  It also has an article about UCG eliminating its Regional Pastor positions (something that was also covered earlier on COGwriter).

There were also various letters to the editor and prophetic and other opinions.

The back page has an article about UCG losing Ken Giese and suspending Larry Salyer.  As well as an announcement about the death of Art Gilmore.  Also, covered here.

While most of the subjects in the current issue have been covered at COGwriter, there are some details that some may find of interest in The Journal.

While The Journal is available only by paid subscription (though some subscriptions are free to those who cannot afford it), you can view the pdf. of its front and back page is available at:

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