Sermon: What do Catholic and other scholars teach about Christmas?

Mummers’ Parade and Jesus?


The Continuing Church of God is pleased to announce its latest suggested sermon: What do Catholic and other scholars teach about Christmas?, which is at its ContinuingCOG channel.


What do Catholic and other scholars teach about Chrismas? 

Was December 25th observed by early Christians? Since that date does not come from the Bible, where did it come from? Whose birthday do Catholic and other scholars teach occurred on December 25th? Is December 25th a date that real Christians should observe? When was it first observed in Rome and Constantinople? When did the term ‘Christmas” begin to appear?  Are practices associated with Christmas Christian?

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Do You Practice Mithraism? Many practices and doctrines that mainstream so-called Christian groups have are the same or similar to those of the sun-god Mithras. December 25th was celebrated as his birthday. Do you follow Mithraism combined with the Bible or original Christianity?
Virgin Birth: Does the Bible Teach It? What does the Bible teach? What is claimed in The Da Vinci Code?
Is Keeping Christmas a Sin? Is keeping Christmas acceptable for true Christians? What are some scriptures to consider?
What Does the Catholic Church Teach About Christmas and the Holy Days? Do you know what the Catholic Church says were the original Christian holy days? Was Christmas among them? Is December 25th Jesus’ birthday or that of the sun god?  Here is a link to a related sermon: What do Catholic and other scholars teach about Christmas?
Did Early Christians Celebrate Birthdays? Did biblical era Jews celebrate birthdays? Who originally celebrated birthdays? When did many that profess Christ begin birthday celebrations?

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