Halloween and Other Non-Christian Holidays

Halloween in Ireland


Many will be observing “Halloween” the end of this month. Many consider that it is a holiday appropriate for “Christians.”  But Halloween is of pagan origin.

Of course, most holidays celebrated in the Western cultures are of pagan origin. Notice a few other comments:

Bruce Forbes, professor or religious studies at Morningside College and a bona fide expert on Christmas… is looking at five American holidays that he describes as “three-layered cakes.” The holidays — Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter…and Halloween — all started as seasonal celebrations before Christianity existed.

“The dead of winter or spring with fertility or fall with the harvest…it makes sense that human beings would have celebrations at different seasonal times. That’s layer No. 1,” Forbes said of the pagan feasts.

Christianity comprises layer No. 2 as it comes across various cultures and wants to take what is already there, a natural human thing, and tie in a special layer of Christian meaning. “So instead of totally getting rid of it, they want to kind of baptize it with Christian meaning,” Forbes said.

As for layer No. 3, that comes in the form of modern pop culture and the resulting commercialization and mass media promotions. His Christmas book dealt with this in depth. And Halloween, he said, fits all the criteria. http://www.siouxcityjournal.com/special-section/siouxland_life/article_02bae036-a30a-52a5-aa30-2f4716312be3.html

Halloween should not be celebrated by Christians.

There are biblical Holy Days (Is There “An Annual Worship Calendar” In the Bible?), but most people do not celebrate them.

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