Syrian General defects to the rebels; Syria’s use of cluster bombs also a concern

Damage from Syrian Conflict


A high level Syrian leader has decided to support the opposition to the Assad regime:

16 March 2013

A man identified by opposition activists as General Mohammed Ezz al-Din Khalouf announced his defection in a video shown on al-Arabiya TV.

He is said to have reached safety in neighbouring Jordan. There was no comment from the Syrian government…

Six days ago, rebels smuggled the general, his wife, and three of their children out of Damascus and they crossed into Jordan on Friday, he said.

Correspondents say that, if confirmed, it would be one of the most senior defections since the start of the conflict.

BEIRUT (AP) – One of the highest-ranking military officers yet to abandon Syrian President Bashar Assad defected to neighboring Jordan and said in an interview aired Saturday that morale among those still inside the regime had collapsed.

In another setback for the Assad regime, a leading human rights group accused Syria’s government of stepping up its use of widely banned cluster munitions, which often kill and wound civilians.

The twin blows illustrated the slowly spreading cracks appearing in Assad’s regime as well as its deepening international isolation. While few analysts expect the civil war between Assad’s forces and rebels seeking his ouster to end soon, most say it appears impossible for the 4-decade-old regime to continue to rule Syria.

The opposition to Syria’s government has gotten stronger and been having military victories.   There will be a change in Syria.

Thus far, over 70,000 people reportedly have been killed in Syria in this civil war.

Because I believe that Syria is one of the countries that will support the final King of the South (Daniel 11:40), and its President Assad is basically on the outs with other Arabic nations, something (like him) will have to change there.  Syria’s possession of chemical weapons, and now its use of cluster bombs, has not endeared it to much of the international community which is more and more isolating itself from the Assad regime.  The economic and military pressures on Syria are building.

Furthermore, as most readers of this page realize, Damascus, Syria’s capital, will be destroyed (Isaiah 17:1). Change will occur in Syria.  Having a general defect to the opposition is consistent with that.  More change is coming.

“And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!” (Mark 13:37).

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