WCG/GCI Employee Pension Plan Being Discontinued


Worldwide Church of God Transformed from Truth to Fairy Tales


The Banned by HWA website posted the following letter purportedly from GCI (Grace Communion International, essentially the group that originally ran the new Worldwide Church of God):

“As you know, Grace Communion International (formally Worldwide Church of God) adopted a Defined Benefit Pension Plan (“Pension Plan”) out of concern of its employees in 2004.  At the time the Pension Plan was adopted, it was our sincere hope that the assets that were contributed to the Pension Plan, plus the earnings on those amounts, would allow the Pension Plan to be self-sustaining and pay benefits to our current and future retirees throughout their lifetimes.  Unfortunately, as I am sure you are aware, the financial markets have substantially underperformed the reasonable expectations of investment professionals since the Pension Plan was established due primarily to what is now being called the “Great Recession.”  Although we have managed the funds in a prudent manner and have earned a reasonable rate of return over the life of the Pension Plan, the projected growth of the Pension Plan’s assets will now likely not, over time, be sufficient to cover the continuing payments to current and future retirees.  We are very concerned about this issue.

After careful deliberation, and out of concern for participants, their families and the Church, the Board of Directors has decided to terminate the Pension Plan with respect to exiting employee’s and vested terminees.

The old Worldwide Church of God (WCG) had actual Church of God beliefs.  After J. Tkach Sr. was placed in charge (1986), he began a series of subtle doctrinal changes (the “new” WCG began under his administration).  Over time it became obvious to many, and most who held to basic COG beliefs left and many organizations were founded.

Yet, there were various employees as well as members who were willing change their beliefs away from the more biblical COG ones and remain.  After the death of his father, Joe Tkach Jr. was placed in charge.  Then, he and his associates took even more steps away from biblical COG doctrines.  And ultimately they changed the name of the group from the Worldwide Church of God to Grace Communion International (GCI).

Perhaps as a partial incentive to those who were loyal to him to support him, years ago J. Tkach (Jr.) told his employees that the assets from the sale of old WCG properties, such as the campus of the old Ambassador College, would be used to fund a new pension plan.  Their assumptions apparently were a bit optimistic that way.

So it appears that many of those who betrayed their original beliefs to keep their jobs will not get the pensions they counted on.

GCI itself no longer holds on to hardly anything that would be considered somewhat unique scriptural Church of God doctrines, but instead is now basically a Protestant sect (the true Church of God is NOT Protestant).

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