Jews claim that they have been improperly blocked from visiting the ‘tomb of David’ since the Pope’s visit to Mt. Zion

Claimed ‘Tomb of David’


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June 9, 2014

Contrary to Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich’s promises to Internal Affairs and Environment Committee chair MK Miri Regev (Likud-Beytenu) in mid-May not to change the status quo at King David’s Tomb, that status has been breached in a move endangering Jewish prayer at the holy site.

Rabbi Dvir Tal, dean of the King David Yeshiva, which is attached to the Diaspora Yeshiva on the site of the David’s Tomb Compound, told Arutz Sheva about the Catholic Mass services which were conducted at the site on Sunday, and which he reports have been held weekly since Pope Francis conducted Mass at the site two weeks ago on Monday.

Video footage, courtesy of Rabbi Tal, exposes the Mass prayers held on the second floor of the David’s Tomb Compound, which Christians term the “Room of the Last Supper.” The rabbi reports hundreds of Christian visitors, priests, Catholic monks and nuns praying at the site, as evidenced by the film…

Rabbi Avraham Goldstein, dean of the Diaspora Yeshiva, told Arutz Sheva in May that Jews will be prevented from entering the holy site altogether due to the Mass services, given that Jewish law forbids using a building used for idol-worship – a category which Catholic worship, with its use of effigies, falls under according to Jewish law.

Rabbi Tal reports that during the Mass service on Sunday, incense was burned, the scent of which spread throughout the Compound, engulfing the Tomb of King David on the ground floor as well. Christian visitors brought massive crosses to the prayers, and placed them in the “Room of the Last Supper” for the service.

Additional testimony was given to Arutz Sheva by Rabbi Yaakov Sevilia, an activist for King David’s Tomb. Rabbi Sevilia reported that lit candles were placed in the floor of the room in the shape of a cross.

“There’s a great pain here; it is hard to describe the depth of our frustration over the reality in which right above the Tomb of King David – David who every Jew is connected to and who the full redemption is dependent upon – they let idol-worship happen, which is more severe than murder and sexual indecency,” said Rabbi Tal, noting Jewish law’s position on the three cardinal sins.

“A gesture to the pope”

Rabbi Tal emphasized that the priests and monks at the prayers were associated with the Catholic church, as opposed to any other stream or order of Christianity. He argues that this point shows the Mass prayers indicate a gesture to the pope after his visit…

“The government is to blame”

Jerusalem Councilman Aryeh King added his condemnation of the Mass prayer services on Sunday night.

Writing on Facebook, King declared: “government of Israel and members of the coalition from all the coalition parties, I accuse you of collaboration and aid in harming the holy ones of Israel, the Tomb of King David!”

Although there is an argument on whether or not the actual tomb of David is here (see Church of God on Jerusalem’s Western Hill), this area is of historical, religious, and likely prophetic importance.  While some Jews have endorsed this Babylonian arrangement (cf. watch the video Do You Know That Babylon is Forming? and/or read the written article In Vatican City: New Babylon more openly forming! ).

I was able to visit this ‘tomb of David,’ the Muslim cemetery, the so-called ‘Cenacle,’ and the original wall of what seems to have been the first Christian building constructed by Christians for Christian worship services, and the surrounding area on ‘Mt. Zion’ last October. Although I was told by Avraham Goldstein that the Israeli government had promised, decades ago, not to give the general location to the Vatican, I told him then that political considerations often improperly override promises.

While Israeli Deputy Minister Tzipi Hotovely stated last month that turning the area over is “inconceivable,” that is not the case. Probably as the result of some type of treaty, war, and/or ‘peace deal,’ supporters of the end time Beast power will gain more control over it.  And already, in what seems to be a ‘gesture to the pope’ Jews are being turned away while Catholics are being allowed to conduct their services.

Pope Francis wants this building and area.  When he was there on May 26, 2014, he stated:

It is a great gift that the Lord has given us by bringing us together here in the Upper Room for the celebration of the Eucharist…

Here the Church was born, and was born to go forth.

While the true Church of God began in Jerusalem, the Church of Rome came a different way.  Notice that Pope Francis took the occasion today to push the portion of his agenda to hint that Rome is the true faithful descendant and heir of the original Christian Church, but that is not the case (see also Continuing History of the Church of God).

Here is something I posted that day (see Pope Francis conducts Catholic mass in building on Mt. Zion):

As far as current Vatican denials that about wanting this location, the Vatican clearly does want it and will take future steps to attain it.  I speculated some time ago that the Vatican may ask for it in return for support to Israel on matters such as peace an/or trade.  The Vatican, in the past, has offered to trade a synagogue in Spain for it, so for there to be denials now that it is not trying to get it, seems hollow.

Not only does the Vatican want it, this building may very well be the one that the ‘man of sin’ of 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 will sit in.  The fact that Pope Francis did that today is another indication that he is not that “man of sin” (see also Who is the Man of Sin of 2 Thessalonians 2?).  If this is the building that the Beast power, the final King of the North of biblical prophecy sits in, many will not understand.  This includes those in and not in the Church of God.

Today’s encroachment by the Pope into the building may well be a prelude to what will come to pass in the future there.

The fact that Catholics are still being allowed to do what they want and Jews are not is another indication that what I posted a couple of weeks ago about the Vatican clearly wanting this building is accurate.

Notice a photo I took of some of the original bricks of the building which some of us have called the Church of God on Jerusalem’s Western Hill:

It is believed that the original bricks (the large ones above, also called ashlars) were not only part of the first Christian church building (which was called a synagogue then), but that they also may have come from the second temple in Jerusalem.

Anyway, because of various biblical prophecies, it is possible that this is a location that the prophesied ‘man of sin’ will come to (cf. 2 Thessalonians 2).   Some of the Jews, while not recognizing New Testament prophecies, can see that the Vatican is taking steps to gain this building.

The Vatican continues to press for control of this as part of its ecumenical plans and revisionist history. The reality is that the Church of Rome does NOT have the same faith as those that originally constructed the Church of God on Jerusalem’s Western Hill. The Continuing Church of God does.

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