Maher: ‘They’re going to poison’ Pope Francis; The Protestant Pope?

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Commentator Bill Maher made the news for his comments about Pope Francis:

June 1, 2013

Maher: They’re going to ‘poison’ Pope Francis for being too progressive…

Bill Maher said the he thinks newly-appointed Pope Francis and some other Catholic Church leaders may be secret atheists…Maher began by pointing out that when people want to ask if something is self-evident or obvious, they say, “Is the Pope Catholic?”

“Well,” said Maher, “I think he might not be.”…“They’re going to poison him,” opined Maher.

In last book, as well as some posts at COGwriter (e.g. Is Pope Francis Catholic?), I have asked the question, “Is the Pope Catholic?”  If Pope Francis is the final antipope/Antichrist, he will not be Catholic.

The poison reference from Bill Maher seems to be an allusion to Pope John-Paul I.  John-Paul I was only pontiff for about five weeks and then died.  Some have suggested that he was murdered.  Whether he was or not, Pope Francis remains one to watch.

Pope Francis’ ecumenical and other moves have gotten others to wonder about him and his commitment to Roman Catholicism as well.  Notice some other reports:

in 2010…Speaking about how he would converse with an atheist, Bergoglio wrote: “I would not tell him that his life is condemned because I am convinced that I have no right to pass judgment.”

That, friends, is Reformed Tradition theology…{and} what Bergoglio was saying in On Heaven and Earth, co-written with Rabbi Abraham Skorka.

When I read what Bergoglio said on this subject, I had a provocative thought that I was tempted to throw into the lede of this column. Something like this: “Hey, Catholics: Do you know what you’ve done? You’ve chosen a Protestant pope.”

But the day after I read the pope’s words, I discovered that someone had beat me to that conclusion. Writer Jonathan Merritt asked this question about Pope Francis in this Religion News Service piece: “… could the growing popularity (of Francis) among non-Catholics make him ‘the first Protestant Pope?’ ”

Merritt added this: “The combination of the new Pope’s concern for justice issues and his conservative theology seems to be appealing to many of these socially conscious Protestants.”

Pope Francis spoke with Israeli President Shimon Peres about the possibility of a meeting that would bring together leaders of the world’s three great monotheistic religions to join in a call for peace, according to an Israeli government report.An official Israeli summary of an April 30 meeting between the Pope and Peres reports that the Pope “wholeheartedly supported” the Israeli leader’s condemnation of religious terrorism, and suggested a meeting in Rome of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religious leaders to join in teaching that violence is an offense against God.

While the goal of peace can be a very good one, the reality is that Pope Francis has been pushing an ecumenical agenda and this may be another step in that direction.
The final Antichrist/antipope will not be Catholic.  He will end up supporting a warring power and try to transfer worship to support that power.  He will likely, at first at least, feign Roman Catholicism.  Whether or not that will be Pope Francis is still too early to tell for sure.
But whether it is or not, Pope Francis is setting the stage for the rise of the final warring Beast power (Revelation 13:1-8).  And some, in and out of the religious world are noticing that Pope Francis may not truly be Catholic.

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