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Here is a link to some COGwriter articles in Italian (translated by google). Here is LCG 2008 Feast of Tabernacles' Information. Here is an article There are Many COGs: Why Support the Living Church of God?

06/29/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions television responses, UK, South Africa, Family Weekend in Charlotte for December 2008, record internet responses, pre-teen camp in Texas, world news items, and humility.

Here is one of the world news items:

Could Israel Join the EU?  After almost a year of intensive talks, Israel’s status with the European Union has been upgraded. The EU intends more cooperation between itself and Israel in environmental, educational, agricultural, banking and space programs. The EU will also begin “an examination of possible Israeli integration into the European single market.” Put another way, the EU will consider making Israel an official member, or at least a closer affiliate, of the European Union. While many Middle Eastern nations greatly dislike the current dialogue between Israel and the EU, European nations welcome it (Jerusalem Post, June 18, 2008). So how might this move fit into Bible prophecy? Daniel 9:26-27 foretells of a seven-year pact between nations at the end of the age. This pact may facilitate the initiation of Temple Mount sacrifices once again in Jerusalem. However, three-and-a-half years into this treaty, it will be broken, sacrifices will cease, and the abomination of desolation will be set up. What will occur to facilitate the reinstitution of Temple Mount sacrifices? Might it be a tighter relationship between Israel and a major world power that may hold sway in the Holy Land in the future?

06/26/08 a.m. Here is the latest commentary from LCG's Glen Gilchrist:

Commentary: Finding a "Soul Mate"

Have you noticed that despite the incredibly high divorce rate in our western society, despite all the turmoil and challenge of the dating process, marriage itself remains very popular today? Many books, television shows and movies deal with the ideal goal of finding a "soul mate"--an intimate, long-term, committed companion in life. People will seemingly try anything in the attempt to find someone they can truly share their life with for the long term. Why is this? Click here to read more.

06/24/08 a.m. Here is the latest commentary from LCG's Don Davis:

Commentary: Where Is Truth?

Whom can we trust to tell us the truth? Advertisers want us to believe that their latest model automobile will make us powerful and popular, or that their "new and improved" grooming product will win us a whole new circle of friends. Political parties try to "sell" their candidates, and confused religious teachers offer a bewildering spectrum of contradictory promises and wild ideas. Click here to read more.

06/22/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Douglas Winnail. In it, he mentions travels, LU, Myanmar, Missouri pre-teen camp, Mid-West floods, world news items, and preparing to rule.

Here is the LU announcement:

Early registration has also begun for the Fall semester of Living University, with more than a dozen classes to choose from.  Classes and registration procedures are posted on the LU website,  

Here is one of the world news items:

Fallout from Irish “NO” on EU Treaty. The Irish “No” vote on the Lisbon Treaty has again unsettled Europe. Some have again raised the idea of a “two-speed” or “core” Europe, with nations that are united on the idea moving forward “ahead” of those that are more reluctant, like Ireland (, June 16, 2008). Others have suggested that Ireland MUST “vote again”—since they did not get it “right” on this vote! Still others say that the Irish vote should be ignored—discarding the democratic process altogether—and that the “rest” of Europe must continue to push forward (Der Spiegel online, June 13, 2008). Meanwhile, French President Sarkozy, who in two weeks will take the six-month position as head of the EU, strongly emphasized his goal to make European defense buildup a primary focus during his coming term in Brussels (EU Observer, June 17, 2008). Despite the fractured, iron-and-clay nature of the current European Union (Daniel 2:33, 42-44), strong men continue to “push” for an integrated, economically viable and militarily strong Europe. France and Germany are at the head of this push (Stratfor Geopolitical Weekly, June 17, 2008; Stratfor Strategic Forecasting, Inc., June 16, 2008). Continue to watch events in Europe as a ten-nation beast prepares to emerge on the world stage (Revelation 17).

The unification of Europe will continue of course, though it will not completely until a certain leader, the King of the North emerges.

06/19/08 a.m. Here is the latest commentary from LCG's Don Davis:

Commentary: Are You a Liberal, a Conservative or a Christian?

These days, it seems it is "every man for himself." Every woman, too. Our society has fractured into innumerable special interest groups seeking advantage for their constituencies. As America's "ship of state" sinks under ever-worsening economic conditions, conservatives and liberals are clawing for space aboard the shrinking number of lifeboats, hoping to survive the storm-tossed waves of fiscal and social disaster. Selfish interest and party spirit will bring the United States--and the other Western democracies--to ruin, unless ... Click here to read more.

An article of possibly related interest may include Should a Christian Vote?.

06/17/08 a.m. Here is the latest commentary from LCG's Richard Ames:

Commentary: Life's Real Goal

Ambitious businesspeople, athletes, politicians and zealots commit their full energies to advancing their personal agendas. They will lose sleep, drive themselves and stop at almost nothing to achieve their goals. Some of these may strive for integrity and honesty, but many will use any deceitful tactic, lie or evil to get their way. And for what? Is their all-consuming purpose worthwhile? Will it benefit the character and quality of life of others? What is the REAL goal for which all of us should be striving? Click here to read more.

06/15/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Douglas Winnail. In it, he mentions Pentecost, income, the marking of Fred Coutler, lectures, flooding in Indiana, French radio, healings, LYC and pre-teen camps, updates on the Sunset Beach/Branson/Prescott FOT sites, world news items, and asks if you are a peacemaker.

The FOT updates are also included in the article LCG 2008 Feast of Tabernacles' Information.

Here is one of the world news items:

No More Freedom of Speech. For decades, freedom of speech has been a major tenet of Western democracies and a tool that has enabled the Gospel to be freely preached in Israelite-descended nations. Recently, there has been a backlash against free speech, particularly as it relates to the rights of minority groups, particularly homosexuals. In a recent court decision, dated May 30, 2008, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal of Alberta fined evangelical pastor Stephen Boisson $5,000 for “damages for pain and suffering” and banned him from expressing his biblical perspective of homosexuality. In a quasi-judicial directive, he was ordered “to renounce his faith and never again express moral opposition to homosexuality,” and directed to apologize to the activist who complained of being emotionally hurt by his statements (World Net Daily, June 9, 2008). As time goes on, it will be increasingly difficult to preach God’s truth, the “Good News” of the Kingdom of God, and the Ezekiel Warning to the world. God observed that, at the end of the age, Israel would no longer know Him, having “turned away backward… You will revolt more and more. The whole head is sick” (Isaiah 1:3-5). This disturbing truth is more obvious every day, as prophecy marches on. 

06/10/08 p.m. Here is the latest commentary from LCG's Don Davis:

Commentary: Science is losing the war against "Super-Bugs"

Hospitals and other inpatient facilities are fighting a new, life-threatening intestinal super-bug, Clostridium difficile, which played a part in approximately 150,000 infections in 2000, and caused nearly 300,000 hospitalizations in 2005 (Associated Press Medical, May 28, 2008). This dangerous germ, which is spread by spores in feces, is said to have contributed to at least 5,500 deaths in the United States in 2004. Click here to read more.

06/08/05 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions Pentecost, a letter from Dr. Meredith, Jamaica, Tanzania, German internet responses, FOT Sunset Beach, FOT Malaysia, wolrd news items, and God's incredible plan.

Here is some of what Dr. Meredith reported:

And God’s Work is truly growing in a wonderful way. Wayne Pyle recently reported to me that over the last several months we are now receiving more than 3,500 responses to the telecast each week here in the United States—plus hundreds more overseas! So we are very grateful for the impact we are beginning to have. Much more needs to be done—as I think we all realize.

Here is one of the world news items:

Damascus Gears Up.  Syria has played an important role in Israel for millennia. Relations between Israel and Syria are continually strained. On May 21, 2008, as Israel and Syria confirmed peace talks, “a secret [Syrian] military purchasing delegation… was already in Moscow. With a $5 billion allocation in hand from Tehran, the delegation was bidding for the most advanced products of Russia’s munitions industry.” Military hardware to be purchased includes MiG-29 fighter jets and many other aircraft, hundreds of high-tech missiles and two submarines capable of launching cruise missiles. Syria aims to greatly strengthen its military to defend itself against Israel (DEBKA-net-Weekly, May 26, 2008). What does the future hold for Syria and its capital city Damascus?  God prophesied, “‘Against Damascus…. they have heard bad news. They are fainthearted….Damascus has grown feeble; she turns to flee…. Therefore her young men shall fall in her streets, and all the men of war shall be cut off in that day;’ says the LORD of hosts… ‘I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, and it shall consume the palaces…” (Jeremiah 49:23-27).  This bears watching.

I believe that Syria will definitely support the coming future King of the South.

06/05/08 a.m. Here is the latest commentary from LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: Body art or sacrilege?

As I drove through a part of our city recently, I was taken by the number of tattoo parlors that have sprung up to meet the obvious demand for what is being called "body art." Some were upscale storefronts with catchy names others were seedy looking establishments. Click here to read more.

06/03/08 a.m. Here is the latest commentary from LCG's Don Davis:

Commentary: China Quake Will Cause Global Economic Aftershock

Rescuers reaching the epicenter of China's 7.9 magnitude May 12, 2008 earthquake were met by scenes of horrific devastation. With bridges destroyed, and roads cut by landslides, soldiers had to hike to the remote city of Yingxiu in Wenchuan county, where they found just 3,300 survivors - 1,000 severely injured - from the town's population of 10,000. Click here to read more.

An article of related interest may include:

Asia in Prophecy What is Ahead for China? Is it a "King of the East"? What will happen to nearly all the Chinese, Russians, and others of Asia? China in prophecy, where?

06/01/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions meetings, a healing, Myanmar, international updates, LYC, world news items, and the importance of mercy.

Here are a couple of the international updates:

Spanish Update 

Mr. Mario Hernandez gave a public Bible lecture in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, on May 2. Our deacon and deaconess in Bahia Blanca wrote, “Forty-eight persons attended the lecture, including 34 ‘new’ people. Among them were several enthusiastic young persons and families with small children. Some of the attendees had been listening to the radio program but had never responded. Six of the attendees had a personal meeting with Mr. Hernandez. Two weeks after the presentation, we were still receiving calls and requests for a copy of the lecture’s recording. We thank God for allowing us to have a part in His Work.”  

The Work in Indonesia  

Mr. Arius Nusantara reports:  “Two weeks before the Passover, I sent out an e-mail regarding ‘The Truth About Easter.’ Of the 310 subscribers, only one was offended and asked us to stop sending e-mails and other material. The others who did respond accepted our booklet offer, The Holy Days, translated into Indonesian. So far there have been 28 requests—just for April.  

“During April we also advertised our Indonesian Tomorrow’s World programs, ‘Seven Satanic Deceptions,’ presented by Mr. Richard F. Ames, and ‘Satan’s Attacks on the Bible,’ presented by Mr. Roderick C. Meredith. There have been 29 requests for the CDs. Also we have recorded four new people taking the Bible Study Course, which brings the total number of subscribers to 320.

“A few minutes after we sent out the e-mails offering our new Indonesian-translated booklet, The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy by Mr. John H. Ogwyn, and the newest edition of our Indonesian Tomorrow’s World Asia Pacific magazine, we almost instantly received three requests in our inbox. And while I am writing this report, we have already received twelve more requests. We expect the total number of requests to be 30 to 35. We are very happy with the Work’s positive growth in this part of the world.”

05/29/08 a.m. Here is the latest commentary from LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: No pleasure?

What's your pleasure? A question that is often asked in this hedonistic society, especially in the Western world, seemingly insulated from the incredible devastation that has struck the Asian countries in recent times. Click here to read more.

05/24/08 a.m. LCG posted the following:

Living University Commencement Exercises: Monday, May 19, 2008

The Living Church of God founded Living University on February 16, 2007, in response to its growing need for university-educated personnel and to further edify its world-wide membership and their families. On August 15, Living University opened its virtual doors enrolling more than 150 students from 18 countries.

For photos of the commencement and other information, please go to Living University Commencement 2008

05/20/08 a.m. In his latest commentary, LCG's Gary Ehman writes:

Grocery store shelves empty, food-lines riots breaking out, reports of people killing and stealing from one another are scenarios, too frequently, seen on the evening cable news channels in the war-torn and disaster-plagued countries of the third world.


But could such scenes ever be duplicated in the richest nations of the world, nations such as the United States, Great Britain, France or Australia? Click here to read more.

05/18/08 a.m. Here is the latest weekly update from LCG's Douglas Winnail. In it, he mentions the current Council of Elders/Pastors meetings, Burma, a dramatic healing, the Feast in Tobago, pre-teen camp needs, this age of skeptics, and world news items.

Here is one of the world news items:

The Evolution of the Theory of Evolution. Scientists want so badly to believe in the Theory of Evolution, but modern research constantly forces scientists to modify their imperfect theory. Animal genes were thought to have evolved from the simple to the complex but, recently, scientists discovered that the genes of vertebrate animals have remained in a very complex state for billions of years (, November 25, 2005). It almost sounds like they may have “started out” in a complex state… but scientists will not dare speculate in a direction that might suggest a creation and a Creator. Very recent study of the highly complex comb jelly fish showed that it could not have evolved from the sponge as once thought, because it apparently “pre-dated” the sponge. This finding throws the base of the “evolutionary tree” into a tizzy. This jelly fish apparently also “evolved” simultaneously with other jelly fish, not before or after them. Study leader, Dr. Dunn, commented, “This was a complete shocker… So shocking that we initially thought something had gone very wrong.” (, April 11, 2008). God states that even His foolishness is wiser than man (1 Corinthians 1:25). In turn, arrogant humans think that God’s revelation is foolishness (1 Corinthians 2:14).  Secular scholars will be surprised when they eventually “discover” that all life was created.

05/11/08 a.m. Here is the latest weekly update from LCG's Douglas Winnail. In it, he mentions the feast in Barbados, Living Youth Camp, and Living University. Also, Mr. Bruce Tyler reported the following about Myanmar:

Many have been asking about our brethren in Burma and wanting to know if we have had any news of them. Communication in and out of Burma, even in the best of times, is very difficult and unreliable. It is just about impossible now. Our next scheduled date to make contact with Mr. Thomas Tial Hoe is not until June 13. Unless he makes contact with us before then, we are not likely to hear anything. Mr. Hoe lives much further north from where the destruction and devastation has occurred and would not have been directly affected by the cyclone. He had planned to travel to Sakhangyi Township in about two weeks to visit the members and to conduct a wedding. It is most likely that we will not hear anything until after Mr. Hoe is able to visit our brethren, if indeed he is allowed or even able to travel to Sakhangyi. The roads are probably gone and the only other way to get to the members is by boat, and most of those have been destroyed.

In my estimation of the situation for our members, it appears that the eye of the cyclone would have passed within about 30 miles (48-50 kilometers) of Sakhangyi…. Being a little further inland, the approximate elevation of Sakhangyi is about 35 to 40 feet (11 meters). Hopefully, the tidal surge would have diminished before it reached that point.

However, for the survivors, there are still many other difficulties for everyone in the Irrawaddy delta to deal with. I am sure you have been seeing and hearing the grim accounts of what is happening.  We have about 40 members, including family members who attend with us. The situation right now is very grim for everyone living in that area. I am sure we will need to assist our members there to get back on their feet as soon as possible. When I get any news, I will inform you all. 

05/04/08 a.m. Here is the latest weekly update from LCG's Dibar Apartian. In it, he has many reports from around the world on the Spring Holy Days, mentions second Passover, mentions LYC, a Chattanooga Family Weekend, taking the gospel to Iceland, world news items, and some FOT annoucements.

Here is the LYC announcement:

Living Youth Camp 

Two teen and two pre-teen Living Youth Camps are being offered this year.  Room is still available at the preteen camps in Missouri and Texas and at the teen camp in Michigan.  The Teen Adventure program is currently at capacity.  If you would like to participate at one of these camps, please fill out an application ASAP.  Applications can be found at or see your minister about getting a hardcopy application.  If you have applied as a worker at the Michigan LYC and have not heard whether you have been accepted it is likely that your reference letters have not been turned in.  To check on the status of your application for any of the camps, please call Jenny Penman at 704-844-1960, ext. 237. 

Here is the FOT announcements:

Feast of Tabernacles 2008 

To Be Announced at Sabbath Services on May 3: Festival Registration Tomorrow, Sunday, May 4! 

Everyone planning to attend the Feast in the U.S. or Canada is invited to register online tomorrow beginning at 12:00 noon (EDT).  Those registering for their assigned site should receive their emailed approval notice soon after registering, and may begin making housing reservations after they receive their notice of approval.  Those wishing to transfer should also begin registering tomorrow—but please wait until you are notified of your APPROVAL BY EMAIL before making housing arrangements.  In most cases, approvals for transfers will not be sent until around May 18.  

If you have any special needs regarding your Feast site, please contact the Festival Coordinator.  If you have difficulty registering tomorrow, please write to To find out more information about the Feast sites, including activities, suggested housing, etc., log onto MyLCG ( and click on the link, “Feast Site Information” and then “View Feast Sites.” If you don’t have Internet access, please see your local Festival Advisor for site information and paper registration forms.—Rod McNair 

Branson, Missouri 

For those planning to attend the Feast of Tabernacles in Branson, Missouri, the festival website has been updated (as of late Thursday evening) with some very helpful housing information.  Some of the deals that local condos and hotels have made with us are simply outstanding, and you are highly encouraged to take a look before making housing arrangements.  Your wallet will thank you!  The website for the Feast in Branson is  Simply click on the link for “Housing” on the top of the home page.—Wallace Smith 

05/01/08 a.m. In its latest commentary, LCG's Davy Crockett began with:

Commentary: Clinging to life

Nursing homes are places that I often visit as a minister. The sights, sounds and smells are a vivid reality check for the dramatic effects of aging. They are places for men and women who have reached the point of needing care that their families, for whatever reason, are unable to give. Click here to read more.

04/29/08 a.m. In its latest commentary, LCG's Don Davis began with:

Commentary: How does your garden grow?

Each spring, for several years after our family moved to North Carolina, we tried to raise a vegetable garden in our backyard. But the seeds fed the birds, nursery plants fattened the local deer, and the fertilizer produced the most beautiful crop of weeds in the county! Click here to read more.

04/26/08 a.m. Yesterday, LCG released the most Feast of Tabernacle's information at one time than it has done for several years. This morning, I updated LCG 2008 Feast of Tabernacles' Information to add that information. Please look the sites over as US/Canadian members can decide on their sites in about 8 days.

04/24/08 a.m. LCG announced this commentary by Glen Gilchrist:

Commentary: Politics - or morality?

Many today like to debate political topics. Talk show hosts battle in the arena of ideas. People push various political ideas as the solution to mankind's problems. The United States is in the midst of an acrimonious political campaign where candidates purport to offer answers to our social and economic problems. Click here to read more.

04/22/08 a.m. This morning, LCG sent out the following commentary by Don Davis:

Commentary: At the precipice of economic collapse

Can North Americans afford to fill their gas tanks at $4 or $5 per gallon? If not, what will they do for transportation when oil prices rise? With very few exceptions (such as Canada), the governments of most oil-producing nations now hate the United States! Click here to read more.

Bible prophecy shows that the USA will fall. An article of related interest may include Who is the King of the North? as it describes when the Book of Daniel indicates the destruction of the USA.

04/18/08 a.m. Tonight, after sunset, is Passover for 2008. The baptized members of the Living Church of God who are physically able, will be observing it in many places throughout the world. Tomorrow at sunset, begins the seven days of unleaved bread.

In his Holy Days' booklet, LCG's Roderick C. Meredith wrote:

     At the end of Jesus’ human life, Luke tells us: "Then came the Day of Unleavened Bread, when the Passover must be killed. And He sent Peter and John, saying, ‘Go and prepare the Passover for us, that we may eat…. ’ Then He said to them, ‘With fervent desire I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer’" (Luke 22:7–8, 15). So as an adult—setting us an example—Jesus observed the Passover...
     Also, the Apostle Paul clearly commanded the Gentile Church at Corinth to observe the Days of Unleavened Bread. Speaking of these days, Paul wrote: "Therefore purge out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, since you truly are unleavened. For indeed Christ, our Passover, was sacrificed for us. Therefore let us KEEP THE FEAST, not with old leaven, nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth" (1 Corinthians 5:7–8). Paul was obviously speaking of "keeping the Feast" of Unleavened Bread.

It is also a historical fact that the early post-apostolic church observed the Passover as well. Some articles of related interest may include:

Passover and the Early Church Did the early Christians observe Passover? What did Jesus and Paul teach? Why did Jesus die for our sins?
Melito's Homily on the Passover This is one of the earliest Christian writings about the Passover. This also includes what Apollinaris wrote on the Passover as well.
Should Christians Keep the Days of Unleavened Bread? Do they have any use or meaning now? This article supplies some biblical answers.

04/17/08 a.m. Here is the latest LCG commentary from Dr. Jeffrey Fall:

Commentary: The Power to Choose

We Americans pride ourselves in our freedom. This freedom of choice is a hallmark of our national identity and our heritage. We have the freedom to choose how we will live our lives. Sadly many individuals do not realize that freedom of choice carries the potential for great good in our lives as well as the potential for great harm. Click here to read more.

04/15/08 a.m. Here is the latest LCG commentary from Davy Crockett:

Commentary: A look back ...

There is a line from "A Death in the Family" by James Agee that says: "How far we all come. How far we all come away from ourselves. You can never go home again." Click here to read more.

04/13/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions the upcoming Holy Days, a South African update, a Canadian update, a Caribbean update, a Spanish update, a New Zealand update, LYC, South Carolina weekend, much about the FOT, world news items, and true servant leadership.

Here is one of the news items:

The Ambitious French. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has a lot of energy and many ideas, but not all of them are welcomed by Berlin. “The restless Frenchman,” as one German journalist has dubbed him, is poised to assume the European Union presidency in July. Mr. Sarkozy is busy planning for this new six-month post with great ambitions—many of which are not embraced by the rest of Europe. For example, Mr. Sarkozy will push for a “military core,” comprising the six largest European nations: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. Each nation must lend 10,000 troops and increase national military spending to at least 2% of GDP. This 60,000 strong force will be designed to be the Elite Fighting Force of the EU. France and Britain already meet these criteria, but the four other nations do not and would have to make adjustments. Additionally, France is playing an increasingly visible role in NATO and has its sights on the “supreme commander” position of NATO—traditionally a U.S.-occupied post (Der, March 3, 2008). As France and Germany vie for the “top dog” position in Europe, and internal European politics highlight the powerful differences between other EU nations, we are reminded of God’s description of the 10 unlikely bedfellows who will eventually compose the Beast of Revelation—“partly of iron, partly of clay” (Daniel 2:33). 

An article of related interest may be Europa, the Beast, and the Book of Revelation.

04/10/08 a.m. Here is the latest LCG commentary by Don Davis:

World economic collapse: Why? - and how to fix it!

"We are obviously watching the dollar very carefully," Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told the Senate Banking Committee on February 29, 2008. Yes, Bernanke's Fed is watching, as is the rest of the world, while the once-mighty American dollar sinks to the status of third-world currency! Since August 2007, the U.S. government has spent nearly $1 trillion bailing out financial institutions and to shore up the ailing US economy. Click here to read more.

04/08/08 a.m. Here is the latest LCG commentary:

Who am I?

By Davy Crockett

There is a great story about Art Linkletter, who was a household word and widely known when he was in his heyday as a television personality. The story goes that as Mr. Linkletter entertained at a nursing home for the elderly, with microphone in hand, he asked an elderly lady in a wheelchair, “Do you know who I am?” The lady replied, “No, I don’t, but if you will go over to the nurses’ station, one of the nice people there will tell you who you are.”

“Who am I?” It’s a great question that all of us should ask ourselves. Click here to read more.

Also, additional information on this subject can be found in the article, What is the Meaning of Life?

04/06/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Douglas Winnail. In it, he mentions a booklet offer, more GOTOs, a new building purchase, Trinidad, LYC, Preteen Camp in Texas, festival coordinators, South Africa, world news items, and Christ's mind vs. opinions.

Here is one of the news items:

Does Cohabitation Increase Marriage Success?  A resounding “NO!,” according to a new book by McManus & McManus. Contrary to popular belief, people who live together before marriage are almost twice as likely to divorce than those who do not live together before marriage. “It’s really more like a trial divorce,” Harriet McManus said at a press conference at the Family Research Council. “The only question is whether you break up before the wedding or after the wedding in a legal divorce. As one of our marriage educator friends says, you can’t practice permanence. Of 100 cohabiting couples, 85 break up before or after the wedding, leaving only 15 couples in a lasting marriage after 10 years, and who knows how many more divorces after 10 years.” According to McManus, cohabitation has a high failure rate because it’s based on selfishness (, March 26, 2008). Thousands of years ago, God gave important instructions for a happy marriage: do not commit adultery or fornication (Exodus 20:14; 1 Corinthians 6:18), love each other on a godly level (1 Corinthians 13), and do not divorce except in specific and very extreme situations (Matthew 19:1-10; 1 Corinthians 7:10-16). God’s ways are clear and bring true rewards, but man’s ways bring difficulty and death. One day soon, God’s ways will be the “only way,” and people will finally learn how to achieve true happiness.

04/03/08 a.m. Here is the latest commentary from LCG's Wallace G. Smith:

Commentary: As Mars mission ends, our yearning continues

Since early 2004, America has had two robotic rovers on the surface of Mars, exploring, analyzing, and sending back breathtaking pictures and data galore, helping us to learn about our celestial neighbor. Originally expected to be a mission of around three months, the two rovers - dubbed Spirit and Opportunity - have surprised one and all by continuing successfully now for more than four years. Click here to read more.

04/01/08 a.m. Here is the latest commentary from LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: Diamonds and stones

In southwest Arkansas there is a diamond mine. That's right, a genuine diamond mine. At the turn of the 20th century diamonds were mined commercially at the site, producing high-grade diamonds, mostly colored stones. Click here to read more.

03/30/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Douglas Winnail. In it, he mentions the Spring Holy Days, GOTO requests, church items and events (in Virginia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Nigeria, & South Carolina), FOT, Jamaica FOT site, gentleness, world news items and ministerial transfers.

Here is information on news from Nigeria:

Mr. Oladele Akin-Ogundeji, leader of our small congregation in Nigeria, West Africa, sent us the following interesting report of a meeting he had with a subscriber: “It was when we met and had the over four-hour Bible study that it dawned on him that there is a huge difference between the truth and what he has been learning from his regular church and popular Christianity. He showed through his comments that he would make a thorough study of the 24 lessons of our Bible Study Course and take action on what he has seen to be the light, God’s truth… He also realized that he has to get a better translation of the Bible as the one he is currently using, the New Living Bible, is grossly in error. He also disclosed that the vernacular (Yoruba) translation of the Bible is misleading. In the main, the Yoruba translation of the Bible reflects the Anglican doctrinal orientation, having been translated hundreds of years ago by the first Nigerian, indeed African, Anglican bishop.” 

03/26/08 p.m. Tonight, LCG sent out the following commentary by Wallace Smith:

Commentary: Criminals, children, and twisted priorities

Most states in the U.S. practice a programmed sequence of events to execute their most violent convicted criminals. There is an injection to anesthetize and take away pain and consciousness, a second injection to paralyze the body, and a third to stop the heart of the unconscious individual - a process designed very carefully to give the condemned offender an opportunity to die pain-free and with dignity, as one who had died in his sleep. Click here to read more.

03/25/08 a.m. Very late last night, LCG sent out the following commentary by Lehman B. Lyons, Jr.:

Commentary: Tips on kite flying

When the weather warms and the wind blows at a constant pace, the kite kit displays appear in all the stores. The winter chill is gradually being pushed aside, along with those fluffy white clouds. A local park becomes a good destination for a lazy weekend adventure in flight. Click here to read more.

03/23/08 p.m. Here is the latest update from Douglas Winnail. In it, he mentions the upcoming holy days, mail processing, a variety of get togethers/activities, hymnal music, the 2008 FOT, news & prophecy items, and the importance of kindness.

Here is one of the FOT announcements:

International Registration Update 

More than 220 brethren have already registered to transfer overseas since International registration opened last Sunday.  For those who registered and are awaiting “approval,” thank you for your patience as we allow local brethren to register and obtain housing first.  We will begin approving transfer requests soon.  If you have any questions or special needs, please write to  International site descriptions are posted on the MyLCG website,

If you have not yet registered and would like to transfer to an overseas site, please do so at your convenience.  As a reminder, online registration for United States and Canadian sites will begin on May 4.  Watch for more information in The World Ahead and on the MyLCG website,

A listing of Feast sites is in the article LCG 2008 Feast of Tabernacles' Information.

Here is one of the news and prophecy items:

A New Chapter in German-Israeli Relations. German Chancellor Merkel participated in a historic meeting this week in Israel, with Israeli Prime Minister Olmert stating, “This is an extraordinary, in many ways a historic occasion in relations between Israel and Germany.” Acknowledging the legitimacy of the nation of Israel, and forecasting a bright future between the two nations, Merkel commented, “Sixty years after the creation of Israel we affirm again the special responsibility of Germany towards Israel… But there is not only the responsibility for the past but projects for a better future… I am grateful we can open a new chapter in relations between our two countries.” The two leaders discussed bilateral relations in the areas of economics, science, culture, education, and media. Merkel is also the first German Chancellor to address the Knesset (Deutsche Welle, March 17, 2008). Germany may be the key nation to break the United Nations gridlock over how to deal with Iran (Jerusalem Post, March 16, 2008). Daniel 9:27 talks about a “prince” confirming a covenant with many—a covenant that will lead to the establishing of sacrifices on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. A King of the North will defile the “sanctuary fortress” and remove the daily sacrifices, eventually magnifying himself above the gods (Daniel 11:29-37). This King of the North will emerge from a powerful political-religious union involving European nations. It is important to watch the continuing involvement of European nations and the Vatican in Israel.

More information on the above is in the articles End of Mayan Calendar 2012--Might 2012 Mean Something? and Who is the King of the North?

03/20/08 p.m. This afternoon, LCG sent out the following commentary by Don Davis:

Commentary: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll, in novelist Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, was a respected 19th century doctor who concocted a personality-altering potion that turned him into Mr. Hyde, an out-of-control threat on the after-dark streets of London. Little by little, the evil Mr. Hyde took over, until all the good Dr. Jekyll had done was destroyed. Click here to read more.

03/19/08 a.m. Yesterday afternoon, LCG sent out the following commentary by Davy Crockett:

Commentary: "A life well spent..."

I suppose it is a sign of growing older when one gets into the habit of reading the obituaries in the newspaper. Especially if you have been in one place for a very long time, you find the names of friends, business associates and people with whom you have come into contact written up on the obituary pages. It is a sobering reminder of our mortality as human beings. Click here to read more.

03/16/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions world turmoil, a new booklet, Living University, an upcoming interview in Iceland, South Africa, Living Youth Camp Adventure, a Bluegrass Weekend, USA & Canadian FOT sites, world news items, and that we should take time to think.

Here is one of the news items:

A Vestigial Organ? The appendix is an organ that evolutionists have viewed as an unnecessary part of the body. Removal of the organ is a common practice in the western world.  However, recent research sheds new light on why God created the appendix. Duke University scientists discovered that the appendix is designed to help the body handle and manage bacteria in the gut. It also manufactures “good bacteria”—playing a significant role in keeping us healthy (, October 5, 2007). Scientists are just now discovering the answers to “why an appendix?”—answers that God knew when He designed the human body. Human nature tends to dismiss items, concepts, and even body organs, as unimportant or “no longer useful,” if we do not understand their purpose. Yet, 3,000 years ago, David asked, “What is man that You are mindful of him?” (Psalm 8:4). David concluded, “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works” (Psalm 139:14). David demonstrated his teachability and “faith” in what he could not see and understand (Psalm 119:27)—unlike many today who deny a purpose until and unless they can first demonstrate it. It is exciting to watch modern research substantiate the validity of Scripture and a God-ordained creation.   

More information on evolution can be found in the article Is Evolution Probable or Impossible or Is God's Existence Logical?

03/11/08 p.m. This afternoon, LCG sent out the following commentary by Don Davis:

Commentary: Resisting temptation

"Temptations come, as a general rule, when they are sought." Those words from nineteenth century Scottish novelist Margaret Oliphant reveal a marvelous understanding of human nature - an understanding few today seem to possess. Click here to read more.

03/09/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Douglas Winnail. In it, he mentions travels, the telecast, public Bible lectures, a need for mail processing assisting volunteers, international Feast of Tabernacles' sites for 2008, world news items, and pride & humility.

Here is one of the world news items:

House of Commons Refuses to Allow the People to Decide About Europe. In a historic vote March 5, the House of Commons voted 311-248 against allowing the Lisbon Treaty (European Constitution) to go to popular vote in Britain. Conservative leader David Cameron said: “All three main parties in this House made a promise to our constituents for a vote on the EU constitution. When we turn around and say, ‘You can’t have it any more’, it is no wonder people feel cheated and cynical because promises are being made and broken” (Times Online, March 5, 2008). Optimists hope for a turn-around by the House of Lords, but realists anticipate no change in the outcome (, March 5, 2008). Should the House of Lords also decline to let the Treaty go to public referendum, the Queen will likely sign the treaty this summer—effectively ending 1,600 years of British sovereignty.

While Britain may temporarily agree to this, it will not remain part of the EU.

03/02/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Douglas Winnail. In it, he mentions travels, Passover, Barbados, Peru, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Singles/Family Weekend coming in the Spring, FOT 2008, world news items, war & peace.

Here is the Peru and Thailand updates:

Mario Hernandez reports on his recent visit to Peru: The trip to Cerro de Pasco is a long six-hour climb from Lima, at sea level, on a road that traverses the mountain pass of Ticlio at 15,807 ft. We arrived in Cerro de Pasco around sunset on Friday, February 15. Our Spanish radio broadcast is aired every day from Monday through Friday both in Lima and in Cerro de Pasco. On Friday evening, I was at the radio station. I presented a live program on the good news of the Kingdom of God and of the need to repent and be converted, because the times of refreshing and the restoration of all things are coming soon upon the earth from the presence of our God.  

Thanks to the broadcast, we had three new families attending Sabbath services the next morning. The attendance on the Sabbath, February 16, in Cerro de Pasco was 65. This is an all-time record for the Living Church of God in Peru. All Sunday morning and early afternoon were for counseling. We had two baptisms. On Monday, we were able to see three different possible Feast sites around Huancayo. I also took advantage of the occasion to spend time in Huancayo with a prospective member who had found us on the Internet and requested a visit from a minister. At 1:30 a.m., that same night, I boarded the flight to return home.     

Thailand Update 

We were very saddened to learn last Monday of the death of Mehm Pho Saw, a faithful member and deacon in God’s Church in Thailand. Mr. Bruce Tyler wrote, “Our dear friend and brother in Christ died Monday afternoon, Bangkok time. Mehm Pho Saw was 57.  He leaves his widow Phyu Phyu Aye (47) and two teenage boys, Bom 17 and Isaac 14… Mehm Pho Saw will be sadly missed by us all.  He loved God with an unusual passion and zeal and was fully involved in doing the Work up to the very end, before he took ill last Wednesday evening.  He is assured of an office in God’s Kingdom and government at Christ’s return… Mehm was recently awarded with an ‘outstanding father’ prize from among 500 fathers in Mae Pa Vittaya Khorm High School, 5 December 2007…Cards of sympathy and encouragement may be sent to the family of Mehm Pho Saw and to our congregation in Mae Sot, Thailand, to:  

Nang Phyu Phyu Aye

394 Moo 9, Soi Baan Thoong

T. Mae Pa, A. Mae Sot, Tak 63110


02/28/08 a.m. Last night, LCG sent out the following commentary by Davy Crockett:

Commentary: Everything counts

"Don't sweat the small stuff - and it's all small stuff." So goes the popular saying. We look for a way to avoid stress and to avoid the consequences of our actions. Yet, when it comes down to it, we are ultimately responsible for our actions - and everything counts. Click here to read more.

02/27/08 a.m. Last night, LCG sent out the following commentary by Rod McNair:

Commentary: Hooligans in Belgrade

As I was watching the CNN coverage of the riots in Serbia the other day, the news camera zoomed in to some of the action on the street in Belgrade. Several protesters were standing in the back of a pickup truck as it made its way through the swarming ... Click here to read more.

02/24/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dibar Apartian. In it, he mentions the death of Jean Carrion, travels, baptisms, UK update, a wilderness camp for August 2008, world news items, and discouragement.

Here is one of the world news items:

German Influence in Africa Increasing. The German Foreign Ministry understands that Africa is a continent rich in resources, and apparently intends to gain access to it by influencing scores of future leaders. Under the auspices of a 20 million euro program, “Action Africa,” Germany will create “new German schools abroad [in African nations], to orient the nation’s future elite toward Germany… The new program is not intended to provide urban elites with educational possibilities they already have [in the U.S. and France], but to provide the possibility for a reorientation toward Germany.” Germany is also attempting to train a future elite workforce and would like to glean from the African continent. Germany will also send more soccer coaches to Africa in order to help control and positively impact the poverty-stricken masses—as people are happier about their professional sports teams, they are more patient with their government (, February 13, 2008). As Germany continues to take the lead in European politics, it is interesting to watch its efforts in a region where it has had limited influence in the past. God prophesied of a time when the African nations of Egypt, Ethiopia, and Libya would be under the German/Assyrian-led Beast power that will conquer like a “whirlwind” (Isaiah 20:1-6; Daniel 11:40-43). The Assyrians/Germans have been a people that God has and will use greatly to fulfill His will on earth. Eventually, they will be greatly blessed (Isaiah 19:25). 

Some articles of possibly related interest may include:

Europa, the Beast, and Revelation Where did Europe get its name? What might Europe have to do with the Book of Revelation? What about "the Beast"?
Who is the King of the North? Is there one? Do biblical and Roman Catholic prophecies point to the same leader? Should he be followed? Who will be the King of the North discussed in Daniel 11? Is a nuclear attack prophesied to happen to the English-speaking peoples? When do the 1335 days, 1290 days, and 1260 days (the time, times, and half a time) of Daniel 12 begin?
Is There A Future King of the South? Some no longer believe there needs to be. Might Egypt, Islam, Iran, Arabs, or Ethiopia be involved? What does the Bible say?
The Arab World In the Bible, History, and Prophecy The Bible discusses the origins of the Arab world and discusses the Middle East in prophecy. What is ahead for the Middle East and those who follow Islam?
Africa: Its Biblical Past and Prophesied Future What does the Bible teach about Africa and its future? Did the early Church reach Africa? Will God call all the Africans?

02/21/08 p.m. Yesterday afternoon, LCG sent out the following commentary by Don Davis:

Commentary: Self-Rule

Around the world, many large nations are under pressure from ethnic or tribal minorities within their borders. Kosovo recently declared independence from Serbia. Kenya is torn by tribal rivalries over disputed election results. Chechnya desires freedom from Russian control. The Basque people of Spain want to be separate from Madrid's oversight. Click here to read more.

02/18/08 a.m. Here is the first weekly update from Rod McNair. He mentions international updates, events, media, world news items, and the land of gospel proclaiming opportunity.

Here is one of the world news events:

“Evil IS Good” in California Schools.  In May 2007, California passed State Bill 777, “prohibiting instruction or school-sponsored activities that promote a discriminatory bias against gender.” Because of the buying power of the California public schools and because textbook companies will likely not publish multiple versions of textbooks, California’s law will effectively dictate to textbook publishing companies what they may not publish in their textbooks—including remarks that could potentially disparage against transsexuality, bisexuality, or homosexuality. Another related bill is feared to create “circumstances where a parent who says in the presence of a lesbian teacher that marriage is only for a man and a woman could be convicted of ‘harassment.’” The new laws designed to prevent discrimination against homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals, may in fact discriminate against those with traditional values (, February 10, 2008).  Long ago God warned His people—the modern-day descendents of the 12 tribes of Israel—“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light and light for darkness....And take away justice from the righteous man!... Because they have rejected the law of the LORD of hosts….the anger of the LORD is aroused against His people…” (Isaiah 5:20-25). The recent legislation in California is an example of exactly what God warned against! 

02/12/08 p.m. This afternoon, LCG sent out the following commentary by Don Davis:

Commentary: Before a fall...

"Who does he think he is, anyway? He can't treat me like this! Doesn't he know who I am?" Click here to read more.

02/10/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dibar Apartian. In it, he mentions travels, an RCM letter mentioning BET and income, media, internet, a public lecture, world news items, and not to be distracted.

Here is one of the world news items:

China Hobbled by Disastrous Winter Storms. Millions in China are suffering through ferocious winter storms, the likes of which the nation has not seen in 50 years. Power blackouts and dwindling water supplies are affecting residents of 160 cities and counties in central China, as trees and power poles collapse under the weight of ice and snow.  Four million residents of Chenzhou city in Hunan province have gone for a week without water and electricity. Reuters correspondent John Ruwitch quoted a local hotel worker’s comment, “It is a complete mess. We are hungry and cold” (February 1, 2008).  State television reports that Chenzhou’s gasoline reserves will last only another week and that rice supplies will run out in five days. China’s government has mobilized 450,000 troops to help expedite relief efforts and clear ice-covered roads. Weather-related accidents have already claimed 60 lives. Food prices are surging as staples such as cooking oil and rice become more scarce. Fuel and candle prices have increased four-fold in Guizhou province, which is seeing the highest upsurge in inflation in more than a decade. Thirsty Chinese have been draining fire engines to obtain rationed drinking water. Amidst these difficulties, Hunan, Guizhou and Jiangxi are all expecting new storms during the next 10 days. Job knew that God controls the weather: “From the chamber of the south comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds of the north.  By the breath of God ice is given, and the broad waters are frozen” (Job 37:9-10). 

Additional information related to China can be found in the following articles:

China, Its Biblical Past and Future, Part 1: Genesis and Chinese Characters This article provides information showing that the Chinese peoples must have known about various accounts in the Book of Genesis up until their dispersion after the Tower of Babel.
China, Its Biblical Past and Future, Part 2: The Sabbath and Some of God's Witness in China When did Christianity first come to China? And is there early evidence that they observed the seventh day sabbath?
China, Its Biblical Past and Future, Part 3: Asia in Prophecy What is Ahead for China? Is it a "King of the East"? What will happen to nearly all the Chinese and others of Asia? China in prophecy, where?

02/08/08 a.m. Here is the latest LCG commentary from Don Davis:

Commentary: Remove the plank!

Focusing on other people's faults is a popular pastime. We seem to enjoy trying to decide who among us is the most or the least qualified. This happens in families and on the job, in churches and in the political arena. Click here to read more.

02/07/08 a.m. Yesterday, reported:

Internet Update: Milestones Reached

January was a very exciting month on our websites.  Last month we reached two important milestones!  In January, we crossed the million mark with 1,077,864 pages read online.  We passed the hundred thousand mark with 100,862 people visiting our primary US websites last month.  The previous record for the number of people visiting our websites was 88,244 and was set this past November.  Our reach and impact through the Internet continues to grow as God opens doors of opportunity for us and guides us forward.

02/05/08 p.m. This afternoon, LCG announced the following commentary from Davy Crockett:

Commentary: Christian reform?

"A battle cry for Christian reform" blared a big headline in the Charlotte Observer. The article featured a picture of "one of the country's top 25 evangelical leaders" and carried a lengthy interview in which he answered questions about what Christians should be doing in today's world. Click here to read more.

Two articles of possibly related interest may include Hope of Salvation: How the Living Church of God differ from most Protestants and The History of Early Christianity.

02/03/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dibar Apartian. In it, he mentions travels, Kenya, media, news items, and be zealous.

Here are two items from that update:

Great News! We are happy to announce that Mr. Rod King’s television program this week set a new response-record for his programs—with over 3,000 responses. Both guest presenters, Mr. Rod King and Mr. Wallace Smith, have now entered the realm of 3,000-plus programs in North America. Last week we aired Mr. King’s program #311, “Fifty Years of European Union: What Next?” It offered The Beast of Revelation booklet. From Thursday through Sunday, we received 2,509 phone calls at our call-centers in Canada and the United States. We are expecting the final count for the week to be about 3,300.­­—Wayne Pyle

A Europe Without Borders Is Now a Reality! European citizens can now travel anywhere within a 24-nation area without border checks or passport control. Nine new nations were recently added to the 15-nation borderless “Schengen” zone and include mostly Baltic nations like Estonia, Hungary, Latvia and Poland. European President Manuel Barroso recently commented, “Together we have overcome border controls as man-made obstacles to peace, freedom, and unity in Europe.” Austrian chancellor Guesenbaur stated, “…Free borders in a free Europe: who would have dared to even dream of that in 1985 [when the Iron Curtain still stood].” Nearly every nation in western and eastern Europe now belongs to the borderless zone, including Switzerland which will join this year. The UK and Ireland appear to be among the very few who will elect to “stay out of the zone.” Chancellor Guesenbaur commented, “[the zone] is not about criminality, it is not about insecurity or fear. It is a bigger zone of peace, security, and stability” (, December 21, 2007).  Although a great “historical” achievement, this borderless zone of “peace, security and stability” is little more than an illusion. God warns that man’s attempts at peace are crooked and will fail (Isaiah 59:8). 

Two articles of possibly related interest may include Europa, the Beast, and Revelation and Who is the King of the North?

01/30/08 a.m. LCG announced the following commentary from Davy Crockett:

Commentary: Are you having fun?

A cousin of mine has been very successful in several business ventures. He has worked hard over many years and has accumulated wealth and property. He has the accoutrements of wealth that one might expect in the form of homes, cars, boats, an airplane, and a farm in the country. But his success has not... Click here to read more.

01/27/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions reaching the 6.5 billion, travels, lectures, television, media, finances, world news, and asks if you are teachable.

Here is one of the announcements related to media:

Rod King, U.K. Regional Director, reports: As you remember, when we lost our place on Inspiration Network, we dropped to 50 responses a week to the television program. We prayed for God to open another door and He answered in a big way! I have explained how one of the directors of the LoveWorld network called us to ask us if they could air our programme for free. Since we began airing on LoveWorld, we have received about 2,000 responses, which is around 300 responses a week. The monthly response statistics show that December 2007 brought in the highest number of phone calls since the telecast began airing in the U.K. in April 2005. December’s count came to 1,135 phone calls. This was the first month for more than 1,000 calls to be received. The increase is due to LoveWorld’s addition.  

01/23/08 a.m. Here is the latest commentary from LCG's Davy Crockett:

Living Church of God Commentary: A Town Meeting

"And now for the invocation..." said the mayor of my town as the Town Council began its meeting. I was pleasantly surprised to see this practice has survived in our secular age. Click here to read more.

01/20/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions the co-worker letter, the telecast, a 10% increase in LU enrollment, Namibia, a new station in Mexico, 2007 income up 6%, the mail tracking program, US religious freedom day, world news items, and asks if you love God's law.

Here is one the world news items:

Food: The Next Global Crisis? A worldwide food emergency is coming that will overshadow the bank credit squeeze, high oil prices and fears of climate change. Canada’s Financial Post (January 7, 2008) quoted Donald Coxe, global portfolio strategist at BMO Financial Group, who warned of impending food shortages: “It’s not a matter of if, but when… it’s going to hit this year hard.” Food prices are increasing as demand outstrips supply to satisfy the biofuels industry and meet the desires of the growing middle classes in China and India. In 2007 alone, raw food prices rose by an average of 22 percent. Russia and China, which in past years exported much farm produce, are now conserving crops to feed their own populations. “Those who have food are going to have a big edge,” Coxe said, urging farmers to increase corn production to match U.S. production levels of 200 bushels per acre, up from the current world average of 30. That can be done, Coxe said, “with more fertilizer, with genetically modified seeds and with advanced machinery and technology.” Observers note that Coxe’s recommendations could not be implemented in time to increase yields before catastrophic food shortages overwhelm the world’s poorer nations. How close are we to the time when, “A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine” (Revelation 6:6, KJV)? 

Contrary to the hope of Donald Coxe, I remain convinced that the reliance on genetically modified seeds will put the USA itself in a more dangerous food situation as all such seeds tend to be vulnerable to the same potential for destruction. Thus, I suspect that massive crop failures will ultimately affect one or more genetically modified crops. Repentance, and not reliance on inappropriate technologies, is the only hope for the USA.

01/16/08 a.m. LCG announced the following:

Commentary: Pay attention to warnings

When hard times come, will you be ready? What will you and your loved ones do when you must face a famine, a natural disaster or a war? Click here to read more.

Living Church of God Top 10 Website Downloads 2007 - #10:

Visit the website to see:

Click here to read more.

01/13/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. It includes reports on the Feast for 2008, Living University, finances,"Go Tos", prophecy, a healing, Kenya, Spanish update, a new booklet, mail processing, world news items and and the value of counsel.

Here are two to the announcements:

Please announce that registration for the Spring Semester of Living University ends on Tuesday, January 15, and that classes will begin on Wednesday, January 16. Late registration will be allowed from January 16 to January 18.  If you plan to enroll, please do so as soon as possible...

On Sunday, January 13, we will begin airing the Spanish radio broadcast, El Mundo de Mañana, for the first time in Cochabamba, Bolivia. We request the prayers of the brethren for the success of this new open door. Additionally, we are in the final production stages of the Spanish editions of the booklets Restoring Apostolic Christianity and Who Controls the Weather? They will be titled, respectively, Restauración del cristianismo original and ¿Quién tiene el poder sobre el clima?   

Here is one of the world news items:

Middle-Eastern Common Market. Six wealthy Persian Gulf nations are working to create a “Common Market” where each will recognize the others as economic equals. Although some forecast this common market will strain the economies of some of the nations, the overall prognosis is positive. Workers and citizens from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will also be able “to work, buy houses and companies, trade shares, go to school and receive medical treatment in all six states” (, January 2, 2007). This new group will work together for the benefit of the entire group. God prophesied of a future league of Middle East nations known as the King of the South. This powerful group of nations will be primarily located “south” of Jerusalem and will eventually push hard against the King of the North, or Beast power, in order to rid the Holy City and region from the power and influence of the “infidel.” Eventually, the King of the South will be overrun by this Beast power (see Daniel 11). The creation of this “Gulf State Common Market” could facilitate the development of the prophesied King of the South.  

More information on the King of the South can be found in the articles Is There A Future King of the South? and The Arab World In the Bible, History, and Prophecy.

01/11/08 p.m. In his latest commentary, LCG's Davy Crockett states:

The hectic Christmas shopping rush that began before Thanksgiving is over. It came and went with the usual hype about its importance for the economy, with gloomy predictions about how “the sky is falling” and the looming economic collapse of the good ol’ USA. Click here to read more.

01/10/08 a.m. Yesterday, announced:

Internet Update: 83 Countries

The online version of the TW Bible Study Course now has students enrolled from 83 countries around the world.  Columbia and Nepal are the most recent countries added to this list.  The TW Bible Study Course was featured on the back cover of the most recent Tomorrow’s World magazine and as a result the number of people enrolling in the course online each week has doubled!

– J. Charles Ogwyn 

Media Update: Strong Response

This weekend we began the new year with program #321, “2008 and Prophecy,” offering Prophecy Fulfilled: God’s Hand in World Affairs.  From Thursday through Sunday, we received 2,837 phone calls.  We are expecting the total count for the week to go over 3,500.  Our highest new-year’s program, “2005 and Prophecy,” generated 3,727 responses.  So, this week’s response-count is the second highest for a new-year weekend.

– Wayne Pyle

01/08/08 p.m. In his latest commentary, LCG's Davy Crockett states:

“If it bleeds, it leads…” seems to be the rule that newspapers, television, and other news sources use today, and they have no shortage of heinous crimes and tragic occurrences to write about. Click here to read more.

01/06/08 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. It includes reports on the 15th anniversary weekend, LU, the Philippines, Kenya, Guyana, personal correspondence, Mexico, and Vanuatu.

Here two of the items from it:

Living University 

Living University classes begin January 16. Next week is the time to apply for open learning classes. To apply, visit the university website at and select “Apply Now for Enrollment in the Open Learning Program.” You will be asked a few basic questions to establish your file. By e-mail, you will receive a login ID and password and given instruction on how to complete registration. If you are a returning student, use your current login ID and password to sign in and make your course selection.—Michael Germano 

Global Food Stocks Are Dangerously Low. “In an ‘unforeseen and unprecedented’ shift, the world food supply is dwindling rapidly and food prices are soaring to historic levels, the top food and agriculture official of the United Nations warned….” The UN’s food price index rose by 40 percent this year, up from 11 percent in 2006. Global corn stores are down to an eight-week reserve, the lowest since 1980. Wheat prices have risen 52 percent since last year. “We’re concerned that we are facing the perfect storm for the world’s hungry,” Josette Sheeran, executive director of the World Food Program, said in a telephone interview. She said that her agency’s food procurement costs had gone up 50 percent in the past 5 years and that some poor people are being “priced out of the food market.” Food prices are rising due to increasing cost of fuel used to ship food, the use of some foods for biofuel, and global weather events and shifts that are drastically affecting crop growth” (International Herald Tribune, December 17, 2007). Some of the signs of the end of the age are famines and pestilences (Luke 21:11). Revelation 6:5-6 identifies a “black horse,” representing a time of severe famine and super-inflation of the price of food products—especially wheat and barley. It appears that the world’s food supply is moving dangerously close to this prophesied time. 

01/03/08 a.m. Yestersday, reported:

Anniversary Weekend: Huge Success

The celebration and activities this past weekend, commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the Global/Living Work of God, were a huge success!  On Friday afternoon a marriage seminar was held at the HQ building along with special activities for teens and also for small children.  The teens enjoyed the opportunity to see several “behind the scenes” aspects of the Work, including the television set, the audio studio, and the mail room.  A high point of the teen activity on Friday was the chance to actually run the television set – including the camera!  For Sabbath services, there were 505 present and the atmosphere was like that of the Feast!  Saturday evening there was much fellowship over a banquet and later a dance.  On Sunday there were activities for all age groups – children, teens, singles, and adults.  For all who contributed to the success of this wonderful weekend – a warm thank you.

– Davy Crockett 

Media Update: Milestone Reached

We are happy to report that this past week’s response pushed our annual worldwide TV total over 200,000.  This is the first time for the Tomorrow’s World  television program to generate 200,000 responses in a year’s time.  To add a little perspective to this, it took the Work’s first four years and three months to bring in the first 200,000 responses!  The television program’s worldwide response has grown at an average annual rate of 22 percent per year over the past eight years.  We thank God and Jesus Christ for this tremendous growth.  It is a great way to end the calendar year of 2007.

– Wayne Pyle

In his latest commentary titled Where is the Love?, LCG's Tom Turner:

During this holiday season, I was checking out at my local market. Making the usual conversation with the young man who was ringing up my purchases, I commented on how the weather had cleared up, to which he responded, “I was hoping for more rain.” Click here to read more.

An item of possibly related interest may include What is the Meaning of Life?

12/30/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions Living University, Indonesia. UK, mail processing, world news items, and the importance of fellowship.

Here is one of the world news items:

Islam and the Vatican.  “Attempts to ‘Islamise’ Europe are threatening the Christian character of the continent, the Pope’s closest advisor has cautioned…. The danger for the identity of Europe that is connected with it should not be ignored out of a wrongly understood respectfulness” (The Times, July 27, 2007). The comments come in the wake of Europe’s nations continually accommodating the needs of their Islamic citizens or visitors, and highlight the Vatican’s view of the need to maintain Europe’s Christian roots. Meanwhile, the Pope recently “invited senior Muslim figures for ground-breaking talks at the Vatican.” In his comments, the Pope “emphasized the common belief of Christians and Muslims in one God” (The Times, December 1, 2007). Although the Vatican is leery of Islamic encroachments into Europe, Vatican planners are also looking to a future world where they will be influential and respected by all Muslims. The Vatican’s efforts to foster deeper ties with Muslim nations fits Daniel’s prophecy about a future seven-year treaty that will ultimately lead to the resuming of sacrifices on the Temple Mount—yet this deal will be “broken” halfway into the seven years (Daniel 9:27). 

Four articles of possibly related interest may include:

Europa, the Beast, and Revelation Where did Europe get its name? What might Europe have to do with the Book of Revelation? What about "the Beast"?
Who is the King of the North? Is there one? Do biblical and Roman Catholic prophecies point to the same leader? Should he be followed? Who will be the King of the North discussed in Daniel 11?
Is There A Future King of the South? Some no longer believe there needs to be. Might Egypt, Islam, Iran, Arabs, or Ethiopia be involved? What does the Bible say?
The Bible and the Arab World In History and Prophecy The Bible discusses the origins of the Arab world and discusses the Middle East in prophecy. What is ahead for the Middle East and those who follow Islam?

\12/27/07 p.m. In his latest commentary titled The Little Flock, LCG's Davy Crockett stated:

The bare trees make a silhouette on the horizon in the winter morning light, beautiful to behold in the cold, clear, crisp air. Not much traffic on a Saturday morning, a far cry from the crowded traffic on roadways on weekday commutes for most workers. Click here to read more.

12/26/07 a.m. In his latest commentary titled What is Truth?, LCG's Don Davis stated:

When it comes to politics, philosophy and religion, truth is usually a commodity in short supply. Click here to read more.

An article of possibly related interest may be What is the Meaning of Life?

12/23/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions travels, the 15th anniversary event, Kenya, French West Indies, finances, world news items, and the importance of patience.

Here is one of the world news items:

A More Powerful European Union:  Leaders from 27 EU countries recently signed the latest draft of the “Reform Treaty”—a euphemism for “EU Constitution.” This treaty will have a major impact in Europe in future years. Some outcomes of this new treaty are: 1) it gives large nations more votes—Germany and France will have much more voting power than most nations, due to their larger populations; 2) it abolishes national vetoes in 68 additional areas, from transportation to self-protection, budget and immigration; 3) it increases the power of the Council of Ministers, allowing them to create European laws and policy “behind closed doors” (, December 12, 2007). With the signing of this treaty in Lisbon, Portugal, an unprecedented amount of additional power is being handed over to a central European government body that has frighteningly little oversight, yet has increasing control of nearly 500 million Europeans.  Prophecy indicates that at the end of the age ten kings will be “of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast” (Revelation 17:13). We need to watch how this prophecy will play out.

An article of possibly related interest may include Europa and the Beast of Revelation.

12/20/07 p.m. In his latest commentary, LCG's Davy Crockett stated:

I have a friend who suffers a lot. He is not an old guy, but it seems like his body is old before its time. He has the kind of dogged health problems that when one symptom gets better, another infirmity breaks out. Click here to read more.

12/19/07 a.m. posted the following:

Anniversary Weekend: At Capacity

The response to our invitation to the 15th Anniversary celebration in Charlotte has been tremendous.  To date, we have had 463 people register for Sabbath services and 420 for the dinner. These numbers are just about the maximum our venue can handle. Our other seminars and activities are also booked to capacity. For this reason, we have closed registration for the 15th Anniversary events.

For those who have registered but have not booked housing, please identify yourselves as being part of the Living Church of God when making your reservations. While we have no financial incentive in making this request, the hotel/motels listed on the website have reserved a block of rooms for the Living Church of God and would like to know how many rooms we book as a group.

A number of attendees have made housing arrangements with individual families here in Charlotte. At this point, there is no further space available in local members’ homes.

– Davy Crockett

12/16/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions LU, the 15th anniversary, the upcoming ski weekend, Joplin, East Africa, UK television responses, South Africa, Pitcairn, a programmer opening, world news items, and asks "where is your heart?"

Here is one of the world news items:

Increasing Demon Activity. God warns that the “last days” will be unlike any other time in history. People will call good, evil, and evil, good (Isaiah 5:20). Satan-inspired acts will become more common. In a recent book, Inside Karen’s Crowded Mind, Dr. Richard Baer recounts nearly two decades of work with a patient afflicted with multiple personality disorder (MPD). This woman had 17 distinct personalities—some women, some men, some children—all with distinct memories and even distinct handwriting (Newsweek, October 29, 2007). Modern psychology “writes off” MPD as either a hoax or a rare and complex psychological condition. During Christ’s time, there were many examples of demons cast out of people through the power of God. We know that many demons can inhabit one person (Mark 5:2-13), and that when “cast out,” they can return, if one does not stay close to God (Matthew 12:43-45). God warns that when Satan is finally cast out from heaven, he will go out with “great wrath” because he knows he has but a short time remaining (Revelation 12:12). The end times promise to be terrible and even frightening. No doubt increased demonic activity will occur. But we do not need to fear, because we are promised that with God’s help we can resist the devil and he will flee from us (James 4:7-8).

I had encounters with those I thought probably had demons (some of them are mentioned in the article Close Encounters of a 'Spirit' Kind).

12/13/07 p.m. Here is the latest commentary from LCG's Davy Crockett:

As I looked around the lovely setting that was the new Senior Citizen’s Center, I saw a lot of folks enjoying themselves. Some of them were playing cards; others were playing chess or board games. Click here to read more.

12/12/07 p.m. reported:

Media Update: New Station

Three weeks ago we began airing on the LoveWorld satellite system in the UK, Ireland and Europe.  By only the third week, LoveWorld is beginning to match the responses we used to get from the Inspiration Network International (INI).  Last week over 300 calls came in to our UK call-center, which is the highest count in over a year.  LoveWorld appears to be the answer to a whole lot of prayers.

– Wayne Pyle 

Anniversary Weekend: Online Registration

There is still time to register, if you have not already done so, to take part in the Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration in Charlotte.  From inside the MyLCG area of the website you may register, change your registration, or view your registration and payment status.  Any who would like to register, but are unable to do so online, may register by calling the headquarters office at 704-844-1970. 

– Davy Crockett

12/11/07 a.m. In his latest commentary, LCG's Davy Crockett states:

Have you seen the debates as this political season unfolds? In various settings presented by different news organizations, the candidates have had the opportunity to answer questions and to face off against each other, trying to gain the advantage. Click here to read more.

12/09/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions Living University, the UCG meeting, today's memorial service for Keith Walden, an earthquake in Martinique, a New Zealand update, 15th anniversary weekend, singles weekend, job opening for a data entry clerk, finances, world news items, and the importance of faith.

Regarding the Waldens, it stated on 12/05/07:

On Friday, Mr. Rod McNair and I will fly to Austin, Texas, for the Sabbath and to conduct a memorial service for Mr. Keith Walden on Sunday. The memorial service will be held at the Driskill Hotel, 604 Brazos Street, in downtown Austin (phone 512-391-7143). Please plan to arrive by 1:30 p.m.  The service will begin at 2:00 p.m. Notes of condolence may be sent to Mrs. Keith Walden and family at:

Renee Walden
c/o Wyatt Ciesielka
15716 Opal Fire Dr.
Austin, TX 78728 

12/06/07 a.m. reports:

Internet Update: New Record

Last month we had a record 88,244 visitors across our primary US websites.  This shattered the old record of 82,763 visitors to our primary US websites back in July of this year.  In website statistics, visitors are the people that visit a website.  In publishing terms this would be called our circulation / readership / number of subscribers.  This number is important because it represents one way of measuring our reach through the Internet.

The online version of the TW Bible Study Course now has students enrolled from 81 countries around the world.  Mexico, Romania, Tanzania and the United Arab Emirates are the most recent countries added to this list. – J. Charles Ogwyn 

Anniversary Weekend: Online Registration

If you will be taking part in the Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration in Charlotte, and have not already completed the on-line registration process, please take a moment and do so.  From inside the MyLCG area of the website you may register, change your registration, or view your registration and payment status.  An accurate count of how many people will be participating in each of the weekend’s activities is a great help as we plan for this special occasion.– Davy Crockett

Mr. Keith Walden

It grieves us to inform you that Mr. Keith Walden, a long-time faithful minister of Jesus Christ, most recently serving in New Mexico as an Area Pastor for the Living Church of God, died on Thursday evening, November 29, after a long illness. He was 62 years old. He is survived by his wife Renee, and by daughters Tess (Wyatt) Ciesielka, Audrey (John) Robinson and Jodie (Shawn) Dumas. 

Mr. Walden was buried on Monday, December 3, during a private ceremony in Oklahoma. A memorial service will be conducted next Sunday afternoon in Austin, Texas.

12/04/07 p.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Don Davis:

If your name appears on the membership roll of a church that claims to follow Jesus Christ, does that automatically make you a Christian in the eyes of God? Click here to read more.

It may be of interest to note that the most often used name of the Church in the New Testament is "Church of God". It is clearly stated in both singular and plural form in twelve different places in the New Testament—including Acts 20:28; 1 Corinthians 1:2; 10:32; 11:16,22; ;15:9; 2 Corinthians 1:1; Galatians 1:13; 1 Thessalonians 2:14; 2 Thessalonians 1:4; 1 Timothy 3:5,15.

12/03/07 p.m. Dr. Winnail reported:

It grieves us to inform you that Mr. Keith Walden, a long-time faithful minister of Jesus Christ, most recently serving in New Mexico as an Area Pastor for the Living Church of God, died on Thursday evening, November 29, after a long illness. He was 62 years old. He is survived by his wife Renee, and by daughters Tess (Wyatt) Ciesielka, Audrey (John) Robinson and Jodie (Shawn) Dumas. 

Mr. Walden was buried today during a private ceremony in Oklahoma. A memorial service will be conducted next Sunday afternoon in Austin, Texas.

12/03/07 a.m. Keith Walden, an LCG minister, died Thursday evening of cancer.  He is to be buried today in Oklahoma.  A memorial service is planned in Austin for next Sunday.  Details are not yet finalized.

12/02/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from D. Winnail. In it, he mentions travels, the upcoming LCG visit to UCG, a healing, 15th anniversary of GCG/LCG, a singles' ski weekend, African and Spanish updates, the internet, world news items, and that Christians must be adaptable.

Here is one of the world news items:

European “Core” Talked About Again. On November 7, Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Junker again raised the prospect of European nations becoming just “part members” of the EU. Mr. Junker said he believed that “the EU should develop a core of EU countries,” and that “the EU is heading towards a crash if it does not develop this way.” The idea of a European Core, a two-speed Europe, a multi-speed Europe, or a concentric Europe is not new. The new EU reform treaty (or “revised constitution”), “contains the means for pro-integration states to move ahead” of the other nations, provided there are a minimum of nine states involved (EU Observer, November 7, 2007). A recent poll by the European Council on Foreign Relations revealed that “more than one-third of respondents” view an increased EU power as “a central element needed to develop a better world,” and that they prefer the “soft power” of Europe rather than the military might of the United States Study authors noted that, “It is striking that a continent with a military budget second only to the United States, and the biggest number of peace-keeping forces serving in the world seems to be perceived as a non-military power” (EU Observer, October 25, 2007). As the EU’s power and prestige grows, so does their prophesied role in end-time world affairs. God prophesied of an end-time power of not nine, but ten nations (Revelation 17). Ultimately, this powerful “beast” will have authority over “every tribe, tongue, and nation” (Revelation 13:7-8).  

More on Europe can be found in the articles Europa, the Beast, and Revelation and Who is the King of the North?

11/25/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from D. Winnail. In it, he mentions LU, travels, media responses, world news items, and giving thanks.

One of the world news items was:

One Step Closer to Reunification. The Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches recently met to begin healing their 950-year breach, and drafted a joint document which recognizes the primacy of the Pope. Some speculate that a future unification of the two churches could result in a weakening of the Pope’s position and even affect his “infallibility.” The Russian Orthodox Church did not attend due to an ongoing disagreement with the Eastern Orthodox Church (The Times, November 16, 2007).  Concurrently, Iran’s interactions with the Vatican have strengthened. Iran currently holds the second-largest diplomatic core of envoys to the Vatican of any nation on earth. They talk regularly with Vatican officials. Some Vatican and Iranian “insiders” think Iran may ask for Vatican help if the U.S. moves closer to invading Iran (, November 27, 2007). As time and prophecy move forward, we see a strengthening of ties between the Vatican and Middle Eastern nations. God prophesied of a time when a treaty would be signed that will powerfully impact the Holy Land and that permits temple sacrifices by the Jews (Daniel 9:27).  This could also involve an agreement between the world’s three monotheistic religions: Islam, Judaism and “Christianity.” Current events in the Middle East appear to be paving the way for such a treaty. 

It may be of interest to note that although Pope Benedict XVI indicates that the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches have apostolic succession, Roman Catholic scholars have come out and stated that neither Rome, Alexandria, and Constantinople did not have bishop to bishop transfer until at least the middle of the second century, nor that Jerusalem had it after 130 A.D.

Two articles of related interest may include:

Apostolic Succession What really happened? Did structure and beliefs change? Are many of the widely-held current understandings of this even possible? Did you know that Catholic scholars really do not believe that several of the claimed "apostolic sees" of the Orthodox have apostolic succession--despite the fact that the current pontiff himself seems to wish to ignore this view?  Is there actually a true church that has ties to any of the apostles that is not part of the Catholic or Orthodox churches?  Read this article if you truly are interested in the truth on this matter!

Orthodox Must Reject Unity with the Roman Catholics Do the Orthodox really understand what the Roman Catholics have in mind?

One of the world news items was:

Will Belgium Cease to Exist?  Belgian news sources are now predicting the possible split of the French-Flemish nation along ethnic lines. For the first time in 177 years, the Flemish majority in parliament voted along ethnic lines, forcing its will, and causing a crisis that has paralyzed the government for more than 150 days. The formidable national debt is now a major concern to Belgium’s creditors, as they ask the question, “who will repay the debt should the nation split?” Belgian government officials assure, however, that there will be no default on the nation’s loans. Illustrating the divided nation, Belgium’s Flemish region is known for its booming high-tech industries, while the French region of Wallonia has high unemployment rates (The Telegraph, November 15, 2007). God warned that the final revival of the Holy Roman Empire would consist of strong nations that will be very loosely tied together—as iron and clay (Daniel 2:33). As we watch the evolution of the European Union and its member states, we see the strength of the EU as a whole, but also the ever-divided and unstable nature of the “individual” states. Jesus also warned that a major sign of the end of the age would be “nations” or “ethnic groups” being increasingly pitted against each other (Matthew 24:3, 7).   This is what we are witnessing today!   

What is happening in Belgium is not that unlike what occurred in the old Czechoslovakia (which split into two nations) and Yugoslavia which split into many (though that involved warfare). Europe seems to be happy to give up countries to make smaller "tribal" units as long as they are supportive of the EU.

11/20/07 p.m. LCG's Wayne Pyle reported:

As of 11/09/07, our member files now show more than 2,600 baptisms from all sources in our U.S. and international Living Church of God congregations since January 1999.

Very good for a group that only had about 5,000-5,300 people (including children) in January 1999.

11/18/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions the COE meeting, Living University, 15th anniversary weekend, Burundi, internet results, finances, world news items, and the importance of prayer.

Here is one of the world news items:

Pushing for a European Military. As France takes the lead of the EU in the second half of 2008, it plans to push hard for a Europe of defense. The French Defense Minister, Mr. Morin, “described European defence as an ‘absolute priority’ which is at least as important for European integration as the EU’s common currency, the euro. ‘With the common currency, we have created a strong symbol for Europe. But nothing can better express the European community of fate than common defence, a common sense of Europe’s threats and security interests,’ he said.” This common defense would require not only an exchange of soldiers, but a “harmonization” of military training (EU Observer, November 13, 2007). In many places in scripture, God warns of an end-time Beast power that will both oppress and subjugate Israelite-descended nations (Hosea 11:5) as well as overrun Middle Eastern nations (Daniel 11) and occupy the Holy Land (vv. 41-43; Luke 21:20-24). As prophecy marches on, we see actions taking place to bring about this future capability.

While prophetic events are moving in accordance with what we in LCG believe, since the European military power is not ready yet (the King of the North of Daniel 11 will be a strong military leader), we can be confident that the great tribulation will not begin in 2008, nor are dates like 2009 or 2010 likely--history has shown that it takes time (at least a few years) to develop the most powerful military in the world.

However this does not mean that the tribulation will not happen soon. Notice another news item in the current update:

Decline of the Dollar. The U.S. is printing more money, the value of the dollar is at an all-time low against world currencies, oil is nearing US$100 per barrel, corporate earnings are falling, and some experts are predicting crashing stock values (Money and Markets, November 13, 2007). French President Sarkozy, in a recent address to the U.S. Congress, warned that if the U.S. does not do something to pull out of its economic slump and raise the value of the dollar, Europe and the world will feel the negative repercussions (, November 7, 2007). Inflation is the natural reaction to plummeting dollar values and the U.S.’s attempt to bolster the economy by printing more money. Today, as many in the U.S. are “living life” and ignoring the news and world economics, many are ripe for being caught “unaware” as God’s prophesied events occur all around them (Matthew 24:36-44). God prophesied of a future time of increasing famine and corresponding inflation (Revelation 6:6). This time will also be marked by the U.S. and other Israelite-descended nations being known as debtor nations (Deuteronomy 28:44). The stage is being set for the fulfillment of these prophecies now.

The USA, while temporarily being able to survice economically, will not be able to keep up its spend and borrow policies for too many more years. The nations it owes money to will rise up against it suddenly and devastate it (see Habakkuk 2:7-8). This will coincide with an increase in European economic and military might (though Europe will apparently have some major bumps in the road before this occurs).

Jesus said to "watch" (Luke 21:36) and by watching world events and what His word teaches needs to occur, I do not believe that the great tribulation will begin before 2011 (and I suspect it will probably be after that)--but the USA, etc may have major turmoil prior to that. Hence, those who are saying that 2008 or 2009 are possible or likely dates are in error.

11/16/07 p.m. In his latest commentary titled, Eight words that will improve your life, LCG's Don Davis stated:

There are eight little words, in four simple phrases, that can help solve most of the interpersonal problems we encounter every day. They can end arguments, settle disputes and even bring peace. Sadly, most people are too proud to use them as often as they should, and they suffer from strife and turmoil as a result. Click here to read more.

11/15/07 p.m. reported:

Internet Update: One-Millionth Response

On Thursday, June 13, 2002, we began using Google AdWords to advertise our websites and introduce people to the true Gospel.  On Sunday, June 17, 2007, we reached a major milestone with Google – over 1,000,000 visitors to our site as a direct result of our AdWords campaigns!  In today’s mail we received a letter from the Director of Google AdWords congratulating us on this achievement and presenting us with a special certificate in recognition of this accomplishment.  Our impact and reach through the Internet continues to grow as God opens doors and guides us forward.

– J. Charles Ogwyn

Anniversary Weekend: Online Registration

An on-line registration system is now in place as a button in the myLCG area of the website.  If you are planning to take part in the Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration in Charlotte, please take a moment to complete the on-line registration.  An accurate count of how many people will be participating in each of the weekend’s activities is a great help as we plan for this special occasion.

– Davy Crockett

Media Update: New Record

This week’s program shattered the all-time record for the Fourteen Signs booklet.  Dr. Meredith’s program #204, “The END of the World!” set the old record back in January 2005 with 3,617 responses.  This week’s program #306, “WHY Must Christ Come AGAIN?” from Thursday through Sunday brought in 3,127 phone calls.  We are expecting this week’s final count to reach 3,977! 

– Wayne Pyle

This week at the office: Council of Elders

The Council of Elders meetings, which began on Monday, will end today.  The Council addressed a number of issues including reports on this year’s Feast of Tabernacles and plans for the future, meeting present and future manpower needs, doing the Work more effectively and several doctrinal issues.  A Regional Pastors Conference is scheduled for Thursday.  A Youth Meeting is scheduled Friday morning to review and plan activities and initiatives to meet the needs of the youth.  A Living University Board Meeting will be held Friday afternoon.  Please ask for God’s inspiration and guidance during these important meetings.

It is interesting to note that one million have responded to the telecast and one million have responded to internet ads. This excludes others who watch the telecast but have not responded, and to a lessor degree, those who found the website without any ads. LCG is reaching millions with the COG message.

11/11/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions the COE meeting which is to begin tomorrow, the semi-annual letter, Haiti, a young adults ski event, one millionth response, world news items, and working together.

Here is info on the one millionth response:

New Milestone for Tomorrow’s World Television 

We are happy to report that as of this week, the Tomorrow’s World television program received its one-millionth response since the program started airing in January 1999.  This response-count is from all our TV stations around the world, including Canada, the UK, the Philippines, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and, of course, the United States. It took six years to reach our first half-million, then less than three years for the next half-million. Various TV-ratings data indicate that the Tomorrow’s World telecast has now been viewed by more than 13 million households in the past eight years. 

11/09/07 p.m. In his latest commentary, LCG's Don Davis stated:

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American moves 11.7 times during his or her lifetime. Yet although we are a mobile nation, we quickly become comfortable in our places and patterns of living. Click here to read more.

11/08/07 a.m. reported the following:

Media Update: One-Millionth Response

At exactly 3:31:09 am Pacific Time (6:31:09 am Eastern Time) Sunday, November 4, 2007, WGN calls were flooding in to our call-center in Kansas City from all over the United States.  It was at this very instant that a brand new female viewer in Sun Valley, California, made her very first call in response to the Tomorrow’s World program, a call lasting only 67 seconds, but this call was the one-millionth response to the Tomorrow’s World telecast since the program began airing in January 1999.– Wayne Pyle 

Internet Update: Online BSC Now In 77 Countries

The list of countries where students have enrolled in the on-line version of the Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course continues to grow.  Afghanistan, Aruba, Fiji and Hungary are the most recent countries that we have added to this list.  We now have on-line BSC students in 77 different countries.  Students from outside of the United States account for 1 out of every 3 students enrolled in the on-line version of the BSC.– J. Charles Ogwyn 

Living University: Spring Registration 

On-line registration for Living University’s second semester classes has begun.  This Spring, LU will be offering THL 136 Acts and the Writings of Paul, taught by Dr. Meredith; THL250 Introduction to Biblical Doctrines, taught by Mr. Ames; THL326 Christian Leadership, taught by Dr. Winnail; and THL472 Archaeology and the Biblical World, taught by Dr. Germano.  Spring semester classes will begin January 16, 2008.– Michael P. Germano

11/06/07 a.m. In his latest commentary, LCG's Wallace Smith asks Has the U.S. become a bad investment?:

The big headline in the Financial Times on Wednesday, October 17, 2007, was “Investors flee US securities.” It seems that “[f]oreign investors slashed their holdings of US securities by a record amount as the credit squeeze intensified.” Apparently, faith in America as a good investment is diminishing. Click here to read more.

11/04/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from LCG's Dr. D. Winnail. In it, he mentions that enrollment is now open for Living University's Spring semester, the telecast, a tornado, the 15th anniversary celebration, singles' and married couples' seminars, HDO envelopes, mail processing,world news items, and the need to pay attention to prophecy.

My comments for today on Living University are at the page.

Here is one of the world news items:

Microsoft and the EU. An EU high court ruled again last month that Microsoft must pay a fine of more than 200 million euros and share some of its privately-developed intellectual property in order to stimulate competition in European technology. Google, Apple, Intel and others may be next (International Herald Tribune, September 16, 2007; The Times, September 25, 2007). Some argue that this case, which is expected to be appealed to the EU’s highest court, is “the tip of the iceberg” in the EU’s plan to impose its regulations on all international trade. The EU’s massive trade block gives it powerful sway over companies who want to trade within it. In one case, companies desiring to sell cosmetics, deemed safe on the international market for decades, must register a list of product chemicals with Brussels by June 2008. However, European counterparts need not register their products for at least three years. Critics see this as an EU effort to stem international imports—creating more opportunity for national firms (Wall Street Journal, October 31, 2007). God warned Israel about its sins, “you shall be defeated by your enemies… I will break the pride of your power… your strength shall be spent in vain…” (Leviticus 26:17, 19-20). This prophecy can also apply to the areas of finance and trade. 

11/02/07 p.m. Here is the latest commentary from LCG's:

Many of the problems we have in life involve our relationships with people. We think our boss or teacher doesn’t like us, or the folks next door are hard to get along with. Perhaps our marriage has soured and the children are in rebellion. If such difficulties are chronic in our lives, we need to ask a simple question. “Am I contributing to these negative situations?” If the answer is yes, we must then ask: “What should I do about it?” Click here to read more.

11/01/07 p.m. reported:

Internet Update: New Employee

Mark Smith will arrive in Charlotte today to fill the position of Assistant Webmaster.  For the last 5 years Mark has worked on the DOTD Internet and Intranet websites for the Louisiana Department of Transportation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

– J. Charles Ogwyn 

Media Update: Winning Program

This weekend we re-aired Mr. King’s program #307, “Who Made Britain ‘Great’?,” which offers The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy (USP). From Thursday through Sunday we received 1,640 phone calls and we are expecting the week to end with 2,240 responses. 

This week’s re-airing brought in 7 percent more replies than the first airing.  Typically, it is common to see 20 percent fewer responses from repeat programs.  Whenever a repeat program out-pulls its original airing, it can be considered a winning program, and so it was this weekend!

– Wayne Pyle

 This week at the office: TW Mailed

The latest issue of Tomorrow's World magazine has been mailed.  Its cover article, by Mr. Rod McNair, is: "Christmas: Harmful to Children?"  Mr. Meredith's article asks, “Will Jesus Christ Return Tonight?” The November-December 2007 issue, with a print run of 343,000, will soon be reaching subscribers in 179 countries around the globe.

The January-February 2008 Living Church News has gone to the printer; it should be mailed in mid-November, and in the hands of most brethren sometime in December.

Dr. Meredith and Mr. Ames are each planning to tape a Tomorrow’s World telecast on Thursday, November 1.

10/28/07 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions LU, prayer requests, the Southern California fires, the upcoming 15th anniversary celebration for LCG/GCG, a public Bible lecture, audio cassettes, 2007 Feast of Tabernacles attendance, Myanmar, internet stats, world news items, and reasons to rejoice.

Here is the information on the Feast in Myanmar:

The Feast in Myanmar 

We are happy to report that brethren in the Living Church of God in Myanmar were able to keep the Feast without disruption, despite the violence occurring there during the Feast this year.  As our minister from Myanmar, Thomas Tial Hoe, wrote, the 75 brethren “rejoiced before God keeping His Feast for eight joyous days, dwelt together, ate together in unity and love and experienced a foretaste of Tomorrow’s World.  It was an inspiring, encouraging spiritual Feast as well as fine physical food and powerful sermons from Headquarters leaders.  Our heartfelt thanks to you all who help us to enjoy the Feast successfully.  We need your prayers...”   

Myanmar (Burma) has long been a difficult place to live and I believe that those there have long needed our prayers and obviously still do now.

10/25/07 p.m. reported:

October 24, 2007 Media Update: New Station This past week we signed a contract for a new station in Lafayette, LA, KLWB-TV, channel 50. Beginning on January 6, 2008, we will be airing Sundays at 9:00 am. We have had that same time slot on KATC-TV in Lafayette for the last three years but station management there was planning to change our airing time so we decided not to renew. The last airing on KATC will be November 11. – Wayne Pyle

This week at the office: Sobered By Fires As we press forward to carry out the commission that we have been given, we have been saddened to see the fires raging through Southern California. This has been especially sobering since the headquarters office was previously located in San Diego. Many here at the office have recognized some of the neighborhoods being shown in news reports as being areas where brethren live or where they themselves once lived and with which they were very familiar. The brethren and others in California are very much in our thoughts and prayers.

10/21/07 a.m. Here is the latest update by Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions Living University, the FOT, an upcoming 15 celebration, baptisms, telecast results, world news events, and goals for the coming year.

Here are some of the items in his report:

The Feast of Tabernacles 2007 

We had a total of 43 sites in 30 countries celebrating God’s Feast of Tabernacles this year...

God’s Work in South Africa 

A recent administrative report submitted by Mr. Christo Botha, South Africa office manager, reveals that our current Tomorrow’s World mailing list has grown to 6,423 subscribers, as of the July-August 2007 issue of the magazine. A total of 626 students are taking the Bible Study Course in English and 383 are taking it in Afrikaans. The Tomorrow’s World telecast is also bearing good fruit, with 1,240 responses received during the last eleven months, of which approximately 63 percent came from new respondents.  


Excerpts from a report prepared by Mr. Wayne Pyle for the Feast of Tabernacles: 

In the past 12 months, we have received 196,336 responses from our TV stations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  The total response is up by 8 percent over the previous year, which itself was up 30 percent!  More than 100,000 of the Tomorrow’s World respondents were brand new to the television program and the Living Church of God.   

A total of 442,654 booklets, reprints, lessons, audio CDs and other publications were sent to requesters around the world, which is 15 percent above the previous year. 

Since last year’s Feast of Tabernacles, a total of 409 new members have come with the Living Church of God, including 209 newly baptized members.  Some of these new members came from such far-flung countries as Botswana, Mauritius, Tanzania and Vanuatu—a total of 24 countries. 

Its always great to hear how effective this "little flock" we call LCG is in proclaiming the true gospel to the world as a witness.

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