CG7 and Octoberfest?

By COGwriter

As many readers of this page are aware, Church of God, Seventh Day (Denver) does not observe the biblical holy days other than Passover.

And while most in the COGs have just observed the biblical Feast of Tabernacles, apparently some in CG7 are looking forward to something that CG7 is actually calling Octoberfest (though they do not intend it as the Germans tend to celebrate it–also the Germans often spell it Oktoberfest, though many in the USA spell it Octoberfest).

Below is the first item listed under Events at CG7’s website:

October 19-21 – Octoberfest Family Retreat, CoG7 Camp, Jasper, AR; theme: Our Church, Our World; speaker: Bill Hicks…>> Flier PDF

The pdf. flier is simply a one page picture that adds the statements, “An old fashion camp-meeting nestled in the beautiful Ozarks…Food & Lodging Provided”.

FWIW, Octoberfest, if my memory serves me correctly, was began in the early 1800s when a Bavarian prince married a Saxon princess.  About 40,000 attended to celebrate that with the eating of chicken and drinking of beer.  It is still celebrated in various places as mainly a time to eat chicken and drink beer.  Over 6,000,000 have celebrated the German version this year according to one news report I saw.

I would suggest that CG7:

1) Observe biblical holy days such as the Feast of Tabernacles

2) Not go for catchy titles like “Octoberfest” as it clearly has a different meaning that CG7 intends.

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