Iran in the News

Some in the COGs have recently mentioned Iran. 

In his latest newsletter, ICG’s Mark Armstrong commented:

Today, October 12, is the day Iran promised its “final response” to supporters of the Zionist state of Israel.  That would be us, here in the United States.  I’ve been checking the news for some word of the “final response” but there is nothing so far.  Not that these terror-mongers don’t have the will and the means to carry out vicious attacks, but they’re also prone to great gusts of hot air. 

In the latest Living Church News, LCG’s RC Meredith noted:

Meanwhile the Jerusalem Post reports that the Israeli airforce is practicing long-range bombing maneuvers in preparation for a strike against Iran…Richard Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., has been simultaneously pushing the U.S. to “act now” to relieve Iran of its nuclear capability…Regardless of the exact timing, events of this type increasingly put America and its allies against more than a billion  people who comprise the “Moslem nation!”

Comments by COGwriter:

V. Putin is planning on meeting with Iran Tuesday to tell them to cooperate a bit more so that it will not have to face the Israeli or U.S. military according to a news story that PCG linked to this morning.

It should be noted that unlike PCG, those of us in LCG do not believe that Iran will be the future King of the South (though it could be a supporter).  We tend to feel that Iran will be just one more irritant to negatively impact the US as opposed to being the King of the South .

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