CG7’s Whaid Rose states “We Are Protestant”

The latest edition of Norman Edward’s Servants’ News arrived this week.  Norman Edwards reported that he attended this summer’s convention of CG7-Denver.  And while he apparently liked the convention, here is some of what he reported:

President Whaid Rose stated, “We are Protestant.  We protested the Catholic Church and embraced ‘sola scriptura’. We just protested more than the rest.” (Edwards N. 2007 G.C. Convention Church of God (Seventh Day).  Servant’s News, July-Aug 2007, p. 6).

I am glad that Whaid Rose is still willing to publicly admit that his church protests the Catholic Church.

The following which is purportedly from the October 2003 edition of CG7’s Bible Advocate and was written by its president, Whaid Rose, states:

When God wants to do something significant in the world, He calls a man or a woman and sets him-her to the task.” {Speaking of the Protestant Reformation}, “That event is remembered each year during the month of October. What better time to celebrate the blessings of the Reformation and contemplate the impact of your own life…There were many other reformers besides Luther.”

CG7’s President must realize that, years ago, even CG7 did NOT trace its history through the Protestant reformation. Thus, celebrating the ‘blessings of the Reformation’ seems odd.

Yet while Roman Catholics tend to consider that all non-Catholics who profess Christ are Protestant, the truth is that those truly in the Church of God (COG) are not Protestant.

We not only protest the Roman and Orthodox Catholics, we protest the Protestants themselves precisely because they have not truly embraced sola scriptura and because they have embraced many Catholic practices that they should have protested (Sunday, Christmas, the Trinity, etc.).  Furthermore, Protestants do not seem to understand that since God is a God of love, that His plan of salvation will result in nearly every one being saved.

In addition, we in the COGs like the Living Church of God, specifically trace our history from the apostles including Peter, Paul, and John, and through various leaders in various lands throughout history.  Unlike the Protestants who trace themselves through the Roman Catholics, we in the COGs DO NOT trace ourselves through Rome, never accepted the authority of the Roman Church, and hence never broke away from it. 

Unlike the Protestants, we in the COGs can boldly teach about early Christianity because our early leaders (like Polycarp and Polycrates) were the ones that objected to Roman Catholic practices such as Easter-Sunday Passover–the Protestants have no such early leaders they can point to that objected to Rome when it attempted to expand its influence.

An ecumenical age is approaching that many, including the Seventh-day Adventists (see yesterday’s post) and even some who consider themselves part of the COG will be caught up in.  Hopefully, those in CG7 will realize that they should not consider that they are Protestant.

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