CGFF’s Alton Billingsley again projects Hillary Clinton as President of the USA, but let’s also look at what he wrote before

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CGFF’s Alton Billingsley again is making predictions about Hillary Clinton. A reader sent me something containing the following:

Pastoral Writings


Alton B. Don Billingsley

November-December 2020 …

The president to replace Mr. Trump is prophesied to be a woman. She will then break the glass ceiling, as promised by Hillary Clinton, who was defeated in her effort to become president in 2016.

This woman will become the 45th president of America (Isaiah 3:12; Nahum 3:12-13). She has the number of the finality of the presidency and of America. …

Once again, the numbers do not fit with Mr. Biden to become the president nor the woman who would have become the vice-president—Kamala Harris.

Madam President Hillary Clinton (?)—

If God should choose to enable Hillary Clinton to become the new president, or whoever else, she will be the 45th president (cf. Isaiah 3:12; Nahum 3:13).

This adds up to the number NINE and has the meaning of divine judgment; the final president before being conquered by the Holy Roman Empire .

She will be the final president before this nation is to be conquered by the Holy Roman Empire. And more than likely this will be Hillary Clinton! In historical type, it appears she will be in type—Queen Athaliah of Judah (II Kings 11:1).

When studying the Scriptures about Queen Athaliah in the Holy Bible, and reading about the Clintons on the internet, there does not seem to be much difference between them.

May God have mercy.

How Could This Happen?

One might ask, “How could this happen when Hillary Clinton is not even in the running for president?”

For understanding consider the following Scenario:

Based on Bible prophecy that connects with a major event to take place within this next year—or possibly two years (i.e. to make possible the beginning of the building of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem, II Thessalonians 2:1-4; Matthew 24:15; a historical duality with King Cyrus, Ezra 1:1-5), Jesus Christ who rules in the kingdoms of man, will make it possible for President Trump to remain as president to make that happen for no Democratic president would ever do it.

Conjecture: After that firmly takes place then President Trump could possibly die with a heart attack or by some other cause before he completes his four years in that high office. At the same time possibly Vice-President Pence would die just before or about the same time, conceivably in a plane crash or whatever.

History records the deaths of many who got in the way of powerful people over time. As an example, consider Supreme Court Justice Scalia, aged 79, while on a hunting trip in Texas, died over night with a pillow over his head. No autopsy was performed, and he was buried the same day—with no follow up! Strange indeed! …

Years ago, Alton Billingsley claimed that God told him that Hillary Clinton would win. In an advertisement in an earlier edition of The Journal: News of the Churches of God,COG-ff’s Alton Billingsley claimed:

The Next President—By studying prophecy in view of the news, God has made known to me who will be the new president. He also has made known how much time is left before the Great Tribulation and the demise of this nation and the nations of Israel. If you are interested in knowing whether I am right or wrong, please read my article, entitled “Historical Duality Reveals the Future” (Phil Remnant Mag latest mag copy July-Aug.- Sept.2016.pdf or http:// www. c o g – f f. c o m / pr_2016_07_08_09/pr_2016_07_08_09. html#6/).

In the article he mentions, it says that Hillary Clinton will be the next president, that she will be re-elected, and she will be executed in 2023. In that magazine as Alton Billingsley also wrote:

Just before famine and the diseases reaches {sic} their most severe point in 2023, Hillary’s sixth year, God’s elect will flee to the first part of their departure to the Place of Safety (cf. Revelation 18:4-5; Jeremiah 51:50). (Billingsley A. Historical Duality Reveals the Future. Philadelphia Remnant, July-August 2016, p. 13)

So, Alton ‘Don’ Billingsley has just proven to everyone that he is a false prophet. He does not lead the Philadelphian remnant of the Church of God like he likes to believe.

Many do not understand what the Bible teaches about prophets (see also How To Determine If Someone is a True Prophet of God) and aspects of prophecy.

Despite his insistence that God had told him that Hillary Clinton would win, and his advertisement claiming she could become US President in 2017 or later, Don Billingsley also wrote:

Donald Trump—From the very beginning of his run for the presidency it seemed without question God had raised him up for a special purpose. …

His stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton proves it in part, but there are other reasons as will be noted.

God’s Perfect Time Table—It would appear God’s choice of Donald Trump was to slow the nation down to fit within His perfect timetable. …

The Emergence of the Holy Roman Empire— There is yet another reason: When considering the near future with the prophesied Holy Roman Empire to emerge in Europe, it would seem this is the real reason why God chose Donald Trump to become the president-elect. And, if so, he will be inaugurated January 20, 2017, as the 45th president of the United States of America.

While Don Billingsley is correct about some of that, his view that God wanted Donald Trump to win seemingly contradicts his views about Hillary Clinton.

Let me add that not only do I believe that Donald Trump’s rise is an impetus for the rise of the final European Beast power (which Don Billingsley correctly referred to as the emergence of the Holy Roman Empire in his advertisement), I have been writing about that situation since 2015.

Anyway, in the same November -December 2020 Pastoral Letter, Don Billingsley also made various claims again about Donald Trump. Plus this time also about Joe Biden:

Mr. Biden will not become the new president of America. According to the spiritual significance of numbers he does not fit as a man to become the 45th president—not the 46th.

Just as God predetermined the birth and rein of King Cyrus 150 years before he was born, and even called him by name, He also foreordained, planned ahead, for the presidency of Donald Trump to become the 44th president, not the 45th president.

Jesus Christ did this by enabling one man to become president twice in this country, but not in consecutive terms in office. That man was Grover Cleveland.

INTERNET: “The First Democrat elected after the Civil War, Grover Cleveland was the only President to leave the White House and return for a second term four years later (1885-1889 and 1893-1897).”  End of Quote

Irrespective of what happens with Joe Biden, the logic above is in error.

Alton Don Billingsley is not the leader of the Philadelphian remnant and has repeatedly improperly obsessed about his inaccurate views of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump (see CGFF claims Donald Trump is a ‘Cyrus’ who will lead to the ‘Third Temple’), and probably now also Joe Biden.

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