Obama Still to Pick Hillary?

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

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Sarah Palin

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There are rumors going around that because of the popularity of Sarah Palin, that Barack Obama may pick Hillary Clinton to replace Joe Biden as his vice-presidential nominee.

Notice the following news item:

Could Clinton still come back?

Daily Mail, UK – Sept 25, 2008

The internet is buzzing today with the rumour that Barack Obama’s gaffe-prone running mate Joe Biden will drop out of the race for health reasons – to be replaced by Hillary Clinton.

John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate has created so much interest in the Republicans that Mr Obama will have to make a radical move to regain momentum, the argument goes.

Mrs Clinton could be just the key. Mr Biden, who had surgery in 1998 to repair two brain aneurysms, would drop out after the vice presidential debates due to be held on October 2, according to the claims – leaving the way open for the former First Lady.

Most are dismissing the rumour as the usual internet chatter. But it has been given added weight by those who have not addressed it – namely Fight the Smears.

Fight the Smears is a website the Obama campaign set up to quash just such damaging Internet rumours – but it has not yet touched this one, though that may be out of fear of fuelling the rumour.

The Obama campaign has not commented on it, other than to say that Biden’s medical records will be released soon…

Biden has caused several problems for the Obama campaign. This week he was forced to issue a clarification after he called one of his own campaign ads “terrible” in an interview with CBS News.

He was also rebuked Obama after he spoke out against the government bailout of American International Group last week before Obama was ready to take a position.

On Tuesday, he said that President Franklin Roosevelt had gone on television in 1929 to discuss the Wall Street crash – but Herbert Hoover was president in 1929 and the TV hadn’t been invented yet.

At one point, he even said Hillary Clinton might have been a better pick for Obama’s No. 2.

“I doubt it,” said Christopher Hull, presidential scholar and adjunct government professor at Georgetown University, when told of the Biden rumor. “Joe Biden is not that big a liability. Joe Biden was arguably the most experienced candidate in the [Democratic primary] race.”

“Joe Biden, of course, has shot off his mouth and gotten himself in trouble,” he added. “It’s Joe Biden we’re talking about.”

Though Obama lost ground in the polls after McCain tapped Palin to be his running mate, he has recently regained some of that footing…

Hull said he would understand the desire to put Clinton on the ticket if Obama were persistently trailing in the polls. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1061791/Could-Clinton-come-Internet-buzzes-rumours-Biden-replaced-Hillary-Obamas-running-mate.html

I went to the Obama campaign’s Fight the Smears website this morning, and it still had not commented on this rumor (though that is not surprising).

Having watched some of the debate on BBC last evening before sunset, I noticed that Barack Obama once again praised his running mate, Joe Biden.  So, unless Joe Biden really does have more health problems and/or John McCain surges in the polls, I really doubt that Barack Obama would pick Hillary Clinton.

But of course, stranger things have happened.

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