COGWA May Launch Public Proclamation Website in June 2012


In its announcement dated 02/23/12, but posted today, COGWA has the following:

From Clyde Kilough: Since I wrote to you in the last Ministerial Newsletter, we have begun work on the website that will serve as our voice devoted exclusively to preaching the gospel to the world. The team at 30 Degrees North, along with several other individuals, is very busy planning and constructing this site; and our target for launching it is early June.

Officially, COGWA formed in December 2010. Its main five accomplishments since that time seem to have been:

  1. Getting much of the paid US based ministry of the United Church of God to leave and support it.
  2. Holding the Feast of Tabernacles 2011 in many locations.
  3. Accumulating over one million dollars as an extra reserve.
  4. Finding an office in Texas.
  5. Not falling into the type of apostasy that happened in the Tkach WCG/GCI.

Although COGWA has claimed that public gospel proclamation was to be its top priority, it still has not been particularly effective with that.  However, it looks like it is making some effort, on the internet, at least.  Yet, I do not believe that COGWA has displayed the type of Philadelphia-era fruits that a Philadelphian Church of God should have demonstrated by this time.

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