COGWA to Texas, But Dr. Winnail is Not

Dr. Douglas Winnail


James Malm posted the following:

The MBOD unanimously approved Dallas/Fort Worth as the location for the principal office of COGWA.

This comes as no surprise as the dispute over the Denton property led directly to the UCG split.

The Franks faction had been extremely anxious to move to the Denton property and build a college and headquarters along HWA lines, as Gerald Flurry had done in Oklahoma…

Rod Meredith is now close to the point of being unable to supervise the operations of LCG and Richard Ames may not be able to handle things for too long.  Doug Winnail is now emerging as the coming leader of LCG.

This is pure speculation on my part, but Doug was a close friend of Jim Franks during their years together in Baltimore, and if there should be enough time for this situation to mature, it is possible that these two might once again establish a good working relationship with a joint cooperative effort.

Dr. Douglas Winnail is an evangelist in the Living Church of God.  Let me put James Malm’s public speculation to rest, based on the numerous conversations that I have had with Dr. D. Winnail on UCG, COGWA, merger rumors, and other matters, the type of cooperation that James Malm is hinting at is not going to happen.  Dr. Winnail has no plans for LCG to be jointly connected with COGWA in Texas.

While this does not mean that there can be no areas that various COGs can cooperate in, Dr. Winnail has made it clear that he has no intentions to get together with COGWA.

As far as Dr. Meredith goes, in a must-play DVD that those of us in LCG saw yesterday, Dr. Meredith seemed fine and stated that he thought that God would probably keep him around a few more years.  And regarding Richard Ames, he sounded fine when I last spoke with him.  Now, of course, everyone is getting older, but we in LCG have no intention to merge with groups like COGWA, and never have–even if one or more top LCG leaders were to die or become incapacitated.

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