Dixon Cartwright hospitalized


Just received the following in a forwarded email:

Dixon Cartwright is in the hospital in Tyler. He had another stroke. The last one was about ten years ago and he followed the doctor’s orders and lost weight and such.

I e-mailed him a couple of days ago with no response, which was unusual. So, I called him last night and he told me what had happened. He has congestive heart failure and is scheduled for another stent (he has two) or possibly by- pass surgery today. He cannot walk at all. Linda is supposed to bring his laptop to him today.

Please all pray for him and Linda.

Dixon is probably best known as being the editor and publisher of The Journal: News of the Churches of God.

He put it out for 21 years:

He shut it down earlier this year (last edition was dated January 31, 2018).

His health was one of the reasons (see Cartwright’s Journal out: HWA New Moons, Future temple, LU, and why it is shutting down).

He and his wife are in my prayers.

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