Baptists on prophets; CCOG on leading the ‘Final Phase of the Work’

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August 30, 2103
Prophets, in the biblical sense of the word, seem to come few and far between…

A prophet in the biblical sense is not someone who gazes into crystal balls or reads tea leaves in an effort to predict the future. A prophet is an individual who speaks God’s truth to his contemporaries, calls attention to sin and warns of the consequences for failing to repent of falling short of the Lord’s expectations.
Prophets are needed when a nation embraces practices and policies that transgress God’s clearly articulated expectations. When a society promotes materialistic hedonism, gangrenous greed and fiscal irresponsibility, a prophetic voice is needed.

(Boggs K. FIRST-PERSON: Help wanted — a prophet. Baptist Press, August 30, 2013
And that is essentially true.  But at least some of Protestants seem to recognize the need for a prophet.  And if they would heed, they could follow one, but they generally will not.  Many who claim to be part of the COG have difficulties heeding the voice of one as well.
We in the Continuing Church of God are leading the final phase of the work and have just produced a relatively brief (sermonette-length) YouTube video about that:  Leading the Final Phase of the Work.
Matthew 24:14 will be fulfilled. Who is leading the final phase of the work? What did Herbert Armstrong and the old WCG teach about that and about prophets? Does Bob Thiel meet the criteria that the Bible and the old WCG set? What is the proof? What has the Continuing Church of God been doing? These questions are addressed in the video titled:  Leading the Final Phase of the Work.

Click here for the video: Leading the Final Phase of the Work


What are the criteria?  Is CCOG doing that?
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