PCG: Macedonia Wants in EU

European Union Tower of Babel Poster


PCG reported:

Macedonia Ready to Start EU Membership Talks
October 15, 2009 | From theTrumpet.com

The European Union is wrapping up its expansion in the Balkans. The small republic of Macedonia was told it was ready to start membership talks in a European Commission assessment released October 14.

This is welcome news in Macedonia, where more than 90 percent of the people support their country’s efforts to integrate with Europe, according to a recent survey by the International Republican Institute.

“We are now able to recommend the opening of accession negotiations with the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia,” EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn told reporters at a news conference in Brussels.

Also notice:

EC: Macedonia ready for entry talks


…the European Commission (EC) told Macedonia on Wednesday (October 14th) that it is ready to begin its accession talks with Brussels…

Potential EU candidates Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia are making uneven progress and have a lot more to do to meet EU requirements, according to the commission. http://www.setimes.com/cocoon/setimes/xhtml/en_GB/features/setimes/features/2009/10/15/feature-01

Thus, even more countries are hoping to be part of the EU.

The Beast of the final Babylon is growing right before our eyes (though ultimately it will fall, Revelation 18).  And although there will be structural changes to the EU, it is growing in economic and political power.  And behind the scenes (to a degree) military power (though bureaucracy and other factors have misled many to discount this area).

A European power that will not initially intend to destroy, but still will per Isaiah 10.

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