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Gerald Flurry


Several people have contacted me regarding the Philadelphia Church of God (PCG) being on FOX News channel 25 this week.  PCG is headed by a leader that I believe is false.

Although it takes a while to load, here are links to each of the segments:


Having watched both segments, there really was not much to it, though some of the innuendos, especially by the news narrator seemed out-of-line to me (he seemed to want to paint PCG into certain corners that they did not deserve–and Stephen Flurry somewhat put one of the innuendos to rest when he indicated that his father’s salary was only about $65.000 per year).

The first segment commented that PCG brings in around 15 million per year and is spending about that amount on its new auditorium, which is expected to be completed next year or so.  Below is a drawing of what it is expected to look like:

Rendering of Armstrong Auditorium (Rees Associates)

The Bible, of course, warns that because of false leaders (and false messages cf. Galatians 1:6-7) the truth of God will be blasphemed (2 Peter 2:1-3).  And simply having buildings that look similar to those that Herbert W. Armstrong had built does not change the fact that the message of PCG is not the same as Herbert W. Armstrong’s was.

The following statement from Stephen Flurry about his father in the second segment seemed worthy of comment:

“We certainly believe that he {Gerald Flurry} speaks for God.”

Of course, similar to Ronald Weinland, Gerald Flurry is a self-appointed prophet, and hence I do not believe that he speaks for God.

Furthermore, I believe that Gerald Flurry has made many pronouncements and policies which are opposed to the truth.

There are many problems with PCG, and the self-appointed prophet is a major reason for that.

Since I feel that Gerald Flurry is a false leader and not God’s prophet, I feel that he has (and continues) to cause the truth problems.

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