PCG reportedly buys Bricket Wood campus

Gerald Flurry of the Philadelphia Church of God
Gerald Flurry


A contact of mine who had ties to the improperly named Philadelphia Church of God (PCG) confirmed that PCG has purchased at least part of the old Ambassador College campus in Bricket Wood in the United Kingdom.  Bricket Wood was one of three college campuses that the old Worldwide Church of God had.

My source confirms that this purchasing was announced by Gerald Flurry (who calls himself “that prophet”) last Sabbath.  Purchase price supposedly in the neighborhood of 6.8 million (dollars I presume, although they use the British pound there).

They reportedly bought (or are buying) the main building and a cottage that Herbert Armstrong apparently used there. The reported purchase included about 7 acres land. PCG hopes to start a college there in January, if all goes as planned.

While I have no opposition to acquiring buildings and lands when needed, PCG has shown a tendency to want actual ‘relics’ of the old Worldwide Church of God (see PCG: Armstrong Auditorium and Relics).  This seems to be consistent with that.

Gerald Flurry recently was reported to have told his followers that the end was so close that they should not have children (see PCG allegedly going further over the edge, plus proclaiming time to flee is imminent and pregnancy should now be avoided).   In addition to posting about it, I decided to make a YouTube video titled The Great Tribulation Will Not Begin Before 2017.

If Gerald Flurry is so sure the end is so close that one should not have children, then it make no real sense to sink funds into another college campus at this time.  But again, I have never considered that Gerald Flurry was one of God’s prophets, nor do I now consider him to be a truly faithful COG leader.

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