Fire Damage in Big Sandy

PCG’s Gerald Flurry with a Statue Once at Big Sandy


There was a fire in Big Sandy that caused some damage:

21 April 2012
Fire Damages Convention Building In Big Sandy
Staff WriterFaulty electrical wiring was believed to be the cause of a fire at the International ALERT Academy in Big Sandy on Friday, an academy official said.The ALERT Academy crew along with the Big Sandy and Gilmer fire departments responded to the fire, which started before 5 p.m…Tanner said the fire and much of the damage it caused was contained to the area just above the bathroom, which is about 2,000 square feet.

Big Sandy used to be the site of one of three campuses for Ambassador College of the old Worldwide Church of God.  FWIW, I visited it in 1980 to attend the Feast of Tabernacles there.
It was sold a long time ago and a trinitarian group called International ALERT Academy now has the property.
Gerald Flurry’s  PCG has for a long time, focused (in my opinion) on mainly how to physically appear to be like the old WCG which is why I believe it bought the statue shown above a while back.

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