FBI Denies Investigating PCG

Gerald Flurry of the Philadelphia Church of God
Gerald Flurry


PCG took more action against FOX 25’s public statements against them.  At its website, as well as in an additional full page ad in The Edmund Sun, Gerald Flurry wrote:


FOX 25’s news director, Joe Spadea, told the Edmond Sun that Nick Winkler’s November 24-25 report on the Philadelphia Church of God (PCG) was based on “exhaustive” and objective investigative reporting. But the fact is, the report was filled with half-truths and outright errors. Our reputation was trashed by this shoddy report. We feel we must set the record straight.

Mr. Winkler made passing references to police and FBI investigations of our church. Where did he get this information? We know of no such investigations. Apparently, neither does the FBI. After the Fox 25 report aired, we called the local FBI, and they told us, “I don’t know what he could have been referring to.”

Why would Fox 25 casually include such an inflammatory false accusation? Surely they understand how the charge of a federal investigation would unfairly prejudice their viewers against us. The FBI agents we spoke with told us, “Don’t believe everything the media says.” Amen to that.

Two years ago, the FBI visited our campus. They had received reports of small aircraft activity in the area and wanted to know if it originated from our licensed airstrip. We told them the airstrip had never been used since we purchased the property in 2000.

Is this the FBI “investigation” Fox 25 inserted into its piece to create the impression that some sort of Waco-style confrontation is forthcoming between the FBI and our church?

The FBI has “investigated” the church, Fox 25 warned—WITHOUT ELABORATING ON THE NATURE OF THE INVESTIGATION. That is diabolical. During his hour-and-a-half interview with my son, why didn’t Nick Winkler ask one question about the so-called FBI investigation? If his intent was to include it in the piece, wouldn’t an honest reporter at least want an explanation from the organization supposedly being investigated?

As I stated from the beginning, while I consider that Gerald Flurry is a self-appointed false prophet, I did not believe that FOX 25 should have made certain inuendos against PCG that it did (see PCG on the News and PCG Responds to FOX 25).

Of course, this is not the first time that the media has intentionally misrepresented “evidence” about those who have some association with the COG.  But this is perhaps the most blatant episode this year.

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