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Gerald Flurry of the Philadelphia Church of God
Gerald Flurry


PCG was defended by Ray Hibbard in a cover article for Edmond Life & Leisure:

TV Report offends local church

I can certainly plead guilty of poking some fun at our broadcast news colleagues in the past but there is nothing funny about the latest slam on one of our local churches. Recently, Oklahoma City’s FOX-25 aired a two part series on the Philadelphia Church of God which is located just north of Waterloo on Bryant. Never having seen a news broadcast on FOX-25, I had to go to their web site to view the two broadcasts that upset church leadership.

Without a doubt, it was one of the worst pieces of “journalism” I have ever seen. Reporter Nick Winkler made a real effort to paint a possible line between this local church and groups such as David Koresh and the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. There was not an ounce of evidence to support any possible connection or similarity. FOX-25 said it stood by their story and frankly, it may have been technically correct in facts but how the story was put together and promoted gave the church leadership good reason to be upset. The Philadelphia Church of God strongly denies these “scurrilous allegations.”

It should be noted that the report aired during a sweeps period when ratings are determined. The sensational style of reporter Winkler could draw columns worth of comment. I think the Oklahoma Gazette once labeled him the “Winkavator” or perhaps it was the “Winkster” after an incident at a county courthouse and with a pistol. They even suggested a drinking game bearing his name. It was when he was with another station. http://www.edmondlifeandleisure.com/default.asp?sourceid=&smenu=81&twindow=Default&mad=No&sdetail=1759&wpage=&skeyword=&sidate=&ccat=&ccatm=&restate=&restatus=&reoption=&retype=&repmin=&repmax=&rebed=&rebath=&subname=&pform=&sc=2528&hn=edmondlifeandleisure&he=.com

While I disagree with certain misleading comments made by a PCG representative during those interviews, I felt from the very beginning that FOX 25 was unfair in its portrayal of PCG (see PCG on the News and PCG Responds to FOX 25).

Even though Gerald Flurry is a self-appointed (and false) prophet, I did not feel that PCG deserved to be portrayed as FOX 25 portrayed them.

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