An “Independent” Fast for Members in the Phildelphia Church of God


A winter scene seems to fit a request for a winter fast. 

Yesterday I received someone’s opinions and announcement in the following email:

SUBJECT: Christian COG “Philadelphia Fast” — Sabbath Jan 5, 2008

Many of those receiving this letter already know about the Philadelphia Church of God (PCG), which is being ministered by a man named Gerald Flurry.


On December 10, 2005, Mr. Flurry decreed that his church members should entirely shun anyone — including even their own closest family members — who had previously been disfellowshiped from “the Church” and/or judged as “marked”, by a PCG church leader of appropriate authority and ranking — basically, to shun all those who are deemed sinners by the PCG’s own judgment!


Mr. Flurry’s mandate can be found here:

As a result of this mandate, there have been reported many horror stories, for unfortunately many within Mr. Flurry’s flock have fallen for this false teaching hook, line, and sinker.


Examples of Family Situations:


One example which comes to mind is of an unbaptized teen boy in Cincinnati, OH, who upon seeking baptism was warned by his aging grandmother that she would never speak to him again if he was not baptized into the Philadelphia COG, thus negatively affecting his baptism decisions which could be potentially detrimental to his walk with Christ during his adolescent years.


His parents had already been rejected by her, but she requested to have the grandchildren visit.  The grandkids decided they would not see their grandmother since she had rejected their father and mother.


In Lexington, KY, a lady with terminal cancer and a member of PCG was told by the doctors she had but a few months to live, which proved to be correct.  During her last months of life, her own son was not allowed to visit his dying mother.  She petitioned Gerald Flurry, who eventually gave his consent for the mother to receive her son on her deathbed.


These are only two examples, but there are many people within the family of Christ among various congregations who have been and continue to be witness to several other such tragedies.


God’s will is to grow His family.  However, this decree from Flurry to the PCG congregation is only serving to cause destruction in God’s family — this surely cannot be the will of God!


So, what can we as brothers & sisters in Christ do about this to help?  Many have been praying about the situation, but now we feel we need to do something more.


Recently, one of our brethren in our local church congregation whose family has been persecuted by these events, announced that his entire family was partaking in a fast from food and water for this cause.


We talked about it and came to the conclusion that we would like to participate in a global day of fasting as a result of this continued persecution of God’s children.




Therefore, we have decided to hold a special Christian COG “Philadelphia Fast” on Jan 5, the first Sabbath of 2008.


In this fast we pray in the name of Christ, that the Father will intervene in order to touch the hearts and minds of Gerald Flurry along with his PCG leadership and members unto repentance and healing, so as to put an end to this teaching which is plaguing the growth of God’s family…

With love and in Christ YHWH,


— Concerned Family of Christ 

Comments by COGwriter 

The “independent” sender did, at my request, provide his name, but did not want it posted.  While I believe that PCG members need our prayers to open their eyes, I left out certain portions above because of length and doctrinal concerns.

This is the second one to contact me about PCG in the past month or so who wants to warn people about PCG, but does not want his identity known.

There apparently is something about PCG that gives some who wish to post about it pause.

Anyway, as I have written before, I do not consider that the Philadelphia Church of  God is part of the Philadelphia portion of the Church of God

Furthermore, I am wondering if PCG has many that are actually part of the COG as I believe that Gerald Flurry keeps deviating so obviously from COG teachings that those truly in the COG will finally see this and go elsewhere.

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