With Jon Pinelli, UCG Now Lost 9 Ministers in November

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Saw an email, plus a post at the UCG-supporting Church of God Perspective website by John Carmack that states that UCG’s Jonathan R. Pinelli resigned from UCG’s ministry.  So, instead of 8, the ministerial loss at UCG is at least 9 for November 2010.

And then I saw the following from Jonathan R. Pinelli’s resignation letter to UCG President Dennis Luker at Abigail Cartwright’s site:

Clearly for some time now, the United Church of God, (UCG), has experienced a turbulent, troubling, ungodly atmosphere. When did it all start? Some say it was with the removal of the former administration. Those who foster this idea seem to think that the former administration has fomented this rebellion against the Council of Elders and the current administration and thus we find ourselves in the current climate within the organization. I do not believe that to be true in any way, shape or form.

With your selection as the new president of UCG, many saw a chance for healing to take place; that the bitter attitudes that some have had over the former administration’s decisions and philosophy would have the salve of a Denny Luker to heal the division. Understandably and most assuredly first and foremost it is God’s Holy Spirit that must lead us as members of the body of Christ to heal, but many put their faith in you to lead this spiritual healing. Sadly what many of us, myself included have witnessed is not a healing, but rather a “doubling down” on rhetoric and actions that speak to further division rather then healing and spiritual vision to look onward and upward. This has saddened me and surprised me. I expected so much more of a man of fifty years dedicated to serving God’s people.

Over the past seven months, I have found little that I could agree with in terms of your administration and the Council of Elders in words, deeds and actions. Your letters profess love and outgoing concern for the brethren, as do the letters from the Council of Elders, but the actions are clearly not in line with your words or Council’s words.

Abigail Cartwright had listed the following as having stopped being part of the UCG ministry this month (with some resigning and some being removed from the ministry):

Mr. Paul Carter, November 2010, resigned from UCG ministry

Mr. Ken Giese, November 2010, resigned from UCG ministry

Mr. Tim Waddle, November 2010, removed as Associate Senior Pastor of East Africa

Mr. Tom Clark, November 2010, removed as Associate Senior Pastor of Ghana

Mr. Larry Salyer, November 2010, removed from UCG ministry

Mr. Edwardi Hernández, November 2010, resigned from UCG ministry

And UCG member John Carmack reported the following a few weeks ago:

Well, it is official. Jack Hendren has now split off from United Church of God (UCG). He and Arnold Mendez, Jr have started the Church of God – South Texas. Do remember Jack Hendren for later. He is old guard.

UCG continues to sustain losses.

UCG has never truly been “united” and the events of this year seem to be driving this point to many more than in prior years. And I have always had problems with the way it decided to govern itself.

As I reported earlier this month (see UCG 2010 Financial Statements Show Income Drop), UCG spends an inordinate amount of its income on its form of governance and administration.

Despite its relatively massive amounts of spending in this area, UCG continues to have major problems with its form of governance. Getting back to a more biblically-appropriate form of governance is something that few, however, in UCG seem to be advocating.  Some in UCG are publicly wondering how many more losses UCG can sustain.

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