ICG Points Out A Basic Flaw in Evolution

The View From the Cave in Patmos: Did Plants Just Happen? 

In its update last night, ICG’s Mark Armstrong commented (bolding mine):

One of the big news stories released today is about the scientific report released regarding a recent discovery of a “handful of teeth from the earliest direct ancestors of modern gorillas ever found.”  According to the story, the find “shows that humans and apes probably split six or seven million years earlier than widely thought, according to the landmark study released Wednesday.”  Every time an anthropologist discovers a bone, the entire evolutionary theory has to be wildly “adjusted” to account for the new discovery.  And they call it science!

The fact is that evolution as the origin of life is simply another man-made false religion.  Essentially it is a godless religion that claims to be based on truth and science, while it is actually a false theory that many of those who do not wich to believe in God cling to in order to justify ignoring God and His laws.

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