VOA: Fallout Swift for Planned Parenthood After Quitting Program

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Voice of America (VOA) reported the following:

Fallout Swift for Planned Parenthood After Quitting Program

August 22, 2019

SALT LAKE CITY – Planned Parenthood clinics in several states are charging new fees, tapping into financial reserves, intensifying fundraising and warning of more unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases in the wake of its decision to quit a $260 million federal family planning program in a dispute with the Trump administration over abortion.

The fallout is especially intense in Utah, where Planned Parenthood has been the only provider participating in the nearly 50-year-old Title X program, and will now lose about $2 million yearly in federal funds that helped serve 39,000 mostly low-income, uninsured people. It intends to maintain its services, which include contraception, STD testing and cancer screening, but is considering charging a small copay for patients who used to get care for free.

Planned Parenthood in Minnesota is in a similar situation, serving about 90% of the state’s Title X patients, and plans to start charging fees thanks to the loss of $2.6 million in annual funding. …

New rule prompts providers to withdraw 

Planned Parenthood and several other providers withdrew from the program earlier this week rather than comply with a newly implemented rule prohibiting participating clinics from referring women for abortions. Anti-abortion activists who form a key part of President Donald Trump’s base have been campaigning to “defund Planned Parenthood” because, among its varied services, it is an abortion provider, and they viewed the grants as an indirect subsidy.

About 4 million women are served nationwide by the Title X program, which makes up a much bigger portion of Planned Parenthood’s patients than abortion. But the organization said it could not abide by the abortion-referral rules because it says they would make it impossible for doctors to do their jobs. …

Planned Parenthood says it’s dedicated to maintaining its current services in Utah, but CEO Karrie Galloway acknowledged it won’t be easy and could cause some “pain on all sides.”

She said the organization plans to lean heavily on donors to make up the funding gap while staff members assess how they’ll cope. Among the possibilities are instituting copays of $10-$15 per visit, shortening hours and trimming spending. She doesn’t plan to lay off staff, but said she may not be able to fill jobs when people leave or retire.

Minnesota is planning fees as well.

“We’ll continue to offer all services, and keep clinic doors open, but we’ll be charging patients on a sliding scale who we didn’t charge before,” Stoesz said. …

State by state

Elsewhere, the impact of Planned Parenthood’s withdrawal will vary from state to state.

Governments in some states, including Hawaii, Illinois, New York and Vermont, say they will try to replace at least some of the lost federal funding. In the Deep South there will be little impact because Planned Parenthood did not provide Title X services in most of the region’s states. https://www.voanews.com/usa/fallout-swift-planned-parenthood-after-quitting-program

Planned Parenthood has long considered that abortion promotion was its job. It still feels that way.

Planned Parenthood has publicly acted like it did not get federal money related to its abortion work. But it took federal money and has been promoting abortion and getting babies killed for decades.

A while back, several videos were released within the last year indicating that people working at Planned Parenthood had been engaged in the harvesting and ultimately selling of human tissues from aborted babies. That is something that is supposed to be a crime in the USA.

Here is a  report has come out demonstrating that another Planned Parenthood facility has been engaged in selling baby parts:

January 22, 2016

A stunning series of undercover videos revealed Planned Parenthood executives negotiating the price of the body parts of unborn babies, with one saying her goal was to buy a Lamborghini.

The executives disclosed they would be willing to alter abortion procedures to obtain specific body parts, even full cadavers.

The problem was that accepting anything more than the cost of processing tissue, as well as changing abortion procedures to obtain organs, is illegal.

The fallout was predictable: Planned Parenthood denied any wrongdoing, and the tissue researchers in the videos denied any involvement in the abortion business.

Newly released public records, however, tell a different story.

The Alliance Defending Freedom said Friday that records show Planned Parenthood’s Wisconsin affiliate “provided researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with the hearts and brains of unborn babies up to 18 weeks old and within five minutes of being aborted.”

That’s “despite the fact that both UW and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin have denied any such exchange.”

“Planned Parenthood has once again demonstrated its willingness to cover up its role in the gruesome baby parts trade,” said ADF Senior Counsel Matt Bowman. “Both Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and UW-Madison publicly denied they had any arrangement to supply baby parts from women undergoing abortion to researchers conducting gruesome experiments, but the documents we obtained prove they were not telling the truth.” http://www.wnd.com/2016/01/baby-body-parts-researchers-lied-about-planned-parenthood-supplies/#cOP8DsOs8ZIjI7Xy.99

January 22, 2016

A shocking new report reveals the Planned parenthood abortion business in Wisconsin lied about and attempted to cover up its sales of body parts of aborted babies. The new report reveals Planned Parenthood sold the hearts and brains of 18-week-old aborted babies to the University of Wisconsin and harvested the body parts just minutes after aborting the babies.

An Alliance Defending Freedom public records request has revealed that Planned Parenthood’s Wisconsin affiliate provided researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison with those body parts despite the fact that both UW and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin have denied any such exchange. The University of Wisconsin was caught last year buying aborted baby body parts from a middleman who purchased them from Planned Parenthood.

The documents ADF obtained through its state records request include forms and letters from the university and its researchers clearly indicating their arrangement with Planned Parenthood to obtain the baby parts, which were used in medical research that resulted in published studies on fetal hearts and fetal brains in 2014.

The revelation comes just days after the Wisconsin state Senate approved two bills that will help further de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business in the Badger State. http://www.lifenews.com/2016/01/22/planned-parenthood-sold-hearts-and-brains-of-18-week-old-babies-minutes-after-aborting-them/

Planned Parenthood insists that it had not broken any laws (despite the fact that they regularly break God’s laws) and that the videos released have been ‘highly edited’ and other claims are exaggerated or rogue employees violating the rules. Regarding that edited video claim, I saw one of the members of the Center for Medical Progress on the news state that the unedited videos were available at their website.

There are terrible consequences for sin, and instead of properly discouraging sexual immorality, encouraging abortion, which Planned Parenthood does, increases the tendency towards sin.

That being said, it is a positive thing when at least some politicians have taken steps to defund some of Planned Parenthood.

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