Egyptian Proof of the Passover


A Jewish scholar has found ancient Egyptian writings that support much of the information in parts of the Book of Exodus:

Pharoah’s papyrus scrolls may not seem the most reliable sources for investigating the story of the Israelite’s Exodus, but Egyptologist Galit Dayan has found in them much compelling evidence to support the historicity of the biblical tale…

(Berrin D. Passover proof lies in Egyptian hieroglyphs. Jewish Journal – March 24, 2010. There is a chart of interest at:

Now, while we who believe the Bible realize it is true, some people have been misled by pseudo-scientists who claim that the events did not happen, and were basically just myths and stories that someone in Israel made up.

Thus, hopefully as more and more evidence comes out, less people will be misled and realize that they can and should trust what the Bible says about this and everything else.

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