10 EU Nations Trying for Financial Tax

European Central Bank, Frankfurt (Eric Chan)


There is a European tax plan in the news:

Financial transaction tax for 10 EU states
BBC – Oct 23, 2012 excerpts…
The European Commission has backed plans from 10 countries to launch a financial transactions tax to help raise funds to tackle the debt crisis.
The 10 countries include France, Germany, Italy and Spain…The remaining countries that have signed up to the tax are Austria, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia.
The nations want to push ahead with the tax after failing to win support from all members of the European Union.http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20041588

This is similar (if not the same) as the type of tax EU President Herman Van Rompuy had proposed before.  And while the current ten nation proposal is somewhat new, it is somewhat consistent with one partially proposed by EU President Herman von Rompuy in 2011 (see Van Rompuy’s Tax Plan May Get Approved).  And President von Rompuy is one that I have wondered about for several years who might fulfill Daniel 11:20 (see Herman Van Rompuy Takes Office Today: Might He Fulfill Daniel 11:20?), presuming that it has an end time application–and I suspect that it does.

Now, the fact that there are 10 European nations will catch the prophetic attention of many, yet these ten (in my view) do not fully represent the ten kings who will turn their power over to the Beast in the future (Revelation 17:12-13).  But, agreeing to a new European, as opposed to national, tax is consistent with various biblical prophecies.

But even if the tax goes into effect, Europe still faces challenges and problems.  Notice:

Schäuble Warns Worst Is Yet to Come  10/23/12
Europe’s debt crisis seems to have entered a calm phase, but that’s only an illusion, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said on Tuesday. The worst is probably still to come, he warned.

I have long felt, and still feel, that Europe would experience greater civil unrest than it has so far and economic factors would seem to be a trigger for them.  This is will happen.

Ultimately, a new European “treaty” and probably various taxes will be needed.  The Bible shows that despite weakness (Daniel 11:41-43) there will be a reorganization in Europe that will partially end up causing the world to marvel (Revelation 13:1-4).  The Bible shows that ultimately, a major dictator (and I do not anticipate at this time that it will be Herman van Rompuy) will rise up and rule end time Babylon (Revelation 17:1-13), the final King of the North, European Beast power of Bible prophecy (Daniel 11:40).

And while Europe is not yet ready to become the final King of the North, we in the genuine Church of God have long taught that it will be–and that this final European leader will be much worse for the USA and its Anglo-descended allies (Daniel 11:39) than most Europeans (Isaiah 10:5-9) or Americans imagine.

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