China increasing military spending while USA cuts it

Chinese Submarine (Yuan-class SSK)


China continues to spend more on its military:

China will boost defense spending 10.7 percent this year as the government modernizes its military arsenal and adopts a more assertive stance in territorial disputes with its neighbors.

Military spending is set to rise this year to 740.6 billion yuan ($119 billion) from 669.1 billion, the Ministry of Finance said in a report. China has the second-biggest military budget in the world after the U.S., which spent nearly six times more on defense than China last year.

Some will look at the above and figure that despite the increase, China is no threat to the USA.  Others will realize that the since the Chinese tend to have much lower manufacturing costs than the USA, the amount of resources it commits to its military likely goes a lot farther.  This has concerned many leaders in the USA, and is a reason that the USA now has Marines stationed in Northern Australia (see also Australia’s PM Gillard Speaks of ‘Asian Century’ and Learning Mandarin & Hindi, But…).

While the Chinese are spending more on their military, the sequestration agreement is expected to result in about a 13% cut in USA defense spending the rest of the year:

“The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) now calculates that sequestration will require an annual reduction of roughly 5 percent for nondefense programs and roughly 8 percent for defense programs,” according to one fact sheet. “However, given that these cuts must be achieved over only seven months instead of 12, the effective percentage reductions will be approximately 9 percent for nondefense programs and 13 percent for defense programs. These large and arbitrary cuts will have severe impacts across the government.”

In the future, further spending cuts will be made in defense, and certain areas of spending will be changed to areas that will prove to less effective for the USA.

China is starting to have enough influence that the USA is thinking that decide China is a major military threat.

But the future major military power in the world will not ultimately be China (though it is likely to have at least a major regional presence).

And even though China will have some prominence in the end times (and will fairly certainly be one of the “kings of the east” of Revelation 16:12 and provide many soldiers in the 200,000,000 man army of Revelation 9:13-21), it will not end up as the top economic and military force in the 21st century.   According to the Bible, Europe will.

But partially because of increasing Chinese naval and other military influence, the USA will apparently expend so much energy preparing for military possibilities involving China that it will not be prepared for what is coming out of Europe.  And the USA will likely make deals trusting that Europe will help it, while the time will come when Europe will betray and takeover the USA.

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