Gold Up and Russia Selling It

The 220 kg Gold brick displayed in Taiwan


The US dollar has been dropping again, gold is up, and Russia is selling it:

As More Investors Seek Shelter in Gold, Russia Is Only Too Happy to Sell

New York Times – Andrew E. Kramer

Two years ago…Russia’s president, Dmitri A. Medvedev — taking a swipe at the American dollar — proposed that central banks hold reserves in what would be a new, gold-backed international currency…

In short, Russia is selling gold because this has been a seller’s market — and the nation needs the money…

Gold…is off the recent highs it reached in April. But the price is still up 62 percent in the last two years.

The sales of oil and gold are at the heart of Russia’s economy.  Increases in the price of gold certainly help fund Russia’s plans for modernizing and expanding its military might.

The idea of gold could be accumulated to support a new currency, while the US dollar tanks,  is discussed on page 333 of my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect. And this appears to be what will happen, as well is what is starting to happen now.

The financial world is somewhat starting to understand some of this–but few really know how bad it will get. The biblical reality is that US dollar will ultimately be worthless and the USA ultimately taken over because of its sins and debt. Increased interest gold (and silver) suggest decreased interest in the US dollar.  Russia is currently profiting from this, and since it has a lot of gold, may do so later, presuming that it does not get stuck holding too much in US dollars (and based on various public statements its top leaders have made, Russia, while having the potential for some significant loss, probably will not have highly massive losses on US dollars as it does not seem to be accumulating and holding massive amounts of them).

Now, if the US gets a budget/deficit-reduction deal and the international community thinks it is at least somewhat for real, and if it appears that the Europeans are getting their economic house in order, it may be that we will see a dip in the price of gold within the next several weeks.  But ultimately, my read of scripture indicates that the US dollar must become worthless, and that until some time into the Day of the Lord, gold will have some value.  That is something that gold exporting nations like Russia will tend to benefit from.  Of course, gold will not save humanity, only Jesus can do that, but it may be prudent for people to consider the signs of the times.

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