LCG: Someone Will Bring ‘Peace’ to the Arab World

Muslim Brotherhood
الإخوان المسلمون
Al-Ikhwān Al-Muslimūn


In today’s TW News & Prophecy E-Zine, in an article titled, Who will bring peace to the Arab world?, the Living Church of God (LCG) reported:

From the Ivory Coast and Morocco to Saudi Arabia and Syria and Iraq, the nations of North Africa and the Middle East are in some type of, or are threatened by, civil and/or governmental upheaval.In the last few months, entire governments have resigned, dictators have stepped down, and in Libya and Ivory Coast, virtual civil war is underway. In the Palestinian territory, leaders are preparing to make a push for statehood this fall, with the backing of the UN and apparently even the Israeli prime minister and President Obama (Telegraph, April 12, 2011; Stratfor, April 21, 2011).

As the United States’ role in the region continues to diminish, the European Union is taking an increasingly visible role in both “peace keeping” and diplomacy. Will a “strong man” arise in the Middle East, or will European involvement bring “temporary peace” to a war-torn region?

Bible prophecy reveals that in the last days, nations and ethnic groups will rise against each other and wars and rumors of wars will abound (Matthew 24:6-7)–this is certainly occurring in the Arab world and around the globe. In addition, we read that a German-led Beast power will sign a treaty or “covenant” that will bring some type of “peace” to the Arab world for roughly three-and-a-half years (Daniel 9:27, Psalm 83:5-8, Ezekiel 23:22-23, Daniel 11:29-32). As the Arab world experiences more turmoil on a daily basis, the Middle East situation is “ripe” for an outside force to intervene. Could we be approaching a time when a strong European hand reaches in and stabilizes things for a time? We must watch and see.

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The Muslim Brotherhood seems to be making gains in Egypt and other Arab nations, and perhaps may be involved in various deals, including Psalm 83 (which would be consistent with its stated goals).

We in the Living Church of God (LCG) expect a pan-Arabic leader, and it may involve the Muslim Brotherhood:

The fact is that food prices, the Muslim Brotherhood or any number of other political or religious factors are only contributing reasons for the current Arab-world turmoil. The underlying reason is that the Almighty Creator God is allowing geopolitics to align according to His will, and according to His time! Scripture is clear that God supremely reigns over all nations and all empires (2 Chronicles 20:6, Daniel 4:25), and He sometimes allows demonic principalities to influence people, nations, and rulers (Daniel 10:20, Ephesians 6:12).

Is the current Arab crisis setting the stage for a future king of the South? While the timing is entirely up to God, the simple answer is that yes, Arab geopolitics are moving ahead exactly as Bible prophecy has long foretold! Read more

The timing seems to be right for such a leader to start rising up. The events in primarily Sunni Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, and Yemen seem to be setting the stage of the Arabic peoples to be willing to consider some type of confederation with a strong leader to represent them.–but there may be interim governments first. Even Syria is having significant problems.

If protests continue to expand in the Middle East, this could trigger other events which will possibly contribute to both the King of the South and the King of the North rising up and/or gaining power.

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