Mike Gendron on Uncertainty and Purgatory

Elijah in the wilderness


In his newsletter today, Mike Gendron had the following:

Assurance in the Midst of Uncertainty

In the midst of the mounting uncertainty and instability facing the future of our nation, we can take comfort in knowing that our great God and Savior is sovereign over the affairs of all nations. There are some who may doubt that God is in control because we have observed all the diabolical works of Satan being carried out by his willing partners throughout our nation. Never in our lifetime have we witnessed such widespread deception, fraud, and hypocrisy in our corrupt institutions and liberal media. Doubters need to know that Satan can only operate under God’s permissive will. Our sovereign Lord controls all things, which is how He knows the end from the beginning (Acts 15:18).
Our omniscient God has revealed the future to us through His prophetic Word so that we will not be taken by surprise or alarmed. The Word of God exposes Satan’s ultimate goal to rebuild his tower of Babel by uniting and controlling the world with a global government, a global economy and a global religion (Gen. 11:4-9; Rev. 13:6-17). The mandatory wearing of masks, government lockdowns, contact tracing, and compulsory vaccines are preconditioning the world to receive the mark of the beast during the tribulation period. A new world order will be unable to control a majority of the people until they are willing to submit to a government they can trust to keep them safe and healthy. This China virus crisis will eventually pass, but the government will never forget how easy it was to take control of people’s lives.

Yes, what we have seen related to government policies blamed on COVID-19 are setting the world up for the coming totalitarian Beast power.

Related to such actions, the Continuing Church of God (CCOG) put together the following videos for our Bible News Prophecy program:


COVID 19: Prelude to a New World Order?

Could COVID-19 be a prelude to a better society, a better new world order? Some think so. Will the novel coronavirus kill the ‘New World Order’ that people like Pat Buchanon dread? Should we ‘beware of plans to build back better’? Are more in Europe looking for an authoritarian leader now? Will Europe get one? What does the Bible teach? What about the coming, ‘time of Jacob’s trouble,’ the Great Tribulation, and final ‘time of the Gentiles’? What did German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas say happened to European unity during this crisis? Does he want a multilaterial new world order that is not dominated by the United States and United Kingdom? Is Europe working towards implementing an end time Babylonian system that the Bible warns against, but that certain Catholic prophecies look forward to? Is the ‘great prince of the north’ the dreaded ‘king of the north’? Will he work with the final Antichrist? Will the coming European ’empire of the north’ destroy the strongest fortresses? Will the fortresses, the military strength, of the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand cease in accordance with the prophecy in Isaiah 17:3? Is Europe prophesied to reorganize and eliminate all republics? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more in this scripture filled analysis and commentary.


COVID 19 is NOT the End, but could it be TEOTWAWKI?

The novel coronavirus called COVID-19 is wreaking havoc around the world. Many states of the USA as well as countries in Europe are on lockdown with shelter in place /shelter in residence requirements. In France, a form is required when you are not at your house. In Spain, drones are being used to warn people who are outside to got back to their homes–does that bring up feelings of ‘Big Brother’? Italy, France, and other areas are using police and/or military force to encourage people to stay inside. According to the Bible could this be the end? If not, what has to happen first? Have the second and third of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse started their ride? Could COVID-19 be the fourth horseman? Why or why not? Could we be seeing The End of the World as We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) like the R.E.M.’s 1987 single song discussed? Do Christians need to fear? What did Jesus teach? What did the Psalmist teach?

Here is a link to our video: COVID 19 is NOT the End, but could it be TEOTWAWKI?

We also have a version of this in the Spanish language from our CDLIDDSermones channel:


Corona 19 no es el final PERO es el TEOTWAWKI

El nuevo coronavirus llamado COVID-19 está causando estragos en todo el mundo. Muchos estados de los EE. UU., Así como países de Europa están bajo llave con refugio en el lugar / refugio en los requisitos de residencia. En Francia, se requiere un formulario cuando no está en su casa. En España, los drones se utilizan para advertir a las personas que están afuera que regresen a sus hogares, ¿eso trae sentimientos de ‘Gran Hermano’? Italia, Francia y otras áreas están utilizando la fuerza policial y / o militar para alentar a las personas a quedarse adentro. Según la Biblia, ¿podría ser este el fin? Si no, ¿qué tiene que pasar primero? ¿Han comenzado a cabalgar el segundo y el tercero de los cuatro jinetes del Apocalipsis? ¿Podría COVID-19 ser el cuarto jinete? ¿Por qué o por qué no? ¿Podríamos estar viendo El fin del mundo como lo conocemos (TEOTWAWKI) como la canción individual de 1987 de R.E.M. discutida? ¿Los cristianos deben temer? ¿Qué enseñó Jesús? ¿Qué enseñó el salmista?

Here is a link translated into the Spanish language: Corona 19 no es el final PERO es el TEOTWAWKI.

As far as certainty goes, the Apostle Peter was inspired to write:

19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts: (2 Peter 1:19, KJV)

The “sure word of prophecy” tells us that a totalitarian power will come.

COVID-blamed policies from governments around the world show that even now, governments are willing to take totalitarian actions and that most people will accept them.

As far as what is PROPHESIED to happen after a MUCH more deadly pandemic than COVID-19, we put together the following sermon:


The 6th chapter of the Book of Revelation tells of the ride of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. What do each represent? Is the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, part of the fourth horseman? Does the Bible point to around 2 billion people dying from hunger, war, and the beasts of the earth? Was the ancient Roman Empire impacted by pestilences? What about the black death, also known as the Bubonic plague? Are disease epidemics part of the beginning of sorrow and troubles that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24 and Mark 13? Does the pale green horseman represent Islam? Could genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or synthetic biology cause or contribute to coming pandemics? Is chemical and biological warfare (CBW) a real threat to humanity? What about a doomsday bug or antibiotic resistant superbugs? Is fear a contagion that will help people move away from democracy? Will scientists be able to stop what is coming? Is the good news that the Kingdom of God will? Could COVID-19 be setting the stage for the rise of the ‘prince,’ who will become the totalitarian Beast of the Sea (also known as 666 and the King of the North)? Is this leader similar to the Great Monarch of Greco-Roman Catholic prophecies? When is the Great Monarch supposed to arise according to the Eastern Orthodox? Why might Europe be less affected by the ride of the third horseman that the US, Canada, and the UK? Are governments taking steps now, consistent with the words of Adolf Hitler? What seal represents the start of the Great Tribulation? Which Christians did Jesus promise to protect from the coming “hour of trial”?

Here is another item in Mike Gendron’s newsletter today some may find of interest:

Catholic Teaching: Purgatory is a purifying fire where Catholics must go to expiate their sins. This purification frees one from what is called the “temporal punishment” of sin (CCC, para. 1474). Priests cannot tell Catholics how long they must suffer or how many indulgences must be purchased to remove them from purgatory.
Biblical Response: The dogma of purgatory is one of many ways Catholicism denies the sufficiency of Jesus Christ. We know from God’s Word that the only purification for sins is the precious blood of our Savior. “When He (Jesus Christ) had made purification of sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high” (Heb. 1:3). The blood of the Lord Jesus Christ purifies believers from all sin. (1 John 1:7).

As far as Purgatory goes, the Continuing Church of God put out a detailed sermon froon its ContinuingCOG channel:


The Church of Rome teaches about a place of punishment that comes after death to believers who have not truly repented of “venial sins” or who have not paid the “temporal punishment” for sins called Purgatory. The Continuing Church of God, Eastern Orthodox Church, and most Protestants do not teach the purgatorial doctrine. Is the idea of the “great news of Purgatory,” the “gospel of Purgatory” the true gospel of the kingdom? Does the Bible teach the idea of a place called purgatory or does it teach about a restoration (Greek: apokatastasis)? Does the Bible teach Purgatory? What about 1 Peter 3:19, 1 Peter 4:6, and 1 Corinthians 3:15? What did early Christians believe? Does 2 Clement contradict the notion of Purgatory? Should we rely on visions purportedly given to Thecla and Perpetua in the late second century? Was Purgatory part of the original faith or was in added later after ‘Origenism’ was condemned by the Greco-Roman Council of Constantinople in 543 A.D.? Could that have led to the doctrine of Purgatory? Where did Purgatory come from? What did the Roman Pope ‘Gregory the Great’ teach about it? Was Purgatory condemned by some called Cathari, Albigensian, and Waldensian? Did Greco-Roman saints such as Gregory of Nyssa and Gregory of Nazianzus teach apocatastasis? Was Purgatory a factor in the “great schism of 1054” between the Roman and Eastern Orthodox Catholic churches? Did the God of love make the “pain of Purgatory, … {to surpass} all the pains of this life” as Thomas Aquinas taught? Does the Bible teach universalism? Did Anne Catherine Emmerich have a vision of Purgatory? Has Pope Francis indicated God will save all? Will God offer salvation to everyone? Can purchasing indulgences reduce the amount of “temporal punishment” people supposedly in Purgatory are to receive? Did Plato and Jesus condemn something like that? What about the Apostle Peter? Does the Bible support Purgatory or Apocatastasis?

Here is a link to the sermon: Purgatory or Apocatastasis?

There is prophetic CERTAINTY about what will happen in this age and the age to come.

YOU can know!

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