M&M: ‘Shocking Unexpected Consequences’

Hungary 1946 sweeping up hyperinflation currency notes


Dr. Martin Weiss of Money and Markets reported the following:

Shocking Unexpected Consequences

February 20, 2017

When new presidents first walk into the White House, they expect to grab the helm of government and sail along smoothly. But it’s mostly an illusion, and Trump’s first month in office is a classic example. …

The Nixon Shock

On August 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon appeared on TV before a national audience and, without prior warning, announced a series of drastic actions that forever changed our financial future.

With the aim of creating more U.S. jobs and resetting global trade relations, he issued several directives:

He abandoned the Bretton Woods agreement that fixed the dollar’s exchange rate with other major currencies.

He unilaterally canceled the direct convertibility of the U.S dollar into gold.

And in a feeble attempt to contain the inflationary impact of his first two actions, he simultaneously imposed a 90-day wage-and-price freeze on a broad range of goods.

It was, in effect, a massive devaluation of the dollar. …

In the months before Nixon’s speech, year-over-year consumer price inflation in the United States was under 5%. By January of 1980 it hit 14.8%, the worst-ever in America that was unrelated to a major war.

Meanwhile, the price of gold rose from $43 per ounce in August of 1971 to a peak of $850 per ounce in early 1980, an increase of 1,876%.

More Shocking Consequences

In the same period, the Federal Funds rate jumped from 5.75% to nearly 20%. …

Important Lessons for Trump and Investors

Lesson #1. Trade disruptions. Global trade and currency markets are heart muscles of the world economy with connecting tissues that extend to interest rates, bond markets, banking, insurance and more. If, for example, Trump initiatives reset trade patterns and exchange rates, you could see a cycle of global actions and reactions that includes some key features of the 1970s and 1980s.

Lesson #2. Powerful forces. Once that kind of megacycle is set into motion, it can continue for decades, and no one can stop it. Our colleague Larry Edelson says it’s the cycle itself that drives government policy, not the other way around. But disruptive policy changes from Washington can certainly play an important role in precipitating a major turn of events.

Lesson #3. Rising prices. One of those major turns could bring back inflation. It may start slowly and may take time to hit with full force. But any major changes that make foreign imports more expensive or weaken the U.S. dollar could be catalysts.

Lesson #4. Gold. Even without much inflation, gold is bound to be among the leading beneficiaries. I repeat: After the Nixon Shock, it surged from $43 to $850 per ounce. An equivalent rise from today’s gold price would take one ounce of the yellow metal to over $24,000. Certainly, no one is predicting anything that extreme. But it just goes to show the power behind the cycle that fueled — and was fueled by — the Nixon Shock.

These things don’t happen overnight. They can take years to incubate and hatch. https://www.moneyandmarkets.com/lessons-for-president-trump-and-investors-part-4-shocking-unexpected-consequences-84652

I remember Richard Nixon, increased inflation, and very high interest rates. Yes, it took several years (about a decade) for that to max out.

This time circumstances are different.

On the one hand, there is better technology and theoretically better data. On the other hand, the USA had about $400 billion of recognized debt in 1971, and less than one trillion dollars of debt in 1980. Now there is around $20,000,0000,000,000. At 20% interest, the interest cost alone would be $4 trillion per year.

Since total US income (all taxes) is less than that, the USA is setting itself up for a terrible time. Trade policies will also be involved this time (watch also Trade Wars: Are COG warnings coming to pass?).

But it will take years for the impact of various policies to fully hit the USA–but when it truly hits it will be devastating (Habakkuk 2:6-8).

Furthermore, consider that while the USA has been accumulating pledges in the form of US Treasury bonds and notes, the Chinese have been accumulating gold (see China, Gold, and the AIIB). Various ones in Europe have been repatriating gold from the USA, like the Germans (see Germany has brought back its gold and EU approves CETA).

The Bible teaches that the final European King of the North will accumulate gold (cf. Daniel 11:40-43; cf. Revelation 18), thus we know that it will have some value at least into the first couple of years of the Great Tribulation–though gold will not save in the end (James 5:1-3).

There are disastrous changes that will come to the USA (Daniel 11:39; USA in Prophecy: The Strongest Fortresses)–and its debt practices–which one day will cause massive hyperinflation–will be a cause (cf. Habakkuk 2:6-8).

While I am NOT endorsing Dr. Weiss’ investment advice, the reality is that the USA will have financial problems in the future and they will be much, much, worse than those he believes were triggered by the Nixon Administration.

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