More Gold in Egypt

The 220 kg Gold brick displayed in Chinkuashi Gold Museum, Taiwan


The following was of prophetic interest:

Centamin ups reserves view at Egypt gold mine
Reuters – April 9, 2009

LONDON (Reuters) – Gold explorer Centamin Egypt (CNT.AX) said the reserves estimate for its Sukari gold mine in Egypt had increased by 72 percent to 6.4 million ounces.

The firm said on Thursday this marked an increase of 2.7 million ounces from the previously reported 3.7 million ounces in March 2007.

The new reserves were based on drilling up to January 25 and used a gold price of $700 per ounce, it said.

“The ongoing drilling program has been very encouraging, and the company is confident that this will result in further additions to the reserve and resource inventory,” said Chief Executive Josef El-Raghy.

The Bible tells of a time when the  King of the North will attack the King of the South and carry off:

…the treasures of gold and silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt (Daniel 11:43).

For years, many experts felt Egypt had too little gold to make that a worthwhile effort.  But it appears that Egypt now clearly does.  We are getting closer to the end.  But it is not yet.

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