Solar Flare May Have Ramifications

Depiction of solar particles interacting with Earth’s magnetosphere


A massive solar flare, that was released Tuesday may have ramifications:

Epic Solar Flare Pops Sun’s Magnetic Cork
Discovery News – June 8, 2011 excerpts…

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, our nearest star put on a show that won’t be forgotten for a long, long time. Under the ever-watchful eyes of an armada of solar observatories, the sun unleashed an M2-class solar flare.

Keep in mind that an M2 flare, although powerful, is still only classed as a “medium” explosion. But there was nothing medium about this event.

“I’ve never seen material released like this before,” C. Alex Young, solar physicist of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, exclaims…

Solar flare threatens to disrupt Earth’s communications and power

An unusual solar flare observed by a Nasa space observatory on Tuesday could cause some disruptions to satellite communications and power on Earth over the next day or so, officials said.

Solar Flare Sparks Biggest Eruption Ever Seen on Sun

National Geographic – Dave Mosher – ‎8 June 2011‎

A mushroom of cooled plasma popped like a pimple and rained onto the surface of the sun yesterday—shooting perhaps the largest amount of solar material into space ever seen, scientists say.

While this flare-up may cause disruption, in the future solar problems will most definitely affect the earth.

Related to solar flares, my 2009 book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect mentions:

A N.A.S.A./N.O.A.A. report indicated that the next solar cycle peak may be later, like May 2013 (New Solar Cycle Prediction. Red Orbit, May 29, 2009

While biblical sources indicate that the world cannot actually be destroyed that early, it is certainly possible that major electrical outages can occur from solar activity. This could cause various blackouts and could greatly damage civilization as we know it.

And this is consistent with the views of some other scientists. “Russian geophysicists believe that the Solar System has entered an interstellar energy cloud…Their predictions for catastrophe resulting from the Earth’s encounter with this energy cloud range from 2010 to 2020.”

There also seems to be a couple of Mayan predictions recorded in the 16th century that suggest some type of solar flare-up will affect the earth:

Chilam Balam (Mayan priest): Heaven and earth shall burn…It is the holy judgment, the holy judgment.

Napuctun (Mayan priest): It shall burn on earth; there shall be a circle in the sky.

The Bible itself warns of a time of scorching solar heat (Revelation 16: 8-9…)

Here is what Revelation 16 teaches:

8 Then the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and power was given to him to scorch men with fire. 9 And men were scorched with great heat, and they blasphemed the name of God who has power over these plagues; and they did not repent and give Him glory. (Revelation 16:8-9)

It may be that God is warning people about that now with various changes in sunspot patterns and this current flare up. But most ignore warning signs. Will you?

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