UCG on Iran’s EMP Threat


For some time, the USA has been aware of the potential threat of an EMP attack.  Iran, as some believe, has been aware of this for some time and may be planning on using this against the USA.  UCG reports:

An April 28, 2012, FARS article titled “Iranian Navy Able to Deploy Vessels Three Miles off New York Coasts” included the following…:

“IRGC naval commanders said in July 2011 that they would expand their mission into the Atlantic Ocean, and that the country had equipped a number of its vessels with long-range ballistic missiles.”

What is particularly troubling about these statements is the fact that some U.S. military planners and intelligence specialists are convinced that Iran has already conducted naval test launches for an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) missile attack once Iran acquires nuclear capability.

What does this mean?

Is Iran planning an EMP attack?

A little-known byproduct of a nuclear detonation is that it emits an electromagnetic pulse—a powerful burst causing rapid changes in electric and magnetic fields that, while leaving human beings, plants and animals untouched, overloads and destroys any unshielded electrical equipment within hundreds to thousands of miles.

In practical terms, this means that any computerized technology developed since the 1970s is shut down permanently. This would include virtually all computers, electrical appliances, phone systems, radios, televisions, satellites, the Internet, the electrical power grid, water systems, sewer systems, motorized vehicles, trains and aircraft. Modern life as we know it would cease to exist in an instant. And with the infrastructure of a vast region completely collapsed, the overwhelming majority of people there would be dead of starvation and disease within months.

How might the Iranians—or other nuclear armed enemies, even terrorists—pull off such an attack? The simplest scenario is that they might load a nuclear device onto a cargo freighter and sail it near or into a major port city such as New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle and then detonate it. There is little or nothing anyone could do to stop it.

However, while the EMP from a ground-level detonation would be quite devastating to a large metropolitan area, its effects would be limited to that area by the curvature of the earth. With altitude, an EMP can affect a much larger region.

Thus, a variation of the above idea is to hide a launcher and nuclear-tipped missile on a freighter, then launch it from miles off the U.S. coastline to create an electromagnetic pulse high above the United States. Depending on the altitude and yield of the blast, up to a third of the country could be devastated by a single warhead!

U.S. and other intelligence agencies have monitored Iranian missile launches from cargo ships in the Caspian Sea in which the missiles detonated in the lower atmosphere. Initially they were thought to be failed launches—until the sobering reality hit that they were near-perfect exercises if the goal is a successful EMP missile attack.

Again, the United States has no effective defense against such a scenario.

While I do not believe that Iran would be able to truly prevail against the USA, it seems to have plans to try (see Iranian Leader Calls for Vanishing USA and Israel from the Universe and Khamenei Has Claimed Iranian Nuclear Weapons Need for the Arrival of the 12th Imam). Notice also the following:

In written testimony delivered to the United States Senate in 2005, an EMP Commission staff member reported:

The EMP Commission sponsored a worldwide survey of foreign scientific and military literature to evaluate the knowledge, and possibly the intentions, of foreign states with respect to electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. The survey found that the physics of EMP phenomenon and the military potential of EMP attack are widely understood in the international community, as reflected in official and unofficial writings and statements. The survey of open sources over the past decade finds that knowledge about EMP and EMP attack is evidenced in at least Britain, France, Germany, Israel, Egypt, Taiwan, Sweden, Cuba, India, Pakistan, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, Iran, North Korea, China and Russia.  (Wikipedia.  EMP. Accessed 07/17/12)

So for years, Iran has been believed to have sufficient knowledge for using EMP weapons for some time.  And it may do so.

In case of a regional war possibly involving the USA, while Russia and China probably will not stand super strongly behind Iran, Syria still looks like it would.

Syria has chemical weapons which may directly or indirectly harm Israel and even the USA (Syria’s Chemical Weapons, Israel’s Threat, & Iran).  Iran’s emp capacity may directly or indirectly harm Israel and even the USA.  Iran and/or Syria are also believed to possibly possess biological weapons which could affect the USA and/or Israel.

The situation in the Middle East is dangerous and the danger level seems to be rising.

“And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!” (Mark 13:37).

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